25 Salon Christmas Ideas Which Could Make Santa Happy

Well December is upon us once again, your appointment book should be pretty busy and you're looking some salon Christmas ideas for those last minute ideas to fill those gaps.

We have put together 25 salon Christmas promotion ideas for you to easily use in your salon to help drive footfall and extra profits during what should be your most profitable month.

As a salon owner or manager, you should be making your salon fun, friendly and full of cheer at Christmas time, if this is the case you will leave a great impression with them.

Make sure you invest either time or money in creating nice Christmas decorations for your salon and they do not often cost a lot to have something really cool.

Like all of our salon marketing and promotional ideas, we ensure that are easy to implement and low cost or zero cost!

Have a great December and we hope it will be full of cheer and profit for you.

  1. Free Christmas Gift Wrapping Service
  2. Salon Christmas Party
  3. Christmas Tree Lucky Dip
  4. 12 Days of Christmas
  5. Create Christmas Gift Packs
  6. Extended Christmas Opening Hours
  7. Book January & February Appointment
  8. Christmas Card Email
  9. Christmas Hair Quotes For Social Media
  10. Christmas Gift Cards And Vouchers
  11. Get Ready For New Years Eve
  12. Christmas Photo Booth
  13. Christmas Selfie Competition
  14. Charity Collection Point
  15. Free Head Massage During December
  16. 3 For 2 On Products
  17. Facebook Custom Audience for Instagram Ads
  18. Salon Window Christmas Display
  19. Christmas Facebook & Instagram Content
  20. Christmas Add On Product Bonus
  21. Free Glass of Sparkling Wine This Christmas
  22. Children's Drawing Contest
  23. Christmas Style With A Cause
  24. Give Vouchers To Local Businesses
  25. Add Festive Look To Your Website

Free Christmas Gift Wrapping Service


  salon christmas promotion ideas  

Free Christmas Gift Wrapping Service

Wrapping Christmas presents can be one of the most horrible parts of Christmas (well for us anyway)

so why not offer your clients a free wrapping service if they buy products from your salon?

Low cost, a great customer experience and could drive those extra festive retail sales for you.

Salon Christmas Party Ideas

Why not reward your loyal clients and hold have an evening off and hold a Christmas party?

This is a great way to show your appreciation, build client loyalty and allow client to bring friends with them, to drive referrals.

It doesn't have to be a costly event, make some mulled wine which is easier then you might think and get some small finger food to create that party atmosphere.

Christmas Tree Lucky Dip

  salon christmas tree ideas

Why not set up Christmas tree up in your salon with festive luggage labels and lets your clients choose a luggage label to open where you will have a prize*, we suggest that client will win a prize in some form or another.

You could have prizes ranging from 10% off your January appointment (we need to drive footfall in January), through to win a free service or product.

Maybe you have some old stock in your cupboard that you need to get rid of, or something that isn't selling well and can the space could be used for more profitable products? Include these within your prizes.

12 Days of Christmas

  salon christmas marketing ideas 12 days

Remember the famous Christmas song the 12 Days of Christmas and its lyrics?

Using this song as the basis for the promotion is a good salon Christmas marketing idea and a great way to promote simple add on services during this busy time

Needless to say for the 'For the 12 Days of Christmas' promotion, you should have a different product or service for each of the 12 Days of Christmas

But be careful...

Don't create salon promotions that you will not be able to fulfill due to too many appointments, as this will create a poor customer experience.

Create Christmas Gift Packs

Like the free Christmas wrapping, adding value to products through creating gift packs is another great Christmas marketing ideas.

Bundle some of your best selling products together and put then in a nice box etc and there you go, you have a great gift pack

Another idea is to get some travel packs sizes and sell stocking filler packs, this creates a low price point for a client to give to their work colleague or put in...as the name suggests

into someones Christmas stocking!

Extended Christmas Opening Hours

  salon christmas promotions

Often overlooked in some salons but extending opening hours* during the busy Christmas period will maximize your profits..

Ensuring that you are able to get every client possible through the door. It is also a great customer experience tool as well as you are being there for the client.

Most staff, from our experience would be happy to work the extra hours due to the increased possibility of tips and their own extra costs at Christmas time.

