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Customer service is your top priority when you are a single hairstylist or running a busy hair salon, as that is what generates your business.

Having access to the best software for hair salons will not only help you optimize your admin tasks like online payment processing, hair salon POS, reordering your supplies, ability to save and manage your salon expenses.

It will boost your revenue with customer reviews management tools, SMS marketing for hair stylists, fast online booking, confirmations, automated waiting lists, and suggestive add-on sales (both services and retail).

Using our software for hairdressers enables you to manage your business at the touch of a button directly from your chosen mobile device.

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Hair salon clientele prefer online booking
and mobile app confirmations

These days no one wants to waste time calling a hairstylist, and trying to schedule their next hairdo.
Online booking, takes less time and it's much more convenient for all.

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