How To Sell Retail Products in a Salon

Have you ever considered how to sell retail products in a salon you own? Salon retail can contribute to increasing your turnover and boosting your salon profit margins.

Offering the right selection of hair products to your clients will make the new hairstyle last longer and therefore improve your salon’s customer satisfaction.

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In this article, we are going to share with you ideas to make your salon retails sales a success.

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  1. Why Is Selling Retail a Key to Salon Business Success?
  2. How to Change Your Attitude to Selling Retail in Your Salon?
  3. Top 13 Tips How to Sell Retail in a Salon
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Why Is Selling Retail a Key to Salon Business Success?


As a salon owner, the first thing you need to focus on is providing the best service to your clients. This impacts your salon clients’ satisfaction, positive reviews and improves retention.

How about making your salon a one-stop destination for complete hair styling. Why don’t you introduce a line of retail products that will complement your services and would be easy for you to recommend to your clients?

Think about what retail products your clients love: shampoos, creams, brushes, body lotions, hair care products, conditioners, supplements, etc. Make these top-selling salon products available for purchase.

Bear in mind that the average profit margin for retail products in salons is 50% which can nicely improve your salon’s profitability.

How to Change Your Attitude to Selling Retail in Your Salon?


First things first, selling styling products requires you to have confidence. You are an expert in hairstyling and your hair product recommendations should come from your experience and knowledge.

Through hairdressing consultation, one of the key elements to maintain a good client relationship, you can make your sales efforts focused on caring about your client and fulfilling their needs.

You are more than qualified to recommend the right products in the right style and by educating your clients how to use them, make the new hairstyle last way longer. That will definitely improve your client retention and satisfaction.

Top 13 Tips How to Sell Retail in a Salon


tips how to sell retail in salon
Tips how to sell retail in salon

Check out top tips for salon retail sales ideas that will help you increase the volume are the essential tips for selling retail in the salon and spa. Check them out:

    • 1. Choose the Right Brand

      Choosing the right product brand lines to carry in hair salons might not be an easy job but this is where you need to begin.

      Before making the decision, make sure you consider your salon brand, your client needs, and expectations and what makes your salon unique. That will give you the right idea of what to go for.

      You can opt-in for a niche or a very well-known brand name, very lux and expensive products, or more affordable but still quality ones. Make sure your salon retail offer is consistent, study your price points and your client before making the final decision.

    • 2. Select Products You Believe In

      You also need to choose the range of items to sell in salon that you love and believe in, so you can make a convincing recommendation to your clients.

      Why not have a brainstorm with your stylists? As hair experts, they might provide valuable input to create your retails product offer. After all, they will be the ones making the recommendation to your clients.

    • 3. Educate Yourself and Your Staff on Salon Products

      You always need to be able to answer inquiries from clients about a product and what it does. That’s why you need to educate yourself and your staff on products up for sale.

      Start by organizing a training session with your entire staff. You can either hire a professional, register for an online course, or get free training from the brand.

    • 4. Focus on Salon Client Consultations

      When it comes to marketing your goods, client hairdressing consultation is key. You should have an open, friendly conversation about how to use, when to use and when not to use hair products (for example shampoo, hair conditioner).

      Ask questions like:

      • Tell us what you love and hate about your hair?
      • Any typical challenge you want to address?
      • When will you book another appointment?
      • What’s your hair styling routine?
      • What look do you want to try?

      These questions will help you to understand your clients’ needs, make better recommendations to fit their lifestyle goals, and retail salon sales ideas.

      If the client does not like the product, do not push the purchase, listen to their feedback. It will make your consultation more effective and allow you to offer a product that will suit their needs better.

    • 5. Use The Products And Talk About It

      You can make an easy sale by using the hair product first and offering candid suggestions afterward to your clients. They will see the result and will be more inclined to purchase the product.

    • 6. Sell The Products Your Clients Need

      The best way to make great sales is by retailing what your clients are looking for. If you offer products they don’t need, they won’t buy them.

      You can achieve this by analyzing their hair goals and through consultation making the appropriate suggestions from your store.

    • 7. Sales Through Service

      Selling retail in salon maybe an easy job for you if you introduce the product while styling your client’s hair - in a professional manner. Instead of throwing each product in their faces, introduce them casually and subtly, offering better customer experience.

    • 8. Incentivize Your Staff with Retail Sales Commission

      As a salon owner encourage your stylists with a sales commission on every item sold in your salon. Offer a percentage-based contract to motivate their efforts to push sales. You can also explain and mentor your stylists on how to discuss these products with clients - notifying the ones that gave them the best results.

      This is bound to boost your profit on retail sales and bring more money to your salon.

    • 9. Engage Salon Receptionists

      Salon owners also need to educate their receptionists and front desk officers on the importance of retail sales. Pass the product used in styling a client’s hair and have your receptionist ask the client if they’re interested in purchasing them. This is one of easy yet very successful salon retail ideas.

    • 10. Organize Inviting Salon Retail Display

      The location and position of your retail display also factor into your retail sales success at the end of the day. You need your clients to see your retail items from a vantage point.

      To pull this off, you need to create a unique space in your store to showcase your products. Make the display area both inviting and accessible to interested buyers. You can even change the lighting of the display to exude glam and class.

      Also, display the right information accordingly about salon products. You don’t want to keep shampoo in a section containing conditioners. You can also implement changing displays and presentation by line. Present your items in a way that suggests the complementary advantage of using a set of products.

    • 11. Retail Sales Training

      Selling retail in a salon requires you to have experience. You must be well-grounded in marketing your items, whether you’re doing so virtually or not.

      So, invest in training both online and offline, listen to podcasts about top marketing trends, and register for professional courses. These training sessions will give you a well-rounded experience on how to make the best retail sales.

    • 12. Creative Product Promotions

      Get your clients interested in your retails by offering product promotions. Offer some percentage discounts on various products. Be creative about your items to sell in the salon.

      “Buy 5 and get one free!”

      “Buy 3 and get free hairstyling service!”

      “Get 20% off on these amazing products!”

      You can also display this on your website and encourage people into buying from your online store.

    • 13. Use Salon Software

      And let’s not forget the benefits of salon management software. Good salon software will keep track of your clients’ purchases and will remind you at the checkout process to resell previously bought salon retail. It could even monitor when your clients should run out of a product and recommend the resell. While implementing the aforementioned tips, you can monitor your sales at checkout with salon software.

      Salon software can also boost your salon retail sales during the online booking process. And recommend products related to the services while your client make their online appointment.

      Salon software will flag you when you’re running low on any of your salon retail products. You can even streamline and automize your salon ordering process.

      The analytics from salon software will aid you in determining your salon retail margins and sales performance. It will help you evaluate your business choices.



Benefits of selling retail in a salon are enormous if you venture into it. All you need to do is invest in training, motivate your staff with a sales commission, and sell products you believe in. You should also showcase your retail items in any enticing manner to a prospective buyer.

Ensure you engage in creative promotions to market each item and use salon software to track your sales.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.



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