How Important Is Salon Customer Tracking in Your Business?

With all of the advances in business technology, salon customer tracking is one that you can’t afford to ignore. In the old days of salon management, an appointment book was the most efficient way to keep a client record. Thankfully, times have changed and tools have, too.

Even if you’ve embraced the digital age and use spreadsheets and databases to keep track of your business and clients, you still have to deal with the drawbacks of manually adding, updating and checking off all this information.

So, is there a better way?

Using salon software to manage your digital client records will help you keep everything updated, track client info, booking history, preferences and any other details that you and your staff might need for each appointment.

All of these features help you to manage your digital client records quickly and easily, saving you valuable time and money. This also makes rebookings and appointment reminders much easier, too.

What You Will Learn

In this article, we’ll go over how to store client records, as well as a few tips on how to make the most of your appointment tracking pos system.

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  2. How Do You Complete Client Records in a Salon?
  3. Benefits of Using Salon Software to Track Clients In Your Salon
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What is Salon Customer Tracking?


In a nutshell, salon customer tracking is software that helps you collect, organize and easily look up a customer’s contact details and any notes about previous services.

This is designed to help your stylists and staff book appointments, boost salon product sales and generally improve relationships with customers. It makes adding value to your salon business easier.

A hair salon client database also makes it easier for you to stay competitive. You can easily access your salon client records and use these to plan future stylist training, marketing campaigns or seasonal promotions.

In the digital age, businesses face increasing pressures to keep detailed information for customers, along with personal notes and credit card information secure. You probably keep your business laptop, phone and register secure. It only makes sense to do this for your customers’ data, too.

A salon tracker has security features built into its software, with security tools that let you restrict access depending on your team members’ needs. Employees can search for the reports or information that they need, but you can also keep your customers’ details secure and protect your company.

Combined with a point of sale pos system, these tools will help you to make the most of your business and free your staff to focus on what matters most- your customers.

Moving from paper client cards to digital client record management speeds up the overall functionality of your salon, making the planning process more efficient and leaving you free to work on growing your company.

The most amazing feature is that a salon tracker leaves everyone with more time to spend on the things they’re passionate about.

How Do You Complete Client Records in a Salon?


When you’re setting up your client records system, remember that the salon tracker software system will need some key information to get started.

Make sure that your employees save their notes about each service appointment and enter the following details in the salon tracker. It’ll help if you want to search for these later on:

  • The full name for each of your clients. Feel free to include any preferred names or nicknames in the salon tracker if appropriate.

  • At least one phone number. Keep track of whether this is their home phone or cell phone number. They will surely come in handly for SMS appointment confirmations and reminders.

  • Their email address. This way, you can send appointment and scheduling reminders, as well as be able to run email marketing campaigns and send out newsletters.

  • Social networks or online contact info. Then, you can invite them to follow your salon’s Social Media or website.

  • Their date of birth. It’s handy to have, especially if you run birthday promotions.

  • Any hair information. This can include hair type, details from previous services, stylist reports, etc.

  • Notes about clients’ favorite products. What do they use or regularly purchase when they visit? Do they want us to order anything for them?

  • Personal notes. This can include health conditions, allergies or anything an employee reports that’s relevant.

  • Their hair salon client questionnaire. This information will help stylists support clients during scheduling and appointments.

Keep these reports updated. Having all of this handy in your salon tracker will help your team provide amazing services. With the right information, your salon tracker will improve overall functionality, sales and marketing for your salon business.

If your goal is to become a leader in the industry, staying organized and using a salon tracker is a must.

Benefits of Using Salon Software to Track Clients in Your Salon


Benefits of using salon software to track clients in salon
Benefits of Using Salon Software to Track Clients in Salon

Papers and filing cabinets may have been the standard for salon businesses once upon a time, but this is no longer the case. At best, they’re old, unreliable and inconvenient. At worst, they’re unsafe.

Spreadsheets might seem easy to use, but their functionality is limited. When you need to manage large amounts of customer information, it can be hard for your sales team to add or find anything quickly.

