How To Best Arrange Your Salon Reception Desk

Your salon reception area is the first and last things that customers see, and having the right salon reception desk will help you make an impression on them (and keep them coming back).

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In this article, we’ll go over the reasons why salons need reception desks, some salon reception area ideas, the duties of a salon receptionist, and where to look for a front desk of your own.

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  1. What Is a Front Desk In a Salon?
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  3. Salon Front Desk Jobs
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What Is a Front Desk In a Salon?


Whether it’s a grand salon reception hall or a cozy window nook by the front door, every salon needs a waiting area and a place for customers to check in before their appointment. Reception desks for salons are an essential part of this.

A salon reception counter is more than a place to take payments or or sell products after a service- it’s a focal point in the salon and a place where staff can speak with each customer.

It’s also an administrative hub- a good reception desk for a salon will have lots of storage space for materials that make your work easier, keeping everything tucked away for when you need it.

Finally, salon reception desks are a form of advertising- they’re often the perfect place to display your logo (either on the desk or on the wall behind it), and their design and color help showcase your salon’s brand and style.

Modern salon reception desk
Modern Salon Reception Desk

Salon Reception Desk Ideas


If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in your salon reception furniture, here are some salon reception table ideas to help inspire you.

  • Small salon reception desk- a small reception desk for salon spaces can help make the most of smaller waiting areas. They also look great in modern salons with a minimalist decor.

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  • Hair salon reception desk- the classic desk is a large, freestanding desk with enough space for a customer, plus lots of room for staff. It’s usually relatively simple in design, rectangular, white or neutral in color and placed near the front door.

  • Modern salon reception desk- a modern reception salon desk tends to be less bulky than traditional ones, often incorporating natural elements like wood or even LED lights and frosted glass.

    White salon reception desk
    White Salon Reception Desk
  • White salon reception desk- using a white reception desk for salon interiors is a great way to brighten the room and bring focus to the desk. Alternatively, if your decor is minimalist, pairing a white desk with white walls creates a streamlined effect.

    Curved salon reception desk
    Curved Salon Reception Desk
  • Curved salon reception desk- curved reception desks can create a strong impression and become the center of a room. Or, they can help direct foot traffic to “flow” around them. They’re a wonderful option if you don’t want to put your desk in the corner.

    Black salon reception desk
    Black Salon Reception Desk
  • Black salon reception desk- depending on your salon’s color scheme, black reception desks will either blend in or stand out. In general, they work best in larger spaces.

    L-shaped salon reception desk
    L-shaped Salon Reception Desk
  • L-shaped salon reception desk- l-shaped reception desks help to close off an open area, and are an excellent choice if your reception area is near the door- this gives employees some personal space and room to work.

    L-shaped salon reception desk
    L-shaped Salon Reception Desk

Salon Front Desk Jobs


Depending on the salon, reception jobs are either shared between staff or overseen by a dedicated receptionist. These salon front desk duties include:

  • Greeting clients
  • Communicating with staff
  • Answering phone calls and emails
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending out appointment reminders
  • Selling retail products
  • Processing payments
  • Updating salon’s social media
  • General admin tasks (photocopying, etc.)
  • Light cleaning and tidying

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L-shaped salon reception desk
L-shaped Salon Reception Desk

Where To Buy Salon Reception Desks


Some places to start looking for salon reception desks include:

  • Auction Sites- websites like eBay and Spreeberry are great places to find a cheap salon reception desk, and they have new and used options available.
  • Sales Apps- if you’re looking for a used salon reception desk, try an app like Shprock. They have listings all over the country, and have more than 11 million items currently posted.
  • Online Classifieds- why not go local and check out your online classified ads? Many salons and businesses will sell their salon equipment here, and you can find items like salon reception chairs, desks and more for a good price.
  • Social Media- much like classified ads, Facebook has a buy and sell section that’s a goldmine for used and new furniture.
  • Salon Equipment Suppliers- the most expensive option is checking with salon furniture suppliers- they’ll have new salon reception desks in stock, and they may even have discounted “floor models” at their warehouse.

Pro tip: Consider upcycling and repainting a vintage desk or dresser for a unique look that no other salon will have.

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Reception desks form the centerpiece of a salon’s waiting area, so it’s important to find the right one if you want to make an impression.

Choosing a salon reception desk can be a fun opportunity to think about your salon’s brand, decor and overall aesthetic. It’s a big decision, so take your time and ask your team for some input.


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