How To Write Salon Questionnaire for Clients In 2023

When a client steps into your salon you need to get the right information from them via a salon questionnaire for clients and thus they immediately start rating your service.

From how you greet them, even when you are busy how you acknowledge their presence, direct them to a waiting area and your tone in general. You may think that you are courteous to your customers, but some of them may not be happy with how you conduct your services. There may also be areas that they think you are doing exceptionally well and others they think you need to improve making a client questionnaire for hair salon important. Communication is essential if you seek to create a rapport with your clients and to ensure they keep coming back.

From long queues to uninteresting books to read, and a very user friendly salon appointment software, clients may find themselves dreading a visit to your shop because of some of these issues, so a new client questionnaire hair salon is necessary after every few months.

A client may seem happy with your service, but once they leave, they never step into your salon again. A salon questionnaire for clients is a great way to find out the thoughts of your clientele.

It also makes them feel that their input matters to you making them feel appreciated. When creating one, focus on the areas that you need input on and not the ones you can see for yourself. Having numerous questions may make a client feel uncomfortable since it takes a long time.

What You Will Learn in This Article

In this article you will find ideas what to include in a salon questionnaire for clients.

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  2. Salon Survey Question Examples
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How to Come Up With A Questionnaire


A salon questionnaire for clients is an effective marketing ploy if done correctly.

It is an easy and budget-friendly way to find out the thoughts of your clients, get their feedback and realize areas you need to improve on. As such it is only right for you to come up with a client questionnaire for hair salon that only addresses the critical issues.

You may be thinking of introducing new services or using some salon special ideas for holyday, refurbishing your salon or employing new personnel, asking your customers for their input makes them feel like they are part of your business. Also finding out how they think about your customer service and their whole experience, in general, may save you from losing any clients in the future.

So you need to come up with a salon client survey form that addresses both your clients’ issues and your own.

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Salon Survey Question Examples


Below are some salon survey examples containing some of the questions you can ask your customers:

  1. Are they allergic to any chemicals or substance material?
  2. Their normal hair maintenance program
  3. What part of your service they did not enjoy
  4. Which areas do they think need improvement?
  5. How they felt about the stylist who served them
  6. Have they enjoyed their new hairstyle?
  7. Did they enjoy your services in general?
  8. Would they recommend your salon to anyone?
  9. What products and services would they like you to add?
  10. How they heard about your salon

You can create a salon client survey form and ask each client to fill them once they get done with their hair appointment.

Importance of a Client Questionnaire


A visit to the hair salon should be a thing each client looks forward to like it a time where they have a chance to work on their look.

As it is a service that takes some time to complete, you should ensure that they leave your establishment completely satisfied. A client survey form is one way for you to find out if they enjoyed their experience. There are numerous salon survey examples on the web, so it is up to you to choose the format you want.

You can always have a new client questionnaire hair salon after every few months to find out how your loyal clients are feeling and to get insight into your new customers.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Belliata community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.




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