25 Salon Staff Meeting Ideas and Agenda Topics in 2023

Every salon owner needs to have smart, relevant salon staff meeting ideas. This will allow you to make the most of feedback review sessions, brainstorms, and meetings with your team members. And it can lead to great benefits for your business in both the short and long term, too.

Without good structure and subjects to focus on, team meetings can go badly, without any direction or purpose. But with the right inspiration and structure, a staff meeting can become a powerful tool for team-building, business growth, and overall success, as well.

But how do you build the best hair salon staff meeting agenda and how do you conduct a salon meeting? What are some of the top salon staff meeting topics, too? This guide will aim to answer all of these questions and more, covering everything you need to know about hair salon team meeting ideas.

What You Will Learn

This guide will look at how to run a good staff meeting. We’ll look at some topics and interests to help you prepare, as well as covering some tips to conduct meetings correctly to hit your salon goals & objectives.

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  1. Purpose of Staff Meetings
  2. How Do You Conduct a Salon Team Meeting?
  3. 15 Salon Staff Meeting Agenda Topics
  4. 10 Salon Staff Meeting Ideas
  5. Salon Meeting Agenda Template
  6. Conclusion

Purpose of Staff Meetings


Before we look at salon meeting topics and ways of “how do I start a salon meeting?” let’s first focus on some of the main aims and benefits of hosting them in the first place.

  • Staff meetings can help raise salon performance and boost productivity by motivating and inspiring your employees. Also, see our post on salon staff motivation ideas.

  • Salon owners can use staff meetings to talk to each team member on your staff and raise their motivation levels.

  • Team meetings can help with solving problems or addressing issues that may be raised among the team.

  • Communication can be greatly improved, too, as everyone is able to sit down in a positive environment and get involved in the process.

  • A lot of time can be saved through effective team meetings, as they help everyone, from salon owners to the stylist team, focus and get on the same page.

How Do You Conduct a Salon Team Meeting?


So how do you prepare in advance, bring everyone together, get the team focused, and carry out meetings from start to finish in all the right ways? Here are some tips to help you cover all the bases for your weekly or monthly review sessions.

  • Set a clear time and date for each meeting and make sure every member of the group knows about it.

  • Establish some rules, with dos and don’ts in the salon employee handbook so every person present feels comfortable in the room.

  • Create an agenda and make sure it is relevant and engaged with the topic at hand; retain focus and avoid straying off the subject.

  • Ask every team member to be prepared for the meeting. Send out emails or messages to the inbox of every person so they’re all ready and accept the agenda outline.

  • How to start? Set the tone! Kick off with something relaxed and upbeat to get your hair styling team in the right mindset and encourage them to get involved. You could even begin with a simple activity or game to play to give staff a little fun and boost engagement right from the start.

  • Avoid getting sidetracked at all costs. So, if your Friday team reviews each week are about client comments and feedback, for example, stay on that topic.

  • Focus on creating continuity by remembering the events of the previous company review and bringing them up in future sessions.

  • Keep it simple and avoid overcomplicating things by trying to talk about too many things, like hiring, marketing media, clients, services, and so on all at once. Have a clear purpose and stick with it.

  • Try to delegate as much as possible, giving educator and manager roles to leading members of the team and helping all team members feel like they’re free to talk and be a part of the meetings.

  • Encourage feedback and help your entire salon staff feel free to get involved, share their views, and engage in communication with one another, rather than sitting silently.

  • Speaking of feedback, it’s important to provide it in the right setting; reward and praise team members during weekly public meetings to create a positive vibe, but keep criticisms for a private, one-to-one session to avoid humiliating people or harming group morale.

  • Each week, end your staff meetings on a positive note. This is a key tip for any successful business, as it helps to establish a positive culture and can raise performance levels immediately after each session.

  • Add some fun salon team-building activities to your meetings. Hair salon team building activities and salon team building games can bond the team and promote teamwork.

15 Salon Staff Meeting Agenda Topics


Salon staff meeting agenda topics
Salon staff meeting agenda topics

Next, let’s take a look at some potential topics you can consider for your upcoming meetings to make each one successful and help you truly experience the benefits of teamwork in a salon:

  1. Brainstormings of relevant hairstyling industry topics and ways to boost the business.

  2. Addressing recent salons problems and issues.

  3. Plans and news related to the beauty industry, your company, and your day-to-day operations.

  4. Client feedback, looking at positive areas and any criticisms or negative feedback.

  5. Salon business performance report analysis and evaluation of the previous week or month.

  6. Salon SWOT analysis.

  7. Setting fresh goals and targets for the manager and team members.

  8. Education, such as organizing training, carrying out training, support for education, etc.

  9. Teambuilding, including hair stylist salon games and activities in the meeting and future events.

  10. Motivation, looking at programs and morale, in general, to help your staff have a winning mentality and the right frame of mind.

  11. Revenue, covering present revenue news and possibilities to raise additional revenue e.g. how to sell retails products in a salon?

  12. Salon client retention focused on ways to raise it and get more loyal customers on board.

  13. Ways to improve salon customer experience.

  14. Teamwork, shedding light on strategies to make your teamwork better together.

  15. Scheduling, discussing flexible hours for those with other life commitments.

10 Salon Staff Meeting Ideas


Salon staff meeting ideas
Salon staff meeting ideas

Next, let’s look at some additional methods and inspirations to help make all of your future team meetings and business get-togethers more effective and efficient:

  1. Rotate the role of meeting facilitator, giving different people a chance to organize and lead business meetings.

  2. Celebrate accomplishments, both joint and personal, to make salons meetings something to look forward to for hard-working team members.

  3. Organize fun games to play in advance or even a salon contest for employees. This can be a great source of motivation, as well as helping everyone relax.

  4. Establish a team ritual to help everyone feel like a part of something special and build bonds between the whole team.

  5. Invite a guest speaker to support your meetings, giving the team something different to look forward to and a chance for some extra business knowledge and education, too.

  6. Send out emails to the inbox of meeting attendees, asking them for any points they’d like to bring up or address at the next session. This can help everyone feel more involved in the process, as well as making them feel valued and heard by owners and managers.

  7. Carry out business role-play scenarios to give the team a risk-free chance to see how they’d deal with certain situations, like unhappy clients.

  8. Try a "sell session" where client-facing staff members have to try and sell something to the assembled audience and make sure everyone offers support and positive responses.

  9. Carry out an anonymous feedback session where your salon employees can fill a box with things they like and possible areas of improvement in the business.

  10. Interview some of your clients and note down their answers. Then, in a meeting, see if your staff can guess what the customers said about the business and discuss their responses together.

Salon Meeting Agenda Template


Maybe you’re planning your first get-together at your new salon, or maybe you just need a little inspiration and a helping hand to get started with the planning process. Our agenda template can help. You can use this as a foundation when planning your next feedback session or review; simply fill in the slots with relevant subjects for your business.



It’s clear to see that meetings really matter in the salon world. They’re the ideal time and place to address issues, build bonds, forge a stronger and more efficient team, and find new ways to grow your business over time. So you really need to make each and every one of them count.

This list of salon staff meeting ideas should help you get off to the best possible start. You can use these tips, methods, and pieces of advice to make every meeting the best it can be and fill every agenda with relevant, effective points, rather than allowing your meetings to devolve into a waste of time and energy.


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