New Salon Marketing Ideas in 2023

If you’re a salon owner who needs new salon marketing ideas to attract more clients, keep reading to find out more.

When you’re running a new or successful salon, it can be hard to keep coming up with salon strategies and marketing ideas that really work. Focussing on your regular clients is very important, but you also want to make sure you utilize and apply ideas to grow your business.

With fresh ideas that will spark intrigue amongst new clients, keep reading to discover marketing strategies that you can easily apply to your hair and beauty salon.

What You Will Learn?

In this article you will learn some new marketing ideas to grow salon business in 2022.

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Salon Promotions That Work


If you’re running a new or existing salon, it’s integral that you apply unique salon service ideas to boost your business and attract new clients.

If you’re a local salon, you need to integrate salon marketing ideas into your strategy that feel relevant to the local market. What you don’t want to do is waste your time and money on old-fashioned salon advertising strategies that are ignored and overlooked.

Before you run promotions in newspapers and create an advert for your local radio station, is your target market going to see or hear it? You might be better off running Facebook ads or exploring various social media platforms to target new and current clients.

Unique Salon Service Ideas


While maintaining a business and running a busy salon, it can be hard to constantly come up with salon marketing ideas that really work. Instead of trying to reinvent what you do, you could boost salon clients by expanding on the services that you already offer.

Can you rename one of your existing services and make it sound like a fresh idea with a new name? Can you give a service a premium feel to encourage people to make an appointment per click? A good marketing idea is often boosted by clever language. How can you advertise your service so it sounds different from your competitors?

Unique salon services will encourage clients to book an appointment with you. Though the treatment might actually be something that’s offered in several other salons, you can create intrigue and book sales with a clever marketing spin.

Instead of calling it a simple head massage, you could offer it on your salon website as a Japanese head massage. Advertising luxury deep conditioning treatments could increase your online booking appointments.

These simple but effective marketing ideas will encourage people to book appointments without costing you lots in advertising spend.

New Salon Marketing Ideas

  • 1. Contact Your Old Clients

    To encourage people back into your hair salons, it’s a good idea to uphold communication, even if the client hasn’t visited your salon in a long time. You could offer them a special discount for the next time they visit or you could send an email newsletter that shows them what they’ve been missing while they’ve been gone.

  • 2. Google My Business

    Keeping on top of your salon’s Google My Business is one of the first things you should tend to when increasing your marketing efforts. Google My Business allows you to keep your business details up-to-date online, so when someone Googles you, they know the best way to contact you.

    Make sure you keep the details updated with the hair salon phone number, your salon address, and a brief description of the services that you offer. Google makes it easy for your clients to find out more about you — so this is a great marketing idea.

  • 3. Handing Out Leaflets And Business Cards

    Though this might feel like an old-fashion way of doing things, establishing your salon in the local area will increase word of mouth. Use consistent branding to make this happen and you can easily design leaflets or business cards for free on a site like Canva. And always send the leaflets and business cards where you think your clients might be.

  • 4.Get to Know Local Businesses

    When you build a strong relationship with the other local businesses in your area, you will build a special relationship and even be able to share clients; You could offer special deals to their clients and also help them increase clients by promoting their services in your salon. You could even connect further by running a joint loyalty program and a discount code to their staff for their next visit.

  • 5. Build Partnerships With Gyms And Fitness Centers

    If people are looking after their body, it’s likely that they’ll want to look after their hair and skin too. Bring a new client or two to your salon by connecting with the gyms and fitness centers in your local areas. Again, you could offer their staff members a discount or you could strike up a partnership where you help promote each other on Facebook and Instagram.

  • 6. Referrals

    Get your friends and family to promote your new salon by incentivizing them. Word of mouth marketing is still hugely effective, so ask your friends and family to recommend you and your services and offer them free treatment in exchange for their efforts.

  • 7. Use your Facebook and Instagram Connections

    Of course, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to promote your salons but to increase new hair clients, you could take it one step further. Maintain contact and build a personal relationship by direct messaging clients. Don’t send out group messages — it will seem impersonal.

  • 8. Post in Local Forums

    Online forums like will help people in your area get to know your salon. As the face of the salon, spark up conversations and apply subtle, gentle sales tactics. This is a nice way to make a genuine connection while also promoting your business.

  • 9. Create a Launch Event to Show Off Your Business

    Ingratiate yourself into the local community further by promoting your event on sites like If you widen the spectrum of your launch event and offer a gift bag, you could even charge a small fee for people to apply. Promote the event with ads on your Facebook and Instagram pages too.

  • 10. Add Your Business to Local Business Directories

    Sites like and Bing for Business work in a similar way to Google My Business. They will host your salon’s essential details and make it easy for new clients to contact you.

    Don’t just rely on the heavy hitters either. Make yourself known in a niche, local directories, and promote your business. To get the word out about your salon, people need to repeatedly see your branding.

  • 11. Use Instagram to Find Potential Clients in Your Area

    Actively seeking out potential clients in your local area on social media will increase brand awareness. Look for hashtags that your area or city uses and make sure you use them too. This will help you keep your marketing efforts local, rather than global — you don’t need followers from another country if you’re running a local business.

    Word of warning, using hashtags is a low and slow type of action. If you use too many hashtags too quickly, you could get blocked or give yourself a bad name. Be selective and build up slowly.

  • 12. Check Forums Such as Reddit And Quora

    If people are talking about you online, always make sure you answer questions mentioning your salon. If people are asking for recommendations for a new salon to try, make sure you answer and you could incentivize them further with a special one-time-only discount code. Be careful not to offer too many discounts though, it could cheapen your brand.

  • 13. Have a Launch Party For Your Friends And Family

    Arrange a friend and family party and ask them to bring their friends too. And don’t forget to give out business cards at your event! You could also include a gift card in their goodie bag as an incentivizing party favor.

  • 14. Join Local Facebook Groups

    Advertise your salon in Facebook groups for mothers and ex-pat groups to widen your appointment potential. Let them know if the group that you’re there and that you offer a unique service.

  • 15. Add to Market Places Such a Zolmi, Booksy, Styleseat, Treatwell (in Europe), Bookwell (Australia)

    Though these companies may take a percentage when people book through them, once you have their contact details you can start a targeted email marketing campaign and encourage them to book directly.

  • 16. Visit Any Nearby Hospitals or First Responders Locations

    People who work as nurses, ambulance drivers of those in police stations are potential clients. Gift them with a special gift discount as a way to give something back to the local community. You could also give them punch cards, so they receive free treatment when they’ve filled up their card.

  • 17. Use Geo-Location Targeting For Ads

    If you’re going to advertise your services on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads, make sure to geo-target locally to attract a new client or two. Don’t show your ads to people further than two miles away — this could just waste your money.

Check out our post on salon event ideas and get 15 ideas for the party in the salon to boost your sales.



The best way to attract new clients is by utilizing new salon marketing ideas that really work. A good marketing idea doesn’t need to cost you a lot — it just needs to have a strategy and a good execution.


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