Book January & February Appointment

January & February is notorious in the hair and beauty salon industry for being quiet months.

Although not exactly a salon Christmas marketing idea, it is an ideal time to push clients to make appointments in January or February.

Remember: don't discount the January or February appointment bookings but offer a discount on their March visit or hold a prize draw* and enter them into a prize draw to win a their hair cut for free in March or April.

Christmas Card Email

Make sure you send all of your clients a simple Christmas card email to thank them for their custom in the past year?

May be, take a photo of all the staff in a Christmas setting (if your salon is not too cool and allows such a thing) this create a more personal experience for your client

As a nice touch and to show you care, you could also say that the money you would have spent on Christmas cards has been donated to a local charity......

Even better, why don't you post it on your Facebook and get people to suggest which charity it goes to and the one with the most votes wins.

Christmas Hair Quotes For Social Media

  salon christmas promotions

Looking to add some festive spirit to your social media this Christmas?

Then why not have a series of fun hair quotes for Facebook or Instagram? It is probably one of the easiest salon Christmas marketing ideas for you to do.

Get Your 20 FREE Christmas Hair Quotes Pack

All Canva.com ready for you to add your logo and telephone number

Here are some Christmas salon quotes we have put together for you to use to promote your salon on your social media accounts

  • Hair is for life not just for Christmas
  • I can't hear Santa over the volume of my hair
  • Great hair will show up when you do at the Christmas party
  • "I bought a Christmas tree twenty dollars. When I came home the next day my wife was wearing it her hair" - Milton Berle
  • All I want for Christmas is great hair
  • Dear Family, we are not having Christmas because I am doing my hair
  • I am a hairstylist not Santa
  • Ho, Ho, oh.... sort your hair out!
  • Keep Calm & book now for Christmas
  • We have only a few December appointment available, book now!
  • Happy Holidays to all our valued clients
  • Who has a bad hair day 365 a year? Santa off course, thats why he wears a hat!
  • Give the right present this Christmas...a new hairstyle
  • Make it a Christmas to remember, visit your hairstylist
  • Let is snow let is now..but not on my hair
  • Peace, love & great hair
  • Santa saw your Instagram photos and told me you need a new hairstyle
  • Dear Santa... Before I explain, how much do you already know from my hairstylist?
  • Don't get your hair in a tinsel
  • Believe in the magic....of your hairstylist this Christmas

Do not miss our post on Salon Client Christmas Gifts Ideas.

Christmas Gift Cards And Vouchers

  salon christmas gift card promotions-1

Make sure you maximize your gift card sales during the Christmas period.

Gift cards and gift vouchers make a perfect Christmas present and is a $127 billion industry in the US alone!

Another great piece of research has shown that 72% of clients spend 20% more then their gift card value.

Make sure you put an expiry date* for the beginning of March on your gift cards to create urgency and fill those quieter months (and also people who don't use the cards it is 100% cash in the bank).

You could also ask the person buying the gift card or voucher for the recipients email address* so you email them after Christmas to get them to use it.

Get Ready For New Years Eve

Don't forget the biggest party night of the year...

Yes, New Years Eve!

Make sure you are reminding clients to book their haircut or better still their blow out (means higher volume of customers can be dealt with) to be ready for the New Years Eve parties.

Christmas Photo Booth

  salon christmas salon photo booth

This is a great fun thing for both clients and staff, it is also fantastic for social media content.

If your space allows, why not create a photo booth with some cut out some fun Christmas images, like Santa hats and beards etc.

Christmas Selfie Competition

Get your clients to tag you in the work / office Christmas party and the one with the most votes could win the prize such as the cost of their last hair cut.

Make sure they mention your salons Instagram @username in their post, for example 'Off to our Christmas party. Hair by @yoursalon looking fantastic!"

Some important things to include in this type of competition is a closing date, the judges decision is final, this stops arguments why they didn't win.

Charity Collection Point

Although not directly a Christmas promotion but it is a great thing to raise your profile during the Christmas period

If you have room in your salon or below your Christmas tree, why not become a collection point for clients (and their friends) to bring Christmas presents for a local cause, such as a Children's hospice etc?

Not only will show you care as a business, you can turn it into a PR event when you deliver the presents to the cause which you have been collecting for.

