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With almost everything now available for sale online, Cyber Monday is also fast becoming the e-commerce Black Friday. Ok, maybe you're thinking of some Cyber Monday salon ideas that can help increase your sales after the enormous public purchases of Black Friday.

Here, you will find some free and even fun and special ideas to help you take advantage of Cyber Monday to increase your salon sales before Thanksgiving.

What You Will Learn In This Article

After reading this article, you will have ideas you can use for accelerating your salon sales on Cyber Monday, know how to prepare for Cyber Monday sales, and identify opportunities for marketing your salons on Cyber Monday.

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Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas


Here are essential marketing ideas for your Cyber Monday.

I. Optimize For Mobile

Optimize your website's booking page for a better mobile user experience. A lot of clients book for services using their mobile devices. Mobile optimization of your website's booking page will encourage more clients to book for your cyber Monday specials. It is also good to optimize your mobile booking app for clients' enhanced user experience.

II. Code It

Make an offer on your online store or website with an access code available to an exclusive few, say the first 30 people to click the link will get a gift card.

III. The World of #Hashtags

The cyber-world is a world of hashtags, with each hashtag serving as a campaign vehicle. Don't be left out of the #CyberMonday, #SmallBusinessSaturday, #BlackFriday, and #SmallBizSat to promote your salon or spa and products.

IV. Extend The Time

Extend your salon opening hours to enable more clients to enjoy your special cyber Monday package. Announce this time extension on your websites and other social media.

V. Team Up

There is power in numbers, and that can't be truer with collaborating and networking with complementing businesses around you. You can team up with a salon spa if all you do is haircare services and products.

More Cyber Monday Salon Promotion ideas


Here are more Cyber Monday promotional ideas:

I. Run Facebook Ads

Facebook cuts across many age groups as the preferred social media platform. This platform allows your salon to reach millions with your Cyber Monday offers. Ensure your ad banners are bold and attractive. Also, state your propositions clearly and boldly while the text should be short.

II. Register on Google My Business

Google My Business is a free platform to showcase your salon to people both within your area and beyond. When a prospective client searches on Google, your business shows up if the searcher is in your area and looking for a salon nearby.

III. Join Online Forums

Online forums are usually topic-specific. Find an online forum for salon and everything related to salon marketing. An online forum is usually a good platform to announce your Cyber Monday discounts and to network with like-minded individuals.

IV. Employ Email Marketing

Pull out your client's email address either collected from your website or in-person and send them exclusive Cyber Monday discounts on salon services. Make sure to add value to the discount and let your email copy appeal to the client’s emotions.

V. Reward Retweets

You can run a draw for a threshold number of retweets for your Cyber Monday salon offer. For instance, run a draw to pick 2 or 3 retweets for gift cards when the retweets’ number hits 1000 retweets.

VI. Ask for Reviews

After giving your Cyber Monday discounted service, ask your clients to drop a review on your website or social media about the offer they just enjoyed. Reward them with a future discount or a hair and beauty product of little cost.

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Cyber Monday salon ideas are good, but you must prepare beforehand to make the anticipated bookings a success. Ensure your online booking page is ready to accommodate an extra hand is on standby for those rush hours.

You can create a checklist of all the requirements needed to achieve your Cyber Monday goals. More importantly, you can share your personal Cyber Monday salon ideas with our BBS community in the comments section below.


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