Salon Marketing For Mother's Day |11 Steps to Success

A trip to a salon or spa makes a fantastic Mother's Day treat for mothers around the world and it's a great experience to feel cared for and pampered.

Many smart salon and spa owners or managers are aware of the opportunity and create special Mother's Day packages for this special occasion, as part of their salon or spa marketing strategy.

We guess that as your reading this blog post, you want to create some ideas and need inspiration on creating some salon or spa Mother's Day packages as well?

How do you make sure that your Mother's Day salon promotions attract as many clients as possible without discounting?

These salon marketing ideas for Mother's Day are here to assist you on your route to success and could help protect your profit margin.

Follow our top tips for easy to implement salon marketing ideas for Mother's Day.

What You Will Learn In This Article

In this article you will get ideas for successful salon marketing for Mother's Day.

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  1. How Important Is Mother's Day To Salons & Spas?
  2. What to Consider When Creating a Mother's Day Salon Packages
  3. Hair Salon Mother's Day Ideas Should Create A Memorable Experience
  4. Make the Occasion Feel Different From Any Other With a Set of Lovely New Names
  5. Use Digital Channels To Market To Existing Clients
  6. Promoting Mother's Day Packages On Facebook
  7. Spruce Up Your Window and In-Salon Displays
  8. Manage Your Bookings Carefully
  9. Consider Packages To Be Used After Mother's Day
  10. Decide What To Do With Your Regular Clients
  11. Create A Loyal Client
  12. Mother's Day Salon Ideas For Your Salon
  13. Now You are Ready to Make Mother's Day Amazing At Your Salon

How Important Is Mother's Day To Salons & Spas?


According to National Retail Federation, US consumers are expected to $23.6 billion on Mother's Day and 84%s stating that they celebrate Mother's Day.

Whilst in the UK, there was £510 million spent on Mother's Day in a recent Mintel report.

Let's see some of the average spendings around the world on Mother's Day...

  • USA - $186
  • UK - £41.00 ($52)
  • Australia - A$61 ($45)
  • Germany - €29 ($32)
  • France - $52
  • Brazil - R$541 ($171)

Wouldn't you like some of that revenue coming into your salon or spa this Mother's Day?

When Is Mother's Day Where You Are

In most countries Mother's Day is celebrated in May on the second Sunday, countries such the USA, South Africa Canada, most European countries, Australia, India, New Zealand and the Philippines.

There are two exceptions, which is the UK and Ireland, both celebrate Mother's Day on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Many Arab countries celebrate Mother's Day on March 21st.

Most Eastern European countries celebrate Mother's Day on the 8th of March. See Wikipedia for a complete list of the dates of Mother's Day around the world.

What to Consider When Creating a Mother's Day Salon Packages


There are a number of considerations when to think about when designing your packages or deals for Mother's Day.

Are you going to use it as a client acquisition tool to generate long term business?

If you are using Mother's Day package is a client acquisition tool you could offer something as an added bonus, for instance; get your hair cut and receive a complimentary nail manicure or something similar.

Will your package be complimentary to another Mother's Day gift?

If you create a pre-dinner or pre-theatre type package, make sure to factor in the cost of a theatre trip or meal and deduct this from the $186 total (or whatever the average spend is in your country) and ensure your price point considers average spend.

Will your packages be created for mother and daughter for example?

If you packages are including mother and child, then you need to make sure you have the resource to be able to provide the services at the same time. It won't be a great experience if one is waiting around for the other.

You will also need to include services that are of interest for both mother and daughter or even mother and son.

Hair Salon Mother's Day Ideas Should Create A Memorable Experience


Create emotional value with your Mothers Day hair salon specials by emphasizing that a trip to your salon will be a great experience for both the mother and the child purchasing the package or gift.

Mothers Day salon posters, email marketing, and social media marketing should highlight factors such as the ability to bond over a beauty treatment, or the importance of looking good for that special meal later in the day and they will be looked after, like a queen.

Hair Salon Mother's Day Ideas Should Create A Memorable Experience


Allocating more time for Mother's Day packages than you do for regular hair and beauty treatments is also a smart idea. On other days of the year, clients might enter your salon when they are pressed for time, needing a quick cut and blow dry after work for example.

For Mother's Day packages, however, the VIP client is prepared to spend more time relaxing and being pampered.

Spending time with your clients, and lingering over their beauty experience is all part of making the occasions special. Consider offering packages that last for an hour or two - or perhaps even a whole afternoon, with chocolates (partner with a local supplier) and maybe a glass of Prosecco...all complimentary.