So don't forget to email your customers and tell them the good news that you are collecting presents for a great local cause.

Free Head Massage During December

Being Christmas it is about giving something back to your clients and there is no way to let them forget about the stresses of Christmas but providing free head massages to clients during December.

Make sure you send an email out to your clients telling them of the Christmas gift.....

which costs your ZERO.

How To Do A Japanese Head Massage

3 For 2 On Products

Take a leaf out of the drugstore and supermarket book of retail and do a 3 for 2 on products, with offering the third cheapest product for free.

Make sure that your profit margin supports this promotion and you don't make a loss. So careful calculations are needed

Some product wholesalers, actually offer 3 for 2 for you to be able to do the promotion in your salon....so shop around.

Facebook Custom Audience for Instagram Ads

Not using Facebook Custom Audiences yet for your salons Instagram Account?

Well it makes it an ideal time to test it as part of your salons' Christmas marketing ideas.

Facebook Custom Audiences is a lesser known tool where you are able to upload your client records (email addresses or telephone number) to Facebook and they are then able to target people with matching data in their Instagram accounts with ads.

This makes it an ideal marketing tool to deliver cost effective Christmas promotions directly to those clients who have been to your salon before.

If you are using salon software in your salon then it should be easy to access this data for you to download.

You can even target ads to people who 'look like' your existing clients, once you upload your data.

Don't worry Facebook isn't going to steal your data, which is the thought of most salon managers or owners.

They already have far too much data!

How To Create Custom Audience on Facebook

Salon Window Christmas Display

  salon christmas window ideas

If your salon has frontage then make sure that you utilize this space to entice new clients to come in and make an appointment with you.

This is one of the reasons you got a salon with a great frontage so use it effectively!

You can create some great windows without spending too much money if you put your mind to it. You can get some great inspiration from places like Pinterest who have boards dedicated to Christmas window displays.

Christmas Facebook & Instagram Content

As well as the Christmas hair quotes we mentioned earlier, you should have a daily content advent post plan with a competitions or some other fun items during the festive countdown.

Don't forget to change your profile headers to ensure you have a Christmas theme.

Christmas Add On Product Bonus

Why not ensure all your team is productive this Christmas?

Put together an add on service for a special price, maybe something like a manicure or deep conditioner treatment to clients.

As with the 12 Days of Christmas promotion, focus on easy and fast turnover services in your salon.

Free Glass of Sparkling Wine This Christmas

Another nice little touch to include in your salon Christmas promotion ideas is to give clients a nice glass of sparkling wine (or alcohol free alternative).

or even more festive, make some mulled wine to bring on that festive cheer and to say thank you.

Your clients will feel valued and pampered.

Children's Drawing Contest

If you are a family orientated salon, you could run a Christmas painting contest for clients kids.

yWhy not create a gallery on Facebook and allow people to vote to be the winner or let the staff in the salon decide the picture they like most?

Great way of driving viral social media shares, as people will want their children to win the competition.

Christmas Style With A Cause

  salon christmas marketing

Giving to those less fortunate then yourselves is often overlooked at Christmas these days.

Why not donate a small amount of cash to charity for every hair cut during December?

Don't forget to tell the local charity, so they can promote it on their Facebook page to drive even more clients to your salon.

also arrange for a handover for the check to ensure some local PR.

Give Vouchers To Local Businesses

Don't forget those client opportunities that are right on your doorstep.

All of those other people working in your neighboring stores or if you in a central business district, all of those offices.

Drop a Christmas themed discount voucher around to all of those businesses and ensure they are aware of your salon.

Add Festive Look To Your Website

Just like your salons window, this is your online salon window and many salon managers and owners forget to merchandise it properly.

Make sure you add Christmas content to your website and make it look festive, may be even add snow across of the top of your logo for instance to make it a little more like Christmas.

Ensure if you are extending your openings hours, place special salon promotions are on the homepage of your website.

Do you have any salon Christmas marketing ideas?

What salon promotion ideas or other marketing tactics have worked for your salon? You can also check out our Christmas promotion ideas board on Pinterest.

* Please check local laws regarding lotteries, working hours, voucher expiry dates and data protection regulations.

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