How To Benefit from Salon Check In

Having a salon check-in system in place makes it easier to welcome each guest in a timely manner, optimizing your workflow and helping stylists make the most of each appointment.

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We’ll go over the benefits of using salon check-in software, as well as the features to look for. We’ll also explain how to set up your hair salon check-in area for when guests arrive.

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7 Benefits Of Using Salon Check In App


So, what is salon self check-in, and why should I use it at my hair salon?

This is an easy-to-navigate process that lets guests simply click a button in an app or scan a QR code the moment they arrive at your hair salon location. Then, this will forward a message to the stylist, notifying them. Some locations even use a salon check-in kiosk for walk-in clients and appointments.

Here are the top seven benefits of using a check-in app at your hair salon:

  • No More Lines: Upon arrival, customers can relax and browse through a magazine or sip their coffee in a comfy chair instead of waiting at the front desk for staff to check them in. This makes everyone’s life easy and creates a positive experience.

    Pro tip: If your salon offers kids haircuts and services, this is a must- appointments will be much easier on kids and parents if they’re not kept waiting in line (although waiting isn’t fun for anyone).

  • Reduce Front Desk Staffing: Using a check-in app for salon guests will get your stylists out from behind the desk and free them up to serve customers. Even better, you may not need to have a dedicated receptionist on hand.

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  • Streamlining the Process: When guests arrive and check in at your location, the app automatically sends their stylist a notification that they’re here. This can mean hours of time saved every month getting ready for each customer.

  • Improved Customer Interaction: Guests can upload details about their haircut, color or other appointment information to your check-in page and read through their booking details- you can also notify them of your company policies (for late arrivals, no-shows, etc.) in advance. Once you meet them, you’ll be ready to go.

  • Secure Payments: Using the online payment features, each guest can make their appointment and use a credit card or bank account to pay for their services at the same time (they can even book multiple services and add special packages here), all before even arriving.

    This makes it easy to complete the appointment, and can make it easier to upsell products.

  • Saving Time Means More Bookings: Since arrivals and payment processing is fast and easy, you’ll be able to optimize your schedule to take more walk-ins, offer more appointments and minimize salon calendar gaps.

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  • Less No-Shows and Late Arrivals: This salon software will also send out automated reminders to clients hours or days before their haircut so that they don’t forget, and make it easier for them to notify you and check in quickly when they arrive for their hair appointment if they happen to be a few minutes late.

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Benefits of using salon check in app
Benefits Of Using Salon Check In App

How To Set Up Your Salon Check In Area


So, your guests can use online booking to schedule their haircut or coloring, they check themselves in on arrival, and their hair stylist is notified. Where does this leave your hair salon’s check-in area?

To take your hair salon to the next level (and create a more welcoming and convenient space) consider setting up a central check-in area.

This can be a kiosk where guests can search online and find their booking (handy if they don’t have their phone) and sign in. This practice also works for walk-in haircuts, too.

Keep in mind that this kiosk should be in a central location where it’s obvious and easy to access. You may want to put it close to your retail shelves, drawing attention to things they may want to purchase while they’re there.

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Once clients hear that they can check in online, they’ll never want to go back to the old-style system.

Using a salon check-in app has the potential to save you hours of time formerly spent on reception work. To top it off, it makes your clients’ lives easier and frees your staff up to get back to the fun parts of their job.


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