Make the Occasion Feel Different From Any Other With a Set of Lovely New Names


Don't let your customers feel that they are just going to get the same salon packages and options that they can on any other day of the year.

Why would they want to do that?

Mother's Day is a special day of the year and they want to feel like their mother will enjoy a salon treatment that is not available on other days.

So rebrand.

Give treatments new names, and create new packages with names that relate to Mother's Day.

Think of relevant names for your Mothers Day salon and spa specials like 'the mother and daughter deluxe' or 'mom's pampering hour'. If you have a talent for puns, wordplay, and alluring brand names, now is the time to use it.

Here are some of our favorite salon and spa package name ideas:

  • Queen For A Day
  • Treasured
  • Pamper Mom-to-be
  • Mother's Indulgence
  • Mother's Day Dream
  • Mom On The Go
  • Love From Me To You
  • Enjoy Together
  • Beautifully Mom
  • Mother's Magical Day
  • Time Out For Mom
  • Mother's Delight
  • Unconditional Love
  • Pure Perfection
  • Mother's Day of Beauty
  • Mother's Ultimate Escape
  • I Love You Mom

Use Digital Channels To Market To Existing Clients


Driven by this opportunity, you should plan just how much you are going to invest in your marketing campaign to promote your Mother's Day salon deals.

Your existing clients are loyal to you for a reason. Spark their interest in these special deals and packages by reaching out to them via Facebook, Instagram, email, and even SMS.

Make sure to personalize any emails and text messages. Adding in a client's first name, or mentioning how great it was to see them the last time that they visited the salon before encouraging them to check out your salon marketing for Mothers Day will show them that you are not just thoughtlessly sending out a generic email.

A good idea is to keep the copy within the email open, too.

Not all of your previous clients will have mothers (someone might have just sadly lost their sadly their mother), and not all of them will be parents. Adding in a line encouraging them to send on details of your Mother's Day promotions to friends and family to use (if they cannot use them themselves) is a great idea.

Promoting Mother's Day Packages On Facebook


Some two statisics for you..

A key statistic has been shown in the USA and UK that boys spend more on their mothers then that is girls and the biggest spenders are adults between the ages of 25-34-year-olds....

So this makes Facebook the perfect place to promote your salon and spa packages to those looking for a gift for their Mother and more importantly, spend the most on their Mother!

When using Facebook you should use 3 important aspects Facebook Ads:

  • Facebook Custom Audiences

    Upload your existing client database (i.e. telephone numbers and email addresses) to Facebook Ad Manager by creating a 'new audience', then allow Facebook to match your existing clients against their database.

    This then allows you to target ads on Facebook to your existing clients, so you are able to do highly targeted campaigns.

    Facebook Lookalike Audience

    Once you have uploaded your client data to Facebook, you are then able to ask Facebook to look like clients that match your existing clients, remember it is important to choose your location.

  • Facebook Target Audience

    When creating a campaign on Facebook you should an audience for the ads you can use the following choices...

    • Age - remember the biggest spenders at Mother's Day are between 25 - 34 years old.
    • Location - you can target your city or a certain distance from your salon or spa.
    • Gender - create different campaigns for boys and girls.
    • Income - make sure people will be able to buy a salon or spa package from you. To get that they are from your area, you can target local schools. You don't want to advertise to people whose mother doesn't live in the area.
    • Education - You can add those who have been to a certain school in your location - which could mean that their mother is living locally also.

    When marketing on Facebook...

    Keep things visual, as well as adding in the important information about pricing and how to book, but do this in post text and not in the image.

    Use the text space, well. Sell the story don't be afraid to write. It has been shown on Facebook that longer descriptions can work better than shorter descriptions.

  • Videos are Big on Facebook at the Moment...

    Why not use an easy to use video creation tool like Animoto or the Facebook video slide show to create some great looking ads?

    Encourage people to share your social media content on their own profiles so that news of your fabulous Mother's Day salon ideas spreads in your locality.

    Make sure you are there to take telephone calls when you are running your Facebook Ads! Don't lose sales opportunities by not answering calls.

Spruce Up Your Window and In-Salon Displays


It's time for a little window dressing! Show that your salon takes Mother's Day seriously by creating a themed window display and making the interiors as luxurious and inviting as can be.

Your goal should be to lure clients in with your window display and then demonstrate that you will make their mothers feel like a Queen for that one special day a year, as soon as they arrive.

Create the display a couple of weeks before the big day to drum up interest and get clients walking through the door of your salon or spa to book up early.

Manage Your Bookings Carefully


Take some advance bookings if possible, so you know that you will be making money on Mother's Day.

