Easter Salon Specials | 9 Eggtastic Ideas For Your Salon

Easter holidays are around the corner, and it’s about time you start hyping your salon with some salon Easter specials for your current and potentials customers.

Briefly, to create a constant buzz of your salon daily, you need to be on trend and join social media. Ensure your online profile, and portfolio is as attractive as it possibly can be. Share images and videos of your easter hair specials to prove expertise.

Say you’ve been active on social media, here are 9 ideas for your Easter salon promotions.

What You Will Learn

You will learn in this article some ideas for your salon.

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  1. Offers and Discounts
  2. Run A Competition
  3. Do Giveaways
  4. Collaborate with A Reputable Brand
  5. Advertise with On-Point Copy
  6. Run Hair Discussions
  7. Send Email Newsletters
  8. WhatsApp Broadcasting
  9. Work With an Influencer
  10. Conclusion

Offers and Discounts


During any holiday season, the potential for making great sales is in the air. One of your offers can include a 30% discount for any customer who makes an Easter hair appointment.

With this, many prospects will book an appointment before the specified date to get the discount. You can also offer a two-for-one special for any client who brings a friend. Be careful not to make losses while giving discounts and offers.

Calculate your budget carefully. The trick for most offers and discounts is to either get the products used on wholesale or reduce a bit of your profit.

Run A Competition


Salon Easter specials can include a competition whereby customers come to your salon, get their hair done and post their photos on your Facebook wall or their Instagram feeds and mention your salon. The photo with the most likes gets a gift….

The gift can either be an Easter basket full of presents, a ticket to another city or vacation. You can also keep it simple and affordable and give the winner a free hair makeover on their next visit.

Do Giveaways


Give each hair client who pays for your hair services a decent giveaway after serving them. Giveaways can include hair oils, hair sprays, nail polish, weaves and braids, hair treatments and shampoo sets. Disclaimer; as you give them tokens of appreciation, ensure these products are of quality. Do not give products that can harm their hair, face or body as a gift.

Collaborate with A Reputable Brand


Get on top of your game and partner with a hair brand for your Easter hair specials. The two main reasons why brands feature other brands include;

  • To be involved with high-profile reputable products
  • To attract followers of that brand

Of course, there is the part where you save money on giveaways and competitions since this brand will cater to all that. Collaborate with a brand that is almost everyone’s favourite and tap into their fan base.


Spend on social media promotions and watch the difference it makes to your business. When it comes to advertising, think about using ad banners, flyers, videos and other graphical materials like infographics.

You can also use text and provide links to your online platforms. Be creative, colourful and straightforward with the graphics. When a writing copy, be funky and fun and use an eye-catchy copy such as; Eggxactly What Your Hair Needs This Easter.

Run Hair Discussions


Nothing gets your salon name out there like a pre-Easter hair discussion on Facebook or Twitter. You can start a discussion with a terrible hairdo photo and ask people to join in with their worst hair day stories.

From there, you can advise them on the best and simple way to manage their hair this Easter. Offer them a hair make-over for the holiday. When joining a community discussion, remember you are promoting your business. Hence you have to be polite and deliver legit hair advice.

Show the community that you are conversant with your industry on an expert level.

Send Email Newsletters


Most salons look away from email lists, but you’ll be surprised to find that this is the one tactic that saves you when it comes to re-advertising.

Once you serve a client, have them fill a brief questionnaire about your service. Have an email section where they can fill in their email addresses. Create an Easter email newsletter and inform them of your hair salon holiday promotions.

WhatsApp Broadcasting


To enhance the experience of a customer during a hairdo, you have to engage the customer. This way, you do not only get to know your client but also get to create a relationship with them.

With this, saving your number as they save yours in their phonebook becomes entirely appropriate. Therefore, during Easter, you can create a WhatsApp broadcast, and send them your easter hair salon specials straight to their inbox.

Work With an Influencer


What better way to gain popularity than using an influencer? Take one of the influencers on Instagram and give them the best free hairdo they’ve ever had.

After this, have them post photos of the hairdo on their feed and mention your salon a couple of times. Their thousands or millions of followers will head to your feed to find out more about your salon.



As you plan for the hair salon easter promotions, ensure to keep in mind the goals of these promotions. Spend on what you can, but do not do it unless it’s necessary.

Aim at getting more followers and engagement to your social media pages and more sales that recover your marketing investment…..

Also, ensure your salon Easter promotion is delivered with quality.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.

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