15 Creative Salon Giveaway Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to boost your salon marketing, increase your social media presence, and attract new and loyal clients, then our hair salon giveaway ideas might be exactly what you need.

Do these questions sound familiar?

“How can I improve my salon sales?” and “How can I make my salon stand out?”

Salon marketing ideas don’t always require high-tech tools. In fact, planning the right giveaway can be one of the most powerful hair salon promotion ideas, too.

Giveaways and other contests are the not-so-secret weapons of business owners. They’re a great way to catch the attention of new clients, keep loyal clients coming back, boost your Facebook and Instagram presence, and even promote new products.

Let’s take a closer look at some ideas to help you begin.

Promoting your business brand with facebook-worthy giveaways, contests and products is both fun and effective.

What You Will Learn

We’ll take a look at how and when to hold a hair salon giveaway contest, how to set a goal for your giveaways, and some tips to help you create your own.

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  1. What Is the Goal of a Giveaway Campaign?
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  3. 15 Giveaway Ideas for Salons
  4. How to Run a Giveaway Contest in a Salon?
  5. Conclusion

What Is the Goal of a Giveaway Campaign?


Let’s face it, everyone loves to win, and your hair salon clients are no exception.

We’re social creatures who also like to be seen winning, too.

The right giveaway contest can increase traffic to your salon’s online website, spread your brand awareness on social media (think about the potential Facebook post shares), and help your business to bring in more clients.

Local businesses often use a giveaway contest as a way to introduce themselves into the community, which can be a great strategy to build goodwill.

These contests can also go hand-in-hand with other special concepts such as Salon Client Christmas Gifts (why not sell special baskets and also raffle one-off, for example) or other holiday-appropriate new salon gift basket ideas.

Whether your goal is to gain more clients, boost your online presence or simply introduce a new product line, make sure you decide on it before you plan the giveaway.

This will help you to create the right advertising materials and make your salon marketing process a lot smoother.

Depending on the client audience you’re trying to reach, a giveaway (or a contest) is a very effective strategy to:

  • Make people remember you (since giving gifts makes a visit special)

  • Reach new customers (they’ll be attracted by the event - who doesn’t love promotions?)

  • Increase loyalty (create loyal clients who feel appreciated when they get these perks and make new clients loyal faster)

  • Get referrals - spread the word (you can use branded items, social media posts and even make a hashtag to spread the story of your business and brand)

  • Sell more (a giveaway brings people to you, and they’re often happy to spend more on sales to be eligible for a contest)

  • Promote your services and products (especially if you have a new brand line in stock that you want to market, want to introduce clients to a new service)

  • Gather marketing insight (a competition or giveaway is a perfect way to encourage client reviews of your business, products and services)

  • Get rid of slow-moving stock (you can either clear it out to make room for new items, offer free samples with a service, or even boost its sales by holding a giveaway contest)

  • Increase your salon’s social media presence and business website traffic (hold the contest online using your site or blog, or encourage each client to comment or tag your business page in a Facebook post)

  • Introduce a new stylist or team member (this can be an excellent way to incentivize an appointment booking)

  • Get clients’ contact information (create a customer profile and fill out a consultation for a chance to win something)

When Is a Good Time for a Salon Giveaway?


Just like any strategy, hairstylist giveaway ideas and salon specials ideas require the right timing.

Again, this depends on the main goal of the giveaway and could change a lot with your business needs or even the season (salon Christmas ideas will be a lot different than salon gift bag ideas to introduce new products, for example).

You can use hair giveaway ideas for events such as:

  • Salon openings and anniversaries

  • Holidays (Christmas, Mother’s Day, a Client’s Birthday)

  • Clients Appreciation Day (and any other events you may organize)

  • Contests (these can encourage appointments from new clients and build client loyalty)

  • Loyalty program benefits (like reaching a new level, spending more than certain amount)

  • First time clients (a contest entry with every new appointment for services)

  • Especially costly services (after spending a lot of money on a service, a client may enjoy a salon’s product to support the look)

15 Giveaway Ideas for Salons


Of course, choosing the reward depends on the occasion and your budget. Plan your gift ideas for hair salon clients ahead of time.