By using salon management software, your salon tracker also becomes the place where you can keep customer details, check appointments for any of your stylists, send automatic reminder emails, set pricing and check on a team member’s weekly booking schedule..

How does salon management software do all of this? Since it’s specifically designed to help your company and your team with client salon management, the software’s salon tracker has built-in features to support businesses like yours.

A good salon tracker has the following features:

Detailed and Structured Client Records

  • Up to date client profiles. This includes service and booking history, reviews, contact details, etc.

  • Unlimited history. You can store and save as much information as you need in your salon tracker.

  • SOAP notes (HIPAA compliment). If your salon business provides any healthcare-related beauty services to customers, this makes a salon tracker a must.

  • Before and after images. Store pictures from different steps in each process for later reference or to add to your salon website (with permission, of course).

  • Color and product info. Save these in the salon tracker system to support your employees and clients when they need to match a product or reference something. This will also improve your salon inventory management a lot.

  • Personal notes. Save info such as birthdays, anniversaries, preferences or favorite products to make promotional price packages and sales easier. This can change the customer experience from average to amazing.

Secure Access and Usability

  • Easy access. An online salon tracker stores everything securely in the cloud, backing it up just in case.

  • Easy to navigate. User friendly interfaces add value and save time for your business.

  • Secure data. Password-protect things at different levels to allow staff access to different features while keeping customers safe.

  • Data protection law compliance. The laws will vary depending on your state or country, but your salon tracker will help you comply with regulations like the GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, etc. This software will help keep your business secure and free you up to focus on what matters.

Multiple Tracking and Forecasting Features

  • Track purchase history. Increase your business income with easier upsells. This feature lets you track products bought, average pricing, how long they should last for and helps support recommendations for related products and cross-promotions.

  • Be ready for appointments. Use the salon tracker to avoid no-shows and get better reviews by sending online reminders using this system.

  • Sending surveys. Learn where to invest in training, what clients enjoy and whether your pricing and promotion packages are working by sending custom online surveys. A salon tracker software system helps you manage your business and shows you where you can easily add value without increasing the price of things.

  • Sending automatic reminders. Make sure everyone can show up for their bookings on time. Salons often struggle with this (as do many businesses that take appointments). Support your staff and your customers by sending booking messages automatically.

  • Knowledge is power. What’s your most popular service? Which staff members are the busiest? How about the pricing of your best-selling products? A salon tracker software system can show you all of this with the push of a button.

  • Categorization and cross-references of clients. Salons can sort one-time clients from regulars and those who haven’t come by in months. An app for salon client records helps you support your customers and plan to bring them back.

  • Forecast your clients’ trends. The functionality of salon tracker software will let you plan for what’s likely to happen in the industry. Use client information and reviews to anticipate trends and future demands, automatically reorder products they’ll need, and boost your salon’s income by being ready.

Improved Salon Customer Experience

  • Offer personalized service. A salon tracker helps support your employees by keeping important information ready for them. They can access the system and be ready to give each client a unique experience that meets their needs.

  • Set up loyalty programs. Show loyal clients you value them by offering special pricing, free services or discounts. Your salon client records app can keep track of long-term customers.

  • Set up digitized forms. Free up your staff and support your customers with easy-to-use consultation and pretreatment forms. Then, save the information for later reference inside your digital client record cards.

  • Learn more with the customer review tool. Manage feedback and support your staff using web-based, straightforward reviews. Clients love this chance to share their experiences, too. Remember, free feedback is a gift for any business.

  • Begin targeted marketing. Improve your promotions and marketing campaigns. Use your salon tracker and paperless client cards to send emails or SMS for selected groups at different times.

  • Make follow-ups easy. Your salon tracker takes the hassle out of checking in with clients after a service. Follow up with them quickly and automatically.



If you’re wondering how to store client record cards, manage salon notes and keep customer’s private information safe at the same time, you might be ready to invest in salon customer tracking software.

This can help you take your business to the next level by keeping everything organized in one secure system. Many of these come with a hair salon client record card template to help you get started.

A salon customer tracking system features enough tools to suit everything from the largest salon to a small suite. Combined with a point of sale system, these tools will help you make the most out of each minute of your workday.


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