Small Business Saturday Salon Marketing Ideas

Small business Saturday comes after thanksgiving and has traditionally become accepted to remember local businesses within communities.

Why not take advantage of some small business Saturday salon marketing ideas to crank up your sales.

You don’t even have to churn out unreasonable price slashes. All you need are fresh ideas that are effective in promoting your businesses locally.

We have compiled some fresh marketing ideas to help salons promote their services within their communities.

What You Will Learn In This Article

After reading this article, you should know the essential things to note when planning promotional ideas for small business Saturday and some marketing ideas for small business Saturday.

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What You Should Know While Preparing For SBS?


While you plan and prepare for the day after Black Friday, there are essential things you should note.

  • 1. No Competition

    The whole essence of small business Saturday is to give small businesses a chance at promoting their businesses.

    Hence, this is not a competition with the big guys, and as such, it should not prompt you to start giving huge discounts and offers that will only harm your salon’s bottom line.

    People will come to expect these significant price slashes every year once small business Saturday comes around again, especially when it has happened with you the previous year.

  • 2. Plan Early

    Don't wait a day or even a week to SMB Saturday before shifting your gears to SBS mode.

    This timing might be too late as details might be left out and leave you without taking the most benefit from this opportunity.

Small Business Saturday Salon Promotional Ideas


Let's run you through some marketing ideas for your salon on small business Saturday.

Follow these steps to ensure your salon is well prepared to take advantage of the small business Saturday marketing ideas.

  • 1. Give Preference To Customer Service

    Even though almost every business is online these days, the in-store experience still counts a lot.

    This place is where and when the first impression is made on clients when they visit for salon services.

    Hence, making customer service a top priority is key to ensuring that you make the right impression on clients on their visits to your salon.

    Train and re-train your personnel to always treat clients with respect and give them attention. This client-centered treatment will ensure they return for repeat business and participate in any promotion or special sales or service.

  • 2. Ensure Your Websites And Social Media Are Updated

    Update your online profiles, for instance, on google my business and on other online assets.

    The bustle of work in the salon can make you forget to update such information as a change of address or a new branch location.

    Let clients and new prospects get the right information when they seek you out on the internet.

    Review your website to make sure things like your online payment methods are functional, and promotions are well displayed.

    You should not miss out on small business Saturday sales because these details have not been well-tended.

  • 3. Take Advantage Of Free Resources

    Make use of the free resources that have been made available for small business Saturday by American express.

    You can download and customize promotional materials like free posters and email templates to get yourself ready to fully acquire the opportunities to make sales on the Saturday after Black Friday.

  • 4. Extend Opening Hours

    Let clients begin to experience your services beyond your usual opening hours as we move closer to small business Saturday.

    This move will help your team quickly adapt when D-day comes.

    Don't forget to announce this extension of working hours on all social media platforms to give clients a heads-up.

  • 5. Request The Presence Of a Local Influencer

    The presence of a local influencer like a musician, actor, social media influencer, or even a government official like the mayor can boost your sales a lot.

    If, for instance, people know that a musical idol will be visiting your salon on small business Saturday, it will surely attract a lot of people to see and patronize your business.

    This point is where planning early comes to play, as most of these celebrities have bookings all year round. Sending your request a year ahead will be a good idea.

  • 6. Launch It With An Event

    The small business Saturday is usually a long day event. Launching it with an event gets people excited and is such a great way to promote and increase your sales.

    It is even better if you've invited a celebrity as they can help to set the ball rolling.

  • 7. Encourage Check-Ins

    Design a discount or a small gift for as many that will just check-in on your salon. Share this information on social and ask your followers to share.

    Also, ask those that checked-in to share on social media. At the same time, you acknowledge them and announce their reward also on social media.

  • 8. Reward SBS Selfies

    Announce a reward for the best photos posted on social media of clients having a good time on small business Saturday in your salon.

    Make sure to use trending small business Saturday hashtags and a hashtag with your salon name.

  • 9. Adopt a Local Charity

    Emotional appeal is a big thing, and it can make a difference in clients' purchasing decisions.

    Clients love it when they see that you're supporting a just cause, especially when it's for the community. Patronizing your salon to them is helping the city achieve a goal.

    Make a big flashy sign on your window to show your support for the local charity. You can even get a box from the charity and use your salon as a contribution collection point.

  • How Do People Celebrate Small Business Saturday?

    People celebrate small business Saturday in several ways, including having a kick-off activity for the daylong event, offering scavenger hunt adventure, and even a visit to Santa.

    These activities go alongside the business and sales offered by salons and other small businesses.



Don’t be caught up in a web of unrealistic promos as you plan your Small Business Saturday Salon Marketing Ideas. Make sure you pay adequate attention to planning early. At the same time, you engage your community in a bid to give them value-added services.

These marketing ideas will help boost awareness of your salon locally and increase your overall revenue.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would be also delighted to answer your questions as well.


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