Thanksgiving Salon Ideas

Thanksgiving affords us the chance to say thank you to friends, families, and colleagues. Why not use these thanksgiving salon ideas to thank your clients?

Many talented salon businesses are struggling with building up the right clientele and making their salon profitable.

We have compiled what we consider some great thanksgiving salon ideas to help you promote your salon and spa while showing gratitude to your clients for their continued loyalty.

What You Will Learn In This Article

At the end of this article, you will have some great thanksgiving ideas to promote your spa salon, know why to appreciate your clients, and have the push to jumpstart your black Friday sales.

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  1. Why It’s Important And How to Thank Your Clients?
  2. Salon Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas to Jumpstart Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales
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Why It’s Important And How to Thank Your Clients?


Saying thank you to anyone can mean a lot to them, especially when they are your client. This gesture shows that you value their patronage and helps to seal that relationship.

An increased number of avenues are available to appreciate your clients. These are not limited to face-to-face interaction alone.

The internet and social media have boosted the opportunity to send a thank you message to anybody.

Notwithstanding, however you choose to thank your client, you need to make sure that you personalize it. It makes the thankfulness more genuine.

Don’t also forget to send them a thanksgiving gift. It can be a coupon, a discounted gift card sale, or a special promotion just for them.

Salon Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas to Jumpstart Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales


Here are some ways you can appreciate your clients while still promoting your hair salon business.

  • 1. Give Back To A Local Charity

    As November 27th is National Giving Day, why not give something back to your local community by donating some money, time or something else to celebrate this week.

    Choose a charity with a good social media following which will give you extra visibility if they promote your event.

  • 2. Hold A Secret Sale

    Got old stock laying around in the salon which isn't selling? Why not bundle it into a secret sale and guarantee that there is x value for each mystery bundle. This will add fun and surprise for your clients.

  • 3. Hold Promotions In The Run-Up To Thanksgiving

    In the run-up to Thanksgiving why not run a daily promotion for each day.

    You can create an upfront post for Instagram and Facebook to promote the schedule of the daily promotions, together with daily posts for each promotion.

  • 4. Package Up Your Products Together

    Creating more value is a great way to make an offer irresistible.

    Why not bundle a number of products together and pack ready to give for a Christmas present with free gift-wrapping or gift box.

  • 5. Give Discounts For Your Online Store

    More and more salons have an online store to sell products to clients locally and further afield.

    Why not get in on the Cyber Monday frenzy and give discounts on any product bought online during this event.

  • 6. Got Any Late Availability?

    Why not sell these slots at a good discount to get the filled just for Black Friday.

    Normally we don’t suggest discounting as this does not drive good loyalty. You can use this as a win back for old clients to come and try you again.

  • 7. Run a Black Friday Instagram Content

    Let your clients do the marketing and get them to tag your salon in their post or add comments to your post to drive engagement and post.

    You need to make sure you are compliant with local laws on running competitions or lotteries.

  • 8. Punchcard Promotion

    A good long term loyalty builder (plus extra opportunities to upsell) is that you can sell a package of services and get one free.

    Don’t do this on core services like hair cutting etc, maybe something like blow outs or nail treatments.

  • 9. If Clients Buy $100 of Gift Cards Then Give Them 10% Free Top-up

    Give extra value to your clients when they are buying gift cards.

    Make sure you set the bar high if you’re giving such an offer thus creating more loyal clients. If you give to a low value then you are not driving the right client behaviour.

  • 10. Create Coupons To Print & Share

    People love coupons! Why not create download coupons that customers need to print or show on their phone when making the purchase.

    Allow them to be shared to their friends and family also. Don’t forget to ensure your terms and conditions are very clear on the coupon, such as expiry date etc.

  • 11. Discount For January Appointments

    January can be a super quiet time in salons, so why not promote discounts for bookings made during the Thanksgiving period for January.

  • 12. Give Discount On Add-On Services

    As we always say, it is better to add value than to really discount.

    Offer discounts on high margin add-on services when booked with a core service. So for example book a hair cut and get free deep conditioning.

  • 13. Buy a Package & Get Free $10 Gift Card For A Friend

    Why not get your clients to be your referral engine.

    Offer them a free gift card if they are booking a package of services which they can share with their friends or family.

  • 14. Free Gift Wrapping Service on All Products Bought During Thanksgiving

    Get your clients ready for Christmas and make their life easier during this busy time. Off a free gift-wrapping service to clients buying any products during this period.

  • 15. Discount A Specific Product Line

    Boost awareness of slower retail lines you have in your salon.

    Offer discounts on those lines you need to shift...don’t discount your core product such as shampoos and conditioners.

  • 16. Group Appointments For Friends & Family

    You will see we love to see your clients being your biggest promoters!

    Allow a client to bring a friend at the same time and give them both a discount on their service if visiting at the same time.

    An ideal promotional tool to use for quieter stylists or new stylists to help them build their client base.

  • 17. Offer Life Event Discounts

    For instance, if your clients mentioned an event they'll be attending, then make a note of it.

    Then send them a personalized reminder and discounted offer a few weeks before the event.

  • 18. Give On-The-Spot Discounts

    Book a free working hour of your time to whoever can make it to your salon at a discounted rate. Don't forget to promote it online using social media.

    Also, fit the offer to individual clients by giving them a discount as a gift for a special occasion in their lives.

  • 19. Attract Repeat Clients With Value-Added Service

    For clients that come in regularly for services - say hair conditioning and styling, you can offer them discounts on additional services - say facials, on their next visit to the salon.

  • 20. Personalize Special Offer Reminders

    Make the special offer reminder memorable – don't just shoot off a generic email or leave a boring phone message.

    Tell the client some thoughts you have for their upcoming promotional offer or ask them in advance what they’re thinking of, so they’ll be confident you’re ready.

  • 21. Throw a Salon ‘Holiday’ a Week Before Holidays

    Once every few months, when it's a week to a holiday like a thanksgiving, hold an event like a “get the best experience makeover” day.

    Here, you offer massive discounts for people using multiple services – like a haircut and color, manicure and pedicure, etc.

    People will look forward to these events, and it will encourage clients to use more of your services in the future.

  • How Can You Attract Customers to Your Salon?

    There are many ways you can bring in new clients to your salon, including seeking the right clients, establishing your presence on google my business, and engaging more on Instagram.

    Others include collaborating with local businesses, social media ads like Facebook ads, and getting recommendations from friends, family, and other clients.



Saying thank you to your clients should form the basis of your thanksgiving salon ideas.

Let them know that you cherish their regular visits to your hair salon with a personalized promotional offer or gift card.

Don't forget to add value to your offer, as this tends to keep clients returning for repeat service purchases.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your hair salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi Salon Software community in the comment section below.


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