21 Ideas for Salon Grand Opening Gifts in 2023

Hair salon opening gifts are a great way to celebrate your hair salon's first day and kick things off with a bang. What's more, if you can pick the perfect gifts for your clients, you’ll instantly give people a great first impression of your business. This means that they’ll be more likely to pick your hair salon again in the future, as well as being more likely to recommend you to their friends.

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This guide will look at some great hair salon opening gifts and goodies you can share with your customers. If you’re getting ready to open your doors and need some inspiration for salon grand opening ideas, this article will cover all you need to know.

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How do you choose the ideal hair salon opening gifts? Well, it can be a challenge, as there are lots of different options to choose from. You might be overwhelmed by all the different ideas for hair salon grand opening gifts and salon gift sets. This guide is here to help. We’ll go over some of the best hair salon opening gifts that people love to get to help you get the best results from your grand opening.

21 Ideas for Salon Opening Gifts

Ideas for salon opening gifts
Ideas for salon opening gifts

Before we look at some inspirations and ideas for stuff to give to your clients, let’s first go over a few key tips to follow. When choosing new salon opening gifts, it’s important to keep these key factors in mind:

  • Goals - What results are you hoping to get from your presents and offers? Do you want to create a good first impression? Build customer loyalty? Give people a chance to sample your products and services? Always have a purpose in mind.

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  • Manner - How will people receive the presents and offers you want to give them? Will you give something to everyone, or perhaps just to the first 50 people to step through the doors? Maybe you’ll even organize a live raffle or contest. You need to have a safe, sensible strategy in mind.

  • Values - Make sure the stuff you choose to give to people ties in with the values of yourself and your brand. This will help to establish your business and let people know what you’re all about.

  1. Product Miniatures - A safe and simple way to let people test out your merchandise.

  2. Branded Brushes - Something they can use every day to remember your business.

  3. Branded Mirrors - Another everyday item turning into a marketing tool.

  4. Branded Hair Towels - As above, hair towels are simple gifts that can show off your brand.

  5. Hair Quotes Cups - Fun cups with hairstylist quotes are sure to entertain and amuse.

  6. Hair Quotes T-shirts/Caps - You can also print fun quotes onto attire and accessories with ease in 2022.

  7. Hair Quotes Stickers - Little stickers can be stuck to all kinds of stuff, like laptops and accessories.

  8. Gift Cards - A gift card offers people a reason to come back again in the future.

  9. Loyalty Cards - This is another great option as it offers people an instant advantage with your business.

  10. Branded Tote Bags - Tote bags are always handy and can be used for hair stylist gift basket ideas.

  11. Discount Vouchers - Give people a reason to return to your business.

  12. Branded Umbrellas - Another everyday accessory becoming a marketing tool.

  13. Cool Face Masks - This can tie in with the vibe of your beauty business.

  14. Your Exclusive Products - If you have unique products, show them off to your clients.

  15. Gifts from Partners - Partner with other businesses targeting the same audience and interested in cross promotions. Give away some of their goodies.

  16. Hair Tools - Hairstylist accessories can help customers look after their hair better.

  17. Customized Water Bottles - Reusable water bottles are hugely popular nowadays.

  18. Hair Accessories - Simple accessories like bands and clips.

  19. Gift Baskets - Make baskets filled with hair and beauty goodies.

  20. Seasonal Gifts - Seasonal gifts could include salon client christmas gifts or Halloween candy.

  21. Free Photoshoot - Set up a corner in the salon with good lighting and bring in a professional photographer.

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There are all kinds of interesting things that you can give to your clients and customers to honor your big opening. Whatever you choose, people will be happy, as everyone loves free things and special presents. However, it’s still important to take your time and choose with care.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some fun inspiration and ideas for your hair salon opening gifts. With the right presents, you can get your business off to the best possible start, putting smiles on faces and giving everyone a reason to come back again and again.


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