What is the Best Salon Booking Software of 2023?

Finding the right salon booking software to help optimize your business is vital and we’d like to help. Our favorite option is Zolmi salon booking software because of the value and features it offers, but we’ve created a list of other options you can check out.

1. Zolmi 

Zolmi is a salon booking software that provides online booking services, appointment scheduling, sends clients booking confirmations and reminders for upcoming appointments via SNS, and offers integrated online payments all in one place.

You can use Zolmi’s app to manage your salon no matter where you are, right from your Android or iOS mobile phone or device.

Some of the things that set it apart from the others include its website builder, which lets you create fast, optimized and professional-looking salon websites in about ten minutes, and its reputation management tools for helping you boost your salon’s 5-star reviews online.

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2. Acuity

They provide a booking tool for salons with a clean, straightforward and user-friendly interface. Their software is integrated with other third-party apps including Google analytics and PayPal. Clients can book, cancel and reschedule services as needed.

Using Acuity, you can work with multiple staff schedules or view them separately, automatically adjusting time zones if you have salons or clients in different locations. Your calendar is shareable via your salon’s webpage, email, Instagram and Facebook, and you can send out automated appointment reminders to clients.

Acuity’s website itself has several templates available that show examples of different businesses using their software and calendar tool- this means that you can look it over and see how it might work for you.

3. Schedulicity

Schedulicity’s booking software for salons and spas offers online booking, payment processing tools and a calendar for managing appointments. You also have the option to add a “Book Now” button to your business website.

They provide payment processing using their own system called “Schedulicity Pay” and you can set this to take next-day payments if needed. You’re also able to block people from booking services if they’ve repeatedly been “no shows” in the past.

Finally, Schedulicity provides both manual and automated email marketing so that you can reach out to your clients with promotions and encourage them to book.

4. Square

Square’s salon software assists salon owners with appointment bookings, staff scheduling and product sales. You can also access a secure POS system for processing debit, credit card and e-gift card transactions as well as send out client invoices.

Salon owners can manage their team’s access to the schedule and set permissions for each employee, allowing them to access different information or make any changes. If you want, you can also enable them to access, set and make adjustments to their own schedules.

The services Square provides work on your computer and your mobile devices. As an added bonus, you can customize the layout and color scheme that you use, allowing you to pick something that fits your salon’s own branding.

5. MyTime

MyTime salon’s software is compatible with your iPhone and Android devices. It provides salon owners with business analytics as well as reporting, booking, scheduling and email marketing services.

Using MyTime’s services, you can send out automated emails, push notifications and text messages in order to remind clients about upcoming appointments and send out marketing materials. You’re also able to send out customized emails and unique promo codes based on a client’s history.

You’re able to create split-time bookings when needed or create a flash sale quickly by clicking on blocks on unfilled time in your schedule.

6. Schedulista

This software for managing salon bookings works either on its own or along with your salon’s Facebook page and website. It features a customizable scheduling page where you can add your own themes, images and colors to make it fit your salon’s overall look and branding.

Schedulista enables you automatically to send out push notifications to team members when they’ve got an appointment booked or when a client has canceled a booking. You can also sync this calendar with your iPhone, Android, Google or Outlook calendars, so there is some flexibility.

Best salon booking software mobile
Best Salon Booking Software

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7. MindBody

MindBody’s booking software for salons helps with appointment scheduling, team management and email marketing. Their cloud-based system caters mainly to smaller businesses looking to grow.

A couple of MindBody’s notable features include its automated smart lists tool that can send out promotional emails geared towards a client’s booking history and preferences, and the AI receptionist that assists people with the booking process and is able to answer simple questions.

When creating your salon’s booking schedule, you can choose between different colors to help it match your salon’s website. You can also enable automatic upselling in order to encourage people to book multiple services.



You’ve taken a look at everything and are ready to choose the right software for your salon’s booking needs. With any busy salon, having the best tools possible to help you do your job is key.

After going over all of the options, our favorite is still Zolmi Salon Booking Software because it offers the best value, has a great variety of features and is really efficient for optimizing your salon business. If you’re interested in trying it, why not sign up today?


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