Salon Duties Checklist in 2023

Writing down all salon duties comes in very handy when you are hiring new employees. Candidates review the job responsibilities to check if they're qualified for an open position. Having such checklists in place will also improve the communication in your salon with your current staff.

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In this post, we will discuss what salon duties are, how to write job responsibilities for your staff as well as give you some useful checklists to download and use in your salon.

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Why Do You Need Job Responsibilities in Your Salon?


How can you maintain the same level of service and manage the expectations you have for your team well? A good start would be to write down and clearly communicate your salon duties.

As the salon owner or manager, your main responsibility is to keep everything in check and make sure that the rules are enforced. Here are a few points that will help your staff understand your expectations:

  1. Communicate the duties and responsibilities well.

  2. Ensure mutual understanding of the rules.

  3. Keep a note of those who do not follow the rules and address each case.

In short, if you don’t have salon duties in place you encourage your staff to make up their own rules. If each individual employee has their own definition of what should and should not be expected from them will lead to conflict.

Conflict in the workplace will almost always decrease productivity, negatively affect the working atmosphere, customer experience, and eventually simply cost you money.

We recommend that you write down, communicate and stick to your salon duties.

Salon Duties Checklists


We understand there could be many different jobs in your salon. You could have receptionists at the front desk, salon managers, hair stylists, assistants, barbers, but also massage therapists who operate treatment rooms, nail technicians, or any other roles you may have in your business.

With so many roles, it is crucial that you clearly define the general salon duties and responsibilities for each role. Below you will find some recommendations and templates to help you stay organized.

1. Salon Manager Duties

Salon Managers supervise all daily activities within a salon: recruit and train salon staff, address client complaints, and make sure that salons are clean, well-maintained, and adequately stocked. They work on promoting the salon and gaining new clients, achieving business profitability, and ensuring health and safety requirements are met.

For more information please see our post on Salon Manager Duties.

2. Hair Stylist Duties

Hair Stylists or Hairdressers are professionals who work with salon clients on delivering their requested hairstyle. The main duties cover hair consultations, washing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair, as well as educating clients about home hair routines, and recommending hair products.

For more information please see our post on Hair Stylist Duties.

3. Salon Receptionist Duties

Salon Receptionist duties include front desk management, welcoming customers, and showing them to their stylists. They also answer clients’ questions, recommend services and products, are in charge of client communication in person, via phone, or in writing. They supervise the appointment booking process and more.

For more information please see our post on Salon Receptionist Duties.

4. Salon Assistant Duties

Salon assistant duties usually include preparing clients for the service: washing hair and giving scalp massages, preparing the color mix, applying color, doing some administrative work, make sure the workstations are clean and tidy.

For more information please see our post on Salon Assistant Duties.

5. Barber Duties

Barbers wash, condition, cut, and style hair of mostly male clientele. Barbers also provide grooming services like shaving, trimming, and styling facial hair (beards and mustaches), give hot wax and lather treatments, facial and scalp treatments.

For more information please see our post on Barber Duties.

6. Nail Technician Duties

For more information please see our post on Nail Technician Duties.

7. Massage Therapist Duties

Massage therapist duties focus on manipulating muscles and other soft tissues of the body to relieve pain, increase relaxation, relieve stress, help heal injuries, improve circulation, and improve the general wellness of clients.

For more information please see our post on Massage Therapist Duties.

8. Hair Colorist Duties

Hair colorist duties focus on altering the color or tint of their client’s hair. They prepare the color mix and apply it onto the client’s hair with brushes or wands, that will lighten or darken the hair. Hair colorists must communicate well with the clients and hair stylists to reach mutual understanding about the desired outcomes and looks for the client.

For more information please see our post on Hair Colorist Duties.



Make sure your salon duties are written in clear and simple language. The terms have to be well defined and clearly communicated so that there’s no doubt about your expectations towards your team.


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