Salon Client Retention Strategies That Will Grow Your Business

Salon client retention strategies all come down to offering services that make customers keep coming back for more and ensuring that return customers keep coming. A hair salon requires employees who relate well with clients because one bad one can send all your customers away.

Most hair salon owners do not track their customer retention and therefore put no effort at retaining customers. No wonder you will find most salons unoccupied.

And guess what?

Other customers will not walk into an empty salon for fear that the services are inadequate. Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to retain customers? Then, wonder no more because here is a guide on customer retention strategies for your salon. However, we need to first understand the importance of client retention for your business.

What You Will Learn

In this article we will explain the importance of client retention, explain how to measure it and give you simple and easy to use ideas to help retain more clients in your salon.

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Benefits of Client Retention


Benefits of client retention
Benefits of Client Retention

Better Marketing

It is easier to market your services through your already existing customers. For instance, a woman who walks out of your salon with beautifully manicured nails can post on their social media platform mentioning your business. Guess what will happen next? More new clients will come flowing into your salon. Furthermore, potential customers are likely to believe the word of a fellow customer than yours. You could even take advantage of your retained clients by advertising your work on social media platforms. Your customers will then vouch for you and even share your page. Making it good for your business.


Good service sells fast and wide. Offer your customers good care and even include incentives such as a glass of wine or discounts. In return, they will spread the word about your hair salon to friends and relatives. To entice them into bringing more customers, you could include a certain discount for every referral.


All hair salon owners can attest to the fact that their businesses have given them some of their best friends even outside the salon services. As you offer your services, relationships are likely to bloom. Notably, it is easier to interact with a loyal customer than with a first time client. All the same, there are still some old customers who prefer being quiet.

Assured Income

When you have loyal customers, you are sure of a certain amount of income each month as opposed to when you have few or no return clients. As such, you should strive to keep them coming back. Furthermore, it is easier to retain that one customer than acquiring a new one.

More Money

Customers that trust your services will be more open to trying out new services than new customers. A loyal customer can, therefore, spend more money on each visit and different services.

This translates to better business and more profits for you.

Hair Salon Client Retention Strategies


Hair salon client retention strategies
Hair Salon Client Retention Strategies

Here are some of the most effective client retention strategies for salons:

Hygiene And Comfort

Have you ever walked into a salon that was cluttered and the towels were stained. Then to make matters worse, you are wrapped with a wet cloth that has all sorts of smells?

It is annoying, right?

Am sure no one would want to go back to such a salon?

So, think of these top hygiene and comfort factors:

  • Always ensure maximum hygiene within your premises
  • Offer your clients current magazines to read as they wait in line or as they enjoy your services
  • Your chairs or couches should be comfortable because no one wants to walk out of a salon with a backache

Identify What Your Customers Want

More often than not, your customer will come for consultation before deciding on a style. Be keen to make sure you understand all the specifications.

Most importantly, learn your customers’ sense of style. You can also give your suggestion on a style you think would look good on them.

By so doing, your client will feel valued, and you can be sure they will keep coming to your salon.

First Impression

It is possible to convert a random customer into a loyal one. However, clients want services to either remain the same or to get even better.

If clients sense a slight change in the way a service is offered a second time, they will for sure runaway. Therefore, you should come up with a system that outlines the policies and guidelines that every employee should follow. Hence, services will be offered in a certain way all the time.

Ask for Pre-booking

You may think it is nagging to ask clients when they would want to have their next appointment.

On the contrary, a customer will feel that you want them looking neat all the time. Also, it could be that your customer is available at only a certain time like during the evening.

You making a point of allowing them to come during that time will make them loyal because you are considerate.

Give Recommendations to Give Variety

Most customers rely on your guidance about the products they use. Ensure that you offer suggestions regarding a good shampoo or conditioner. Encourage them to them carry home.

It is not just about making profits, but a customer will feel that you care about their hair. What will happen is that you will slowly convert them into return clients.

Give Rewards

Identify those customers who have been beneficial to your business. Once in a while give them gift hampers say during festive seasons.

Better still, know their special days such as birthdays and send them a birthday wish. You could even invite them over at the salon for a massage or free facial.

Retail Sales

Retail sales client retention studies salons have shown that retail sales can help in client retention. Allowing your customers to buy products and asking them for reviews regarding the products can help improve your customer return rate because it makes them feel as though they are part of the business.

Ask for Feedback

Do not shy away from asking your customers for feedback about a product you tried on them. Most importantly that follow up call to ask for feedback makes them feel appreciated. Be it a simple wig, facial product or nail polish; make a courtesy call to know how the customer likes it.

How to Measure Salon Client Retention


Salon client retention is a metric that any salon owner should not take lightly. You have to put in place a system that measures your salon client retention. The system should then enable you to determine whether you are reaching your target or not. If not, then you have to re-visit your strategies. Some of the things you should track include:

  • Rate of occupancy within the salon at any one time
  • Rate of re-booking by clients
  • Number of consultations
  • Pre-book rates

You should write down these numbers and analyse them to determine how well you can retain customers. Most importantly, make sure to involve your team of employees when you are setting up customer retention goals.

Also, make a point of sharing the analysed data with the team so that you can decide on a way forward.

One tip that would greatly motivate the employees into retaining your customers is by offering them bonuses when they achieve their targets. You could decide on sharing the salon client retention average with the team say weekly, quarter-annually or annually.

However, it is best to do it weekly for better tracking of results.



Hair salon client retention is an essential factor for all owners to consider for better business and profits. Customer retention helps you get referrals, earn more income, market your business, and make friends with the customers.

Some of the salon client retention strategies include: asking for feedback, giving incentives, maintaining hygiene and comfort, selling retail products, know your customers’ preferences, and most importantly always make an excellent first impression and be consistent with the services.

Also, ensure you measure your customer retention and share the results with your employees for better coordination.


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