Best Salon Waiting Area Design Ideas For 2023

The right salon waiting area design is one of the most important aspects of your salon branding- whether it’s a separate waiting room or a cozy nook, this space’s design needs to make an impression.

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We’ll take a look at why a salon’s waiting area is the perfect place to showcase your branding, provide some tips for salon waiting room design, and go over some examples to inspire you.

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  1. Why Do You Need A Waiting Area In Your Hair Salon?
  2. How Should Your Salon Reception Look?
  3. Top Salon Waiting Area Design Examples For You Inspiration
  4. Conclusion

Why Do You Need A Waiting Area In Your Hair Salon?


A salon’s reception area is more than just a place for clients to check in and wait for their appointment, it’s a VIP space for guests to relax and feel special.

Having a comfortable and pleasant waiting room might be the most important thing you can do to make guests feel welcome- it sets the tone for their appointment, and it serves as advertising to anyone who passes by or stops in your salon.

A waiting area is also a peaceful space where clients can look through styling magazines, go over consultation information or decide on their next color and hairstyle. It helps create a sanctuary away from the busy salon floor.

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How Should Your Salon Reception Look?


Whether your salon has a sleek, modern style or a cozy, vintage vibe, there are essential things you can do to make the waiting room more welcoming.

Furniture and Space

Even if you have limited space, reception areas should never feel c


Include enough furniture (but not too much)- you’ll want room for salon waiting area chairs, a reception desk and a coffee table at the very least.

The key is making it look like you have enough room in your reception area for clients to move around, sit comfortably in chairs and relax.

Good Lighting

Make sure to use warm or natural lighting, rather than the brighter task lighting on salon floors. Good lighting makes everything look more spacious, so avoid dark corners and use mirrors when needed to open up the space.

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Smart Merchandising

Since people spend so much time here, this is a great opportunity to showcase your retail items.

Include wall shelving with retail product displays, make sure to have some product leaflets available (and promote your salon’s services using these), and light these walls to make the products pop. This will encourage visitors to browse and get inspired.

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Top Salon Waiting Area Design Examples For You Inspiration


Here are some of our favorite salon reception ideas to help inspire you.

Alibi NYC

Salon waiting area design example
Salon Waiting Area Design Example

Alibi NYC Salon’s waiting room is the focal point of the salon. Rather than tuck it away in a corner, they’ve used a gorgeous rug and furniture made from natural materials to make this an oasis of comfort in the center of their business. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time here?

Glow Salon

Salon waiting area design example
Salon Waiting Area Design Example

Chicago’s Glow Salon boasts a modern interior with a soft color scheme and tons of natural light- and their reception area takes full advantage of this. Pairing soft, cozy chairs with a modern design and an Instagram-worthy reception desk (it’s hard not to see that textured wall), they manage to create a space that’s both bright and intimate at the same time.

Butterfly Studio

Salon waiting area design example
Salon Waiting Area Design Example

Butterfly studio does a few things that are worth talking about. First, they take their salon logo and make it part of the decor, setting it into a classy dividing wall and creating extra seating in the process. Next, check out the excellent use of retail displays to divide the interior of the salon and create a separate reception area.

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Carol and Betty’s

Salon waiting area design example
Salon Waiting Area Design Example

If you’re looking for small salon waiting area ideas, then look no further. This salon space in Carol and Betty's uses extra details like wall art and bright colors to make their little reception area splashy and fun. Their color choices, retro furnishings and neon signage are right on brand and create an interior that each client will want to take a selfie in.

Marie Robinson

Salon waiting area design example
Salon Waiting Area Design Example

This is understated as far as salon design ideas go, but in the classiest possible way. The warm lighting (especially as it highlights the wall art), subdued natural colors and cozy chairs make this space in Marie Robinson the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

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No two salons are exactly alike, so their waiting areas should also be unique and special.

No matter what the brand or clientele of your salon business, it pays to have a salon waiting area design that caters to them. Because of its unique place in your business, it’s usually the first and last thing everyone sees- and what will keep them coming back.


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