Make sure you know how many people can receive an item and whether it’s worth it for you. Salon marketing is all about planning things ahead of time.

Giveaway gift ideas
Giveaway gift ideas

Giveaway Gift Ideas

What is a good gift for a client?

This will vary depending on your clientele. Use your salon software data to get some insight on your clients’ preferences for your services and retails products.

Start brainstorming gift ideas for hair clients at your next staff meeting. Ask your team “What is the best gift for clients?” They’ll probably surprise you with the business strategies they create.

Here are some salon gift ideas for clients to help you get started:

  • Free services (free services- even something small like a post-cut scalp massage, are great when you want to market something new or encourage appointments with a new stylist)

  • Discounts (these can be for a birthday or linked to something you want to increase, like 10% off if you post a review to our social media website or Facebook page)

  • Gift cards (salons often use salon gift certificate ideas such as vouchers when they host a contest or a raffle- you can even use “virtual” salon gift card ideas as part of a Facebook or online social media promotional tool)

  • Loyalty cards (these are not news to most managers but are a valuable way for salons to reward- and get friends’ referrals from, loyal customers. You can use these with other salon gift voucher ideas like a stamp card or membership card with rewards)

  • Products or samples (along with whole sets, are one of the best gift bag ideas for hair salon giveaways. Use samples from the local distributor or make your own bags. Don’t forget to include business cards with a link to your online services or Facebook page)

  • Branded items (bags, combs, pocket mirrors, etc. with the shop’s logo or that of a product you sell)

  • Gifts from partners (partner with another local business to promote each other through giveaways that you host. Encourage reviews and posts from mutual clients who view your online social media or Facebook sites)

  • Coupon for a friend of family member (this can be given to local people who visit often, or it can be done through Facebook- make sure to include a descriptive hashtag, too)

Salon Giveaway Contest Ideas

  • Referral (refer friends for a chance at a monthly prize)

  • A selfie of the month or makeover pictures (host this and ask people to post and comment about their new cut/ color change)

  • A “buy this, get that” event (bundle products together or offer an additional item with purchase)

  • Mystery sample bags (these are always exciting and get people to try new items and boost sales)

  • Website or Facebook audience “sharing” contest (share beauty tips or reviews of their experience for a chance at a gift)

  • Video contest (clients post their best beauty/ holiday/ etc. videos and tag your shop for a chance at a prize)

  • Scavenger hunt (subscribe to our blog or Facebook site, comment and search for “clues” in our posts competition)

Salon giveaway contest ideas
Salon giveaway contest ideas

How to Run a Giveaway Contest in a Salon?


Just in case you still don’t quite know where to begin, here are a few suggestions to help:

  • Remember the goal (while it’s most likely attracting new customers, it might be boosting sales, etc.)

  • Set clear terms and conditions (what has to be done to participate, get points, etc and how it’s measured)

  • Decide how to choose the winner (will it be the best result or random?)

  • Decide when the contest ends (this may align with some special date, such as a holiday)

  • Choose the right prize (make it tempting and relevant to your target audience)

  • Promote the contest (post ads online and encourage sharing, since increasing your reach is one of the goals)

  • Gather data (such as emails, statistics, etc.. The right software can help with this)

  • Select and notify the winner (publicly and preferably on social media like Instagram and Facebook)

  • Analyze your contest efficiency (did you achieve the initial goal? Was it worth it? What can you do better next time?)



Whether you want to increase your salon’s social media reach, bring in new customers or just boost sluggish products, the right giveaway contest can do wonders.

People love a surprise, and they also love feeling like they’ve won something. Associating these good feelings with your own business is a great marketing strategy that will keep people coming back again and again.

Many people who feel neutral towards a brand become excited about it when they feel like they’re participating in something, whether it’s an online competition or something in-store.

The trick is choosing the right salon giveaway ideas for you and being willing to experiment with new ones to keep things interesting. Above all else, enjoy yourself and be creative.


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