15 Best Salon Anniversary Ideas for 2023

Boost your business and make your team and clients happy with these hair salon anniversary ideas. Let’s look at some ways you can celebrate and generate some publicity, too.

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This article will introduce some fun, creative and shareworthy salon anniversary celebration ideas, helping you to promote your business and commemorate that special day.

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15 Best Salon Anniversary Ideas


In today’s world of digital marketing and social media, salon anniversary celebrations are an excellent way to generate excitement and buzz about your business’s products and services.

Of course, they’re also an opportunity to build staff and customer loyalty by showing everyone that you’re grateful for their support. Let’s take a look at some salon anniversary promotion ideas guaranteed to make an impression.

Throw a Salon Birthday Party

Whether you’re looking for big salon 1 year anniversary ideas or celebrating a landmark 10 years in the business, this guarantees a great time.

Invite team members and clients (starting with your most loyal ones, then others if you have space), and of course order a salon anniversary cake. Make the decorations birthday-themed, but stick with what matches your brand’s aesthetic.

Best salon anniversary ideas
Best Salon Anniversary Ideas

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Collect Charitable Donations

This is a memorable way to give back to the community and one of my personal favorites. Express salon anniversary wishes and generate publicity by donating a percentage of your sales to a charity or nonprofit.

This might be a local organization or a larger, nationwide one such as The Kind Cut, a volunteer organization of stylists that provide hair care to people experiencing homelessness.

Revamp Your Logo

Make a few careful changes to your salon’s logo to commemorate the big day. This is one of my favorite salon 10 year anniversary ideas, since it marks a big milestone (although you can do it for any year).

Avoid changing it dramatically if your brand is well-known, but updating it and sharing it on your salon’s website and social media will help build excitement, especially in combination with any promotions.

Recognize Your Team

Acknowledge their contribution by taking everyone out for a special dinner or a fun evening. Include some awards and a personalized thank-you note or speech for each person. Don’t forget cake, and take lots of pictures!

Decorate the Salon Interior

When it comes to salon anniversary decoration ideas, think beyond the usual balloons and tinsel at any birthday party (although these are still a welcome addition).

Add some elements that match your salon’s theme or brand image- fresh flowers, garlands, or some glitzy bejeweled accessories. For bonus points, include these in your salon’s selfie wall.

Pop the Champagne

Depending on local licensing laws, you may be able to offer customers a bit of extra luxury during their visit with complimentary drinks in fancy glasses during their haircut or while they wait. Cheers to another great year!

Let them Eat Cake

I wouldn’t recommend bringing food around hair or chemicals, but getting a special cake with your salon’s logo (make sure to post photos) and offering people a slice in the waiting area on the big day is always a winner.

Create a Special Newsletter

If you don’t already have an online salon newsletter, then this is a great time to start. You can also issue a special edition if you already have one, including some salon anniversary quotes from your team, hair care tips for clients, and a few special offers.

Run an Anniversary-Themed Promotion

This is a great opportunity for you and your team to introduce customers to some new products or boost some existing sales by running a special promotion. You might even put together some gift baskets or coupon books for future bookings.

Best salon anniversary ideas
Best Salon Anniversary Ideas

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Host a How-To

Invite clients to your salon for a night of entertainment and beauty secrets. Sell tickets to the event and have your team teach them how to perform at-home hair treatments or specific styles. Make sure to take lots of photos.

Partner With a Local Business

Cross-promote and offer mutual discounts as part of a special salon anniversary offer. This is especially effective if you’re located in a trendy area with lots of local shops or cafes. Create a salon anniversary poster and ask them to display it.

Have a Customer Appreciation Week

Offer customers special discounts, prepare small sample bags or gifts to distribute, and give special bonuses for people who refer their friends and family to your salon during this time. Take a moment to thank each client for supporting you.

Boost Your Loyalty Rewards

Speaking of loyalty and support, why not celebrate by offering special incentives to loyal customers this month? You can run a raffle and offer prizes, give out coupons or provide small additional services to long-term clientele.

Host a Yelp Elite Event

Invite local influencers and boost your social media presence with a special event to mark your salon’s big day. This is a great way to gain more reviews and reach millennial audiences. Make sure to showcase your team’s talents by offering a specialty service or two.

Create Some Online Games

Salons can have fun with this one. You might host it as a one-night only Facebook event or make it a month-long game. Some suggestions include an online salon trivia contest or a brainstorming session where you ask people to submit suggestions for a new service.

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Best salon anniversary ideas
Best Salon Anniversary Ideas

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You may be looking for one year salon anniversary ideas, or you may be searching for a big way to celebrate fifty years of service. Either way, this is a golden opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers and plug into new markets.

Coming up with salon anniversary ideas should be a fun process. Why not sit down with your team and run some of these ideas by them?


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