15 Salon Event Ideas to Boost Your Sales in 2023

Do you need salon event ideas that can generate excitement about your services and products? A successful salon marketing plan often requires innovating and trying many things, much like a new hairstyle. With the right initiatives, you can keep existing clients and attract new ones.

The events allow you to interact with potential customers and express yourself in a real-time environment. When you organize a salon event, you get a chance to present your brand, ideas, products, and services exactly how you intend them to be shown.

While modern marketing is becoming increasingly digitally oriented, event marketing is considered one of the top trends. You should definitely fill out your salon marketing calendar with hair event ideas that allow you to connect with prospective customers personally, much unlike digital advertising.

What You Will Learn

This post will help you understand how to use events in salon marketing and which events to use to grow your customer base and stay on top of your marketing game.

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  1. Why Do You Need Salon Events?
  2. How to Choose the Right Events?
  3. 15 Hair Salon Event Ideas
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Why Do You Need Salon Events?


Salon marketing events can help your salon to stand out, gain brand recognition, attract new clients, increase loyalty among customers and employees, and strengthen links with the community.

Salon event, if put together well, can attract a lot of potential new customers, that would be able to check out your facility and services in person, have consultations with your hair stylists.

Life meetings are also a perfect opportunity to promote or test new salon retails products, new services, promote a new team member, as well as learn more about your clients’ expectations.

Let's say that you run a hair extension salon and choose to host an event that gives a demonstration for potential customers to see the products and how they are applied and ask questions. You will have a chance not only to win new clients from the event participants but also get decent online exposure of your salon when they all post pictures and videos from it on their social media.

How to Choose the Right Events?


There are endless possibilities, so making the right choice is crucial. Make sure that you understand:

The Goal of The Event

Event goals answer the question: "what is the purpose of the event?" Common event goals for local businesses typically include letting people know about your business, location, and services, getting people interested in learning more, and converting them into customers.

Costs/Output Ratio

When choosing a salon marketing event, let yourself be guided by the numbers. The type and size of event you choose to have will depend on your budget and, most importantly, the results you expect.

Who Do You Want to Attract?

It's important to define your attendees' personal profiles, so you'll know which of them are most appropriate for your event. Consider sending personalized invitations or a gift card online using your salon software. Keep records of all the relevant information collected.

Consider How Your Existing Clientele And Staff Will React

It's also usually cheaper and quicker to retain customers than to acquire new ones. You can grow your salon business by hosting salon marketing events that help you to increase customer satisfaction and generate further sales. You can use salon software to get important feedback that would help plan these events.

Ensure The Date is Good For You And Your Guests

When planning an event, you should keep your event attendees in mind when choosing a date. Weekends and holidays may be the most convenient dates for your busy clients. Don't do events too often as well.

How to Effectively Promote The Event?

In order to get people's attention, you must promote your event. Be sure to put your marketing plan in place early, because people's schedules can quickly fill up. There are several channels to use for marketing, including social media, business cards, postcards, and emails.

15 Hair Salon Event Ideas


Hair salon event ideas
Hair salon event ideas
  • 1. Holiday Events

    Many salons leverage holidays to promote their services and build relationships with clients. Hair salon teams can implement salon Christmas party ideas as well as other holidays like Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Please find the best dates to target and pin them to your marketing events calendar.

  • 2. Mother/Daughter Day

    Mother's Day or mother-daughter day salon events can help you to increase your brand awareness. You can design services around unique hairstyling ideas complemented with special discounts or extras such as facials and manicures. Slide into Pinterest to explore mother's day event name ideas that may work for your case.

  • 3. Prom Night And Weddings

    Did you know that prom and wedding seasons offer the perfect opportunity to give your salon a much-needed boost? Between spring and summer, many students prepare for their biggest night of the year, their prom. Offer bridal or student hair care discounts on services or free products if new clients book an early appointment.

  • 4. Dedicate a Day to a Certain Clientele

    For example, The Men's Grooming Day campaign encourages men to take care of their appearance through grooming products. On this day, salons can cater specially to men, offering them special discount offers, education, and attentive services. Similar special events can be organized for kids and the elderly.

  • 5. How to Events

    Salon customers often appreciate new knowledge, whether that comes in one on one classes or Instagram. One effective salon marketing idea to try is Masterclasses that focus on home styling tips or answers how-to questions on hair care and braiding. Such events add value to the guests.

  • 6. Specific Hair Events And Workshops

    Events themed around specific hairstyles, e.g curls can be a good idea to help clients get ready to use your salon for their special date, wedding, or formal engagements. Promotions that may work for event ideas include discounts, gift cards, free products, and complimentary services around hair care.

  • 7. Field Workshops

    An excellent idea to market your salon is by taking your services to where the clients are. You can put together a mobile salon team and van that goes to the neighborhoods, colleges, and places of work. It helps save time for a client and improves brand loyalty.

  • 8. Product Presentations

    The launch of a new service or product is a great idea to improve your salon’s revenue. Partner up with hair product producers and have a launch party of their lines. Maybe, your customers will become regular buyers with a little more convincing on your website or Facebook.

  • 9. Charity Events

    Establish a local partnership with a charity. You can either join one of their events or have your own salon fundraising event ideas. You may decide to offer free services for underprivileged or premium services where all payments go to a specific charity. You can search for more new hair salon charity event ideas online.

  • 10. Community Events

    Ads and promotions don't have to be the only salon marketing ideas. The chances for networking in your community are many. You might want to join the local chamber of commerce to network with other companies.

  • 11. Client Appreciation Event

    Salon client appreciation event ideas include cocktail parties, after-work get-togethers, formal events, or dinner parties in a hotel venue. Host a hair salon party or a day dedicated to your loyal customers to let them know how much they mean to you. You can have gifts for them to take home after the events.

  • 12. Yelp Elite Event

    Your chances of attracting new business from millennials are slim if you don't leverage salon social media ideas. Reach out to your local team member for more information, including the size of your salon, to host a Yelp Elite Event. Inviting Yelp Elites as well as local influencers is a good idea to generate reviews.

  • 13. Host Parties

    You can organize parties for your salon anniversary or any other occasion in your salon marketing calendar that fits. Not only is it beneficial for new businesses, but it is also for those expanding. Do not look at this primarily as a celebration but rather as marketing related salon special ideas.

  • 14. Host an Art Opening

    How can I make my salon stand out? You can accomplish that through art exhibits by partnering with local artists and exhibiting their works. Hosting an art opening at your salon is a great way to bring in new customers and get contemporary art on your walls.

  • 15. Be Creative, Do Your Own Unique Events

Try to have events around movies, concerts, create local events, and anything else you might not have thought of. Using a selfie station is one of our favorite salon marketing ideas. Clients will want to take some pictures or videos before they leave the salon event. Encourage your clients or a friend to add your business' hashtags to posts on Facebook or Instagram. Your efforts may just result in a quick testimonial or reviews on Facebook, Google and other online platforms.

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Marketing events for hair salons could be exactly what your business needs.

The aforementioned engaging and fun salon event ideas will not only get your business noticed; they will also create a relationship of trust between you and your clients to keep them coming back. They will compliment your marketing efforts on the website, blog posts, ads, and email messaging applications.

Besides planning, budgeting, and designing the themes of your events, keep your eye on the prize - your goals. Collect phone numbers, emails, and social media accounts. Set appointments, nurture relationships, deliver superior services and send your guests home smiling, so they would be eager to visit the next time and are happy to post positive reviews.


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