Hair Colorist Job Description for 2023

Are you hoping to craft the perfect hair colorist job description to attract new talent to your salon? Or maybe you’re an aspiring colorist who’s curious about the details of this job. Whatever your reason is, we’ve put together this helpful guide that explains the roles and responsibilities of a hair colorist. We’ve also made sure to include a free hair colorist job description template that you can download.

Hair Colorist Job Summary


Here at [name] Salon, we go out of our way to give each client an outstanding experience. Our modern, luxurious salon environment is the kind of place that makes every client feel special, and our team of colorists is a big part of that. We’re looking for an enthusiastic, experienced, full-time hair colorist to join us. If hair is your passion and you have energy and creativity to spare, then we’d love to have you on our team.

Hair Colorist Job Description


  • Welcome clients to our hair salon
  • Perform color consultations and take detailed notes about clients’ hair color goals and processing history
  • Work with stylists to achieve clients’ goals
  • Help clients to select the right hair color and advise them on different coloring options
  • Explain multi-session treatment plans for complex coloring jobs and help clients to manage their expectations accordingly
  • Blend own colors or apply the correct color dyes from the selection
  • Perform color corrections and fix color problems, whether they’re a small mismatch or a large correction
  • Be familiar with different coloring processes, including bleaching, dyeing hair, adding highlights and lowlights
  • Perform both temporary and permanent coloring jobs
  • Color both client’s natural hair and hair extensions when needed
  • Help clients mask or cover greying hair when needed
  • Create original colorwork for clients when requested
  • Be familiar with coloring techniques for a variety of hair textures
  • Apply color using appropriate brushed, tools and coloring equipment
  • Wash and dry clients hair during or after services as needed
  • Apply hair treatment products as needed
  • Wear PPE as needed during coloring procedures and take steps to keep clients safe
  • Work long shifts with prolonged periods of standing
  • Attend professional development courses or seminars as needed to stay up to date on the latest coloring techniques
  • Record detailed client notes and color formulae and input into salon software for future reference
  • Advise clients about their at-home color needs and recommend products
  • Develop and maintain lasting relationships with clients
  • Schedules clients, cancel by the request of clients, and assures customers that they will receive adequate service on time
  • Assist with salon inventory management

Some additional responsibilities of a hair colorist include:

  • Clean and sterilize all coloring tools and instruments
  • Maintain salon standards of cleanliness and safety
  • Schedule clients for coloring appointments and assist with cancellations when necessary
  • Maintain an inventory of all coloring supplies and PPE
  • Assist with ordering of coloring and hair care products
  • Post on the salon’s social media pages
  • Contribute original content for the Hair Color section of the salon’s newsletter
  • Upsell to clients by recommending various products and salon services
  • Be proactive and stay up to date on the latest industry trends
  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor

Hair colorist job description
Hair Colorist Job Description

Hair Colorist Qualifications


  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • A license from a state-approved cosmetology program
  • [number] years of experience as a hair colorist
  • Basic computer skills and practical knowledge of salon mobile software
  • Ability to use salon software and online booking systems
  • Up to date technical knowledge and willingness to continue professional development by attending courses, seminars and workshops as needed

Hair Colorist Skills


  • Excellent listening skills and the ability to take detailed client notes
  • A passion for the hair industry and the willingness to always continue learning about new trends and techniques in hair coloring
  • The ability to work flexible hours
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Product knowledge and the ability to make recommendations for hair color care as needed
  • The ability to stand for long periods of time
  • The ability to multitask and switch between different tasks, especially during busy periods
  • A willingness to collaborate with other team members and receive constructive feedback
  • A professional appearance and great customer service skills


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