Salon Retail Ideas: 7 Ideas That Could Boost Your Profits

When it comes to operating a successful hair salon, sales aren't just limited to the services that you offer as a decent amount of extra income can be generated by selling hair products.

What You Will Learn

In this article we have provided some simple salon retail ideas, tips, and tricks that will help you to significantly increase the amount of products that you sell.

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  1. Partner With the Right Salon Brands
  2. Choose the Right Salon Products
  3. Ensure Retail Has Focus in Your Salon
  4. Staff Improvement and Education: How to Sell Hair Products
  5. Marketing Your Retail Products
  6. Hair & Beauty Salon Retail Ideas
  7. Provide a Great Retail Experience
  8. Conclusion

Partner With the Right Salon Brands


The first step to successfully boosting your sales is to ensure that you partner with all the right retail brands, and that you have the right support in place. It doesn't matter how good your marketing or retail displays are, if you don't have the right team behind you, you will be losing out.

This is particularly important for all of your technical equipment; you should have connections, a strong support team on hand, and ensure that your staff know exactly who to call in the event of an emergency should any of your point of sale displays or computers break down.

Choose the Right Salon Products


Next up is making sure that you choose the perfect products for your salon. It’s a wise idea to start with a core collection of hair products that are generally best-sellers in salons.

Top products to sell in a hair salon include a conditioner, a shampoo, a hair treatment, and several styling products.

It’s also a good idea to select one or two brands and to solely choose products from those lines. This will give more of a professional appearance to your salon, and it will also make it easier to upsell products by the same brand.

Talk to your customers and ask them what they look for when they purchase hair products. By better understanding your customer, and choosing your products to sell in a beauty salon, you will be more likely to choose and stock products that they are likely to purchase.

Once you have tested out some of the core retail hair products, you may which to extend your salon retail ideas and increase the range of products that you sell in your hair salon. You can try offering some salon retail ideas such as brushes, styling tools and smoothing creams.

Ensure Retail Has Focus in Your Salon


It can be hard to keep staff motivated when it comes to selling your retail products, so you may want to incorporate some special targets, rewards, and salon retail contest ideas.

This can include a bonus for the staff member who sells the most products over a set time period. You can also include fun things like special spa days or event packages to people who do particularly well at selling in the salon.

Staff Improvement and Education: How to Sell Hair Products


Staff education is vital if you want to improve the amount of salon retail products that you sell.

Customer service is everything, and the right training can really help to transform your salon and up your sales.

There are a range of evening or weekend workshops available which are designed specifically to help your staff to improve their sales techniques without being overbearing. You may also want to hold regular meetings to give them feedback on how they are doing sales-wise and make some simple suggestions as to the areas that they can improve. When your staff feel confident enough to sell properly without feeling pushy, you will be sure to notice your sales skyrocket.

Education of any sort is also a wise investment, although it will cost you in the short-term it will be sure to be worth it in the long run.

Marketing Your Retail Products


Marketing your products is not just limited to selling them on the salon floor.

In fact, with the right systems in place, most of your sales will be done online, You can use your social media platforms to post information on special offers and products sales to get people interested about the different products that you offer.

You can also use special salon software to help keep track of appointments, and even market your products when you send out reminders to your customers.

Having a weekly or monthly newsletter for all of your customers on your email list is also a great idea. You can use this list to provide your customers with hair tips and tricks, photographs of the latest hair trends , as well as special offers only available to newsletter subscribers.

Other ideas include giving out discount coupons to all customers, as well as offering special hair packages which include styling and mini or full-size products which the customer can take home.

No matter how small or big your salon is, you should have software which enables you to take bookings over the phone and note them on the computer, and to allow customers to make online bookings. This will help to streamline the booking process and make sure that there are no mistakes - something which frequently happens in salons that just use the oldskool pen and paper method of taking bookings. You can also list your products for sale on your website, so that customers can make a purchase when they are browsing your salon service online or making a booking.

Hair & Beauty Salon Retail Ideas


A beautifully designed salon retail display and salon retail shelves will make all of the difference to the amount of products that you are selling in your salon.

You can take a look at pictures of some of the top salons in the world and make notes about the way that they display their products. You can even make a mood board on Pinterest to get an idea of the type of shelving and hair salon retail displays that you want and note down your salon merchandising ideas.

There is a whole science behind merchandising correctly, and there are plenty of books on the subject if you want to improve your knowledge and get some new salon retail ideas.

Other salon retail display ideas are to have several products in view of the customer, so that they will notice them when they are getting their hair done.

You should also clearly tell your customer what products you are using on their hair so that they can purchase them and take them home to recreate the look.

The height that you place the products is also very important. You want the customer to be aware of them, but your don't want it to interrupt the overall flow and design of the salon floor.

All products should also be neatly stored so that they don't get in the way when your hairdressers are working.

Provide a Great Retail Experience


Selling more retail products is not just about displaying them correctly or marketing them properly, you also want to ensure that your customer has an exceptional retail experience when they are in your salon.

Always go above and beyond to make the customer feel really special.

Try and think of some salon retail ideas that will make things extra special. You can try and incorporate some nice touches, such as some paper salon retail bags which have your salon logo printed on them.

You can offer to wrap products that are gifts, or package very expensive products into gift boxes.

You should also ensure that you staff are highly knowledgeable about the different products, what they do, and how the customer should use them. You can offer to give a demonstration if the customer would like one.



All of these small things will make a big difference to your customer’s impression of your salon, and it will also make them more likely to make another purchase from you in the future.

Incorporate several of the above ideas into your salon and you will be sure to notice an improvement in your retail sales within the salon. Not only this, but your customer service satisfaction rates are also likely to skyrocket, making it a winning situation for all. Good luck.

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