Salon Job Description Templates for 2023

Salon job descriptions summarize the essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications, ability to use salon app well and skills for a role in your team. It should provide enough detail for candidates to determine if they’re qualified for the position.

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In this post, we will discuss what salon job descriptions should cover, give you examples, and some ready-to-download and use templates for typical salon positions.

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What Should an Effective Salon Job Description Include?


The fact is that better job descriptions attract better candidates. Therefore when working on your future salon staff job specs we recommend you consider the following:

  1. Specific Job Titles - include specific standard phrases to describe the role - better search result.

  2. Job Summary - provide an overview of your salon brand, company culture, your expectations from the position, and job location.

  3. Responsibilities - add a detailed and concise list of responsibilities, day-to-day activities that will help attract candidates that fit the position best.

  4. Qualifications and Skills - list out hard and soft skills, education, minimum previous job, certifications, and technical skills.

  5. Salary and Benefits - good candidates seek opportunities that meet their salary expectations.

Salon Job Description Templates


We understand there could be many different jobs in your salon. You could have receptionists at the front desk, salon managers, hair stylists, assistants, barbers, but also massage therapists who operate treatment rooms, nail technicians, or any other roles you may have in your business.

With so many roles, hiring employees with the right skills, attitude, and experience is key to creating a good salon team. Below you will find some recommendations and templates to help you stay organized.

1. Salon Manager Job Description

A salon manager oversees all operations in a salon. They look after customer experience, manage the team, drive sales, watch the profitability of the business, ensure all safety and legal requirements are met. A salon manager is in charge of hiring, training, and dismissing staff members, as well as day-to-day staff supervision. They are also expected to promote salon services, gain new clients, manage sales and expenses.

For more information please see our post on Salon Manager Job Description.

2. Hair Stylist Job Description

Hair Stylists, or hairdressers analyze salon clients’ hair, listen to the client’s needs, recommend a new style or a treatment. The main responsibilities of a hair stylist include washing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair, as well as recommending salon hair products, and educating clients about home hair routines.

For more information please see our post on Hair Stylist Job Description.

3. Salon Receptionist Job Description

A Salon Receptionist is a salon’s point of contact with the customers. They should have great attention to detail, superb organizational skills, be able to remain calm in stressful situations, and providing excellent customer service and support. The main responsibilities of this position include greeting salon clients, walking them to their stylist, booking and confirming appointments, checkout, offering refreshments, and more.

For more information and ready-to-use templates please see our post on Salon Receptionist Job Description.

4. Salon Assistant Job Description

A Salon Assistant helps hair stylist with their work. They greet clients, shampoo their hair, give scalp massages, while they wait for the hair stylist. They also blow-dry hair, help apply color and clean the workstation more.

For more information and ready-to-use templates please see our post on Salon Assistant Job Description.

5. Barber Job Description

Barbers are hairdressers that mostly work with male clients. They cut, trim, style, and colour hair, as well as provide facial hair grooming and massages.

For more information and ready-to-use templates please see our post on Barber Job Description.

6. Nail Technician Job Description

Nail Technicians provide nail care treatments to our customers based on their needs and preferences. Their main responsibilities include polishing fingernails and toenails, painting designs, and applying gel and acrylic nails.

For more information and ready-to-use templates please see our post on Nail Technician Job Description.

7. Massage Therapist Job Description

A Massage Therapist, or Massage Practitioner, is responsible for providing relaxation or treating body pain and discomfort through physical body massage. Their duties include meeting with clients to determine the type of massage they need. Massage therapists use touch to treat clients by manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues of the body to relieve pain and heal injuries.

For more information and ready-to-use templates please see our post on Massage Therapist Job Description.

8. Hair Colorist Job Description

Hair Colorists are licensed cosmetologists who specialize in altering the color or tint of their client’s hair. They discuss with their clients what will suit them, and work with hair stylists to create a cut and color that compliment each other. A hair colorist changes the color of the hair with reactive chemicals.

For more information and ready-to-use templates please see our post on Colorist Job Description.



Make sure your salon job description is written in clear and simple language, avoid internal lingo and essays. Define and communicate the terms well, leaving little room for misinterpretation, which will make your hiring process shorter and more effective.


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