Salon Manager Job Description for 2023

Considering becoming a salon manager? Then check out our detailed salon manager job description to know the responsibilities of the role and the skills or qualifications that would be required from you. If you are a salon owner and looking to hire a salon manager, our job description checklist is ready to use in your recruitment process.

Salon Manager Job Summary


[Name] salon is looking for a dedicated and passionate Salon Manager to oversee all operations in our salon in order to ensure success in terms of customer satisfaction, profitability, efficiency, and safety. As a salon manager, you will be in charge of hiring, training, and dismissing staff members. Your responsibilities will also include supervising staff, scheduling shifts, promoting our services, and keeping updated records of expenses and revenues.

Salon Manager Job Description


  • Ensure the clients are serviced effectively
  • Monitor customer experience within the salon
  • Deal with general inquiries from staff and clients of the salon
  • Monitor the hygiene and cleanliness of the salon
  • Monitor the application of the safety standards of the salon and legal regulations
  • Manage client repeat booking rates to drive loyalty
  • Lead the team by example
  • Supervise staff and encourage teamwork
  • Train staff to improve customer experience, product, and revenues
  • Motivate staff to ensure that they are fully engaged
  • Onboard new staff ensuring awareness of processes and procedures
  • Prepare materials and equipment for students and salon sessions
  • Control the salon recruitment needs and organize staff training
  • Carry out disciplinary and dismissal when required
  • Manage staff vacations according to policies
  • Identify areas of improvement within the salon and provide possible solutions
  • Manage set budgets and revenues
  • Create an annual marketing plan
  • Assure that commercial targets are set, communicated to staff, and achieved
  • Arrange promotional activities to increase the number of customers using the salon
  • Promote products, services, and programs
  • Liaise with salon owner or head office
  • Control stock levels including inventories, and orders stock
  • Prepare purchase orders, receives deliveries, and issues stocks
  • Ensure that salon software is updated
  • Check equipment regularly to ensure it is in good working order
  • Track stock levels and manage stock loss and back bar
  • Manage salon finances including banking or invoice payments
  • Ensure that all equipment is clean and in working order
  • Arrange repairs and servicing of the equipment as required

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Salon manager job description
Salon Manager Job Description

Salon Manager Qualifications


  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or relevant field
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar role
  • Basic bookkeeping knowledge
  • A valid cosmetology license would be a plus
  • Proficiency with salon management software
  • Extensive knowledge of the salon industry

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Salon Manager Skills


  • Strong management and leadership skills
  • Effective communication and customer service skills
  • Organizational skills and time management skills
  • Friendly and professional demeanor
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • The ability to assess the situation and analyze information
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Physical fitness and mental stability
  • The ability and willingness to work a flexible schedule

Features of a good Salon Manager


  • Strong leadership and team-building skills
  • Excellent performance and project management
  • Result-driven, number-oriented Likes to interact with people, approachable, but professional
  • Energetic, positive, smiling, with a cheerful spirit
  • Handles pressure well

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Salon Manager Salary and Working Conditions


  • Salary depends on the location and reputation of the salon, as well as on the qualifications and experience of the salon manager
  • Working conditions also depend on the same characteristics, but they are always pleasant, comfortable, clean, and professional
  • Working conditions also must ensure the safety and health of both clients and staff


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