Benefits of Selling Products in a Salon

It is not out of place to benefit from selling products in your salon. What is shocking, though, is that many salons don't do this enough or don't even do it at all. However, there are numerous benefits you can garner if you choose to sell products in your salon.

Now here is the thing...

The fact that lots of salons are not taking advantage of selling products in their salon might be because they are not aware of their potential. The benefits of selling products in a salon are in two ways — the client benefits from retail sales.

A salon business also grows from product sales, making it a win-win situation for both client and business.

It is therefore imperative that every salon business know the benefits of retail sales from within the salon.

So, if you want to know the benefits of selling products in a salon then let's get down to business.

What You Will Learn In This Article?

In this article you will learn benefits of selling products in your salon.

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  1. Drive customer loyalty
  2. Improve Revenue Per Client
  3. Final Take

Drive customer loyalty


To begin with, selling products in your salon has the potential to increase customer loyalty and client retention.

How do we know this?

For instance, if you tell a client while working on their hair, you noticed that the hair is less full than it used to be. Then you go ahead during the appointment and recommend a conditioner that will make her hair fuller.

You also have another opportunity to add value to the customer experience; during the checkout process with the client, you can then suggest to them using your expert product knowledge that this product will work well for her.

The chances of that customer returning to your salon again just went up by 30%.

Why you may ask is this the case? This is because you showed that you really care about your client and their hair.

Remember people trust individuals that care.

The client will also feel free to consult you on hair care issues, professional products, and the beauty industry as the trust continues to grow.

Sounds good? But that's not all. The client automatically becomes your advertiser seeing that you've helped her with a nagging hair challenge.

Improve Revenue Per Client


Selling hair care products in your salon helps generate more revenue for every client that visits your salon.

Salon owners have mostly considered themselves as hair maintenance service providers and nothing more. This has limited salons' capacity to generate more revenue and increase their per client revenue.

For example, there is a fixed cost for hairstyling for every client, but being able to sell shampoo or conditioner or any other hair care product to every client that comes to fix their hair can increase revenue for your salon.

It gets even better if you can sell two or even three products to every client. There is no pressure there. You are just taking your shots, knowing that you miss 100% of every shot you fail to take…

But, don’t become too pushy as you will have the opposite effect on your clients and drive them away.

Be a consultant and not a salesperson (commonly called sales through service). Ensure clients' hairstyling and beauty treatments last longer. One last benefit of selling products in a salon is the lasting treatment for the clients' hair. Maintaining the style and the beauty of your hair if you're not a hairstylist can be difficult for most people. You'll find that many people lose hairstyle almost immediately when they leave your salon.

But here's the deal.

What if you sold them hair care products that help them to maintain their hairstyle and texture easily? What you get is a happy customer who would always choose your salon over another salon.

What's more?

You get to make more money with less talking as the probability for repeat sales to the same client, and referral purchases are high.

Final Take


Selling products in your salon, as you've seen, can make a huge difference in the overall bottom line of your salon business. Its ability to drive customer loyalty is perhaps one of its biggest advantages.

A loyal customer will do more for your business in terms of advertising your business to other people who will, in turn, become your clients.

Your revenue per client will also increase as your client base grows.

This will prove effective for keeping your salon business healthy in both the short-term and long-term. You will also keep your clients looking good for longer periods before they return to your salon for another hair treatment session.

Why not get started today and discover how beneficial it is to sell the product in your salon.

Have you got any tips or suggestions on how you increase your retail sales? Leave them in the comments below.

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