However, do your clients a favor and keep a few slots open until the day before if you can. This will keep clients interested in your promotions right up until the big day itself.

Now is also the time to think about your cancellation policy.

If a client needs to cancel, will they be able to rebook the same package for another day? If they have paid in advance, will they be able to acquire a refund?

Customers love transparency, so do make sure that all of this is clear on your promotional material.

Consider Packages To Be Used After Mother's Day


Each year, some Mother's do not get to celebrate Mother's Day on the day itself, and choose to celebrate it on the next day that is convenient for them.

This is often due to work commitments: if the Mother has to work the night shift on Mother's Day, she might wish to wait until the following day to spend quality time with her kids.

Reflect this in your Mother's Day salon promotion ideas, so that you can catch as many clients as possible and make sure it is clear that they can be booked after Mother's Day.

It is advisable to put an expiry date on these packages but you need to be aware some states and countries do not allow expiry on this type of product. So please follow local laws.

Decide What To Do With Your Regular Clients


What about the 16% of citizens that say that they do not celebrate Mother's Day?

Perhaps some of them might still want to go to the salon on this day, too.

They might have a big job interview looming the next day, or there might be an all-important party for them to attend during the upcoming week. Decide how you are going to use your salon throughout the day.

Are you going to dedicate all of your time solely to providing Mother's Day deals, or are you going to apportion a few slots to 'regular' customers?

Assuming that your Mother's Day packages are being sold at high prices, you will make more money by allocating more time throughout the day to delivering these packages. How much time you spend will depend on your salon, your customers, and your specific salon marketing ideas for Mother's Day.

Create A Loyal Client


Mother's Day is a special occasion.

This does not mean that it should be treated as a one-off. Ideally, the clients that you attract to your salon for the first time as a result of your fantastic Mother's Day beauty salon ideas will want to stay with you throughout the rest of the year.

One way to do this is to emphasize other special occasions that are forthcoming in the calendar and to remind customers that you are likely to be offering special packages for those occasions too.

Your marketing material might also contain information about the regular year-round treatments that you offer. You can also encourage customers to book a return visit after they have completed their Mother's Day pampering package, maybe by giving them a voucher to redeem within a month.

Mother's Day Salon Ideas For Your Salon


Looking for inspiration for Mother's Day salon ideas? We have put together this easy to use a list which will help you create some salon and spa packages for your business.

Gift Card Campaign

One of the easiest campaigns to run if you sell gift cards or vouchers in your salon or spa. May be add some bonus to sell more.

Create Exclusive Mother's Day Packages

Put together some of your best selling products into a Mother's Day package, remember if you are adding two services together, to reduce the combined appointment time. This will allow you to get more bookings in the schedule.

Don’t Forget the Mums-to-be Packages

One of the big areas often overlooked is that of expectant mothers. Create special packages for these and remember product constraints when treating pregnant women.

Gift Wrapping Service for Mother's Day Packs

hy not improve your retail sales bit offering a gift wrapping services when people buy two or more products.

Something for the Husband or Partner?

The husband or partner is often forgotten during this day, yes it is Mother's Day but it might be enjoyable to share something, like a mens facial or manicure whilst the Mother is being pampered.

Mother's Day Retail Gift Packs

Make the clients choice easier by creating some ready made Mother's Day gift packs of your best selling products, or those products which are slow sellers and this will enable you to reduce your inventory in your salon or spa.

Team Up With a Local Restaurant

Why not work local restaurant to create a complete pamper package of salon and spa plus a meal with the partner or family. Remember $186 spend (in the US) per head? Well if the children combine their spend this makes for a bigger budget!

Run a Click & Collect Campaign

Combining the ready made Mother's Day retail packages with a good local Facebook Ad campaign (see above), allow people to buy online and collect in person at your salon or spa.

Hold a Mother's Appreciation Event

Why not run a Mother's Appreciation event in your salon or spa and allow your clients to bring their mother along for some cocktails, some make over advice and may be some quick make up sessions. Great for loyalty!

Give Something Back

Why not donate something to a local charity for every Mother's Day Package sold? You could choose charities which cover domestic violence or a children's home for those children who do not have a mother or father.

Use the statistics in your Facebook Ads Manager to see when your posts get the most views (this is often at the end of the working day when employed people are winding down by scrolling through their phones) and try and time your posts for those times.

Don't be shy about reposting the same post a few times throughout the week so that you can reach as many social media users as possible with it.

The Build Up to Mother's Day Post Ideas

In the run-up to mothers day you can think of these Mother's Day social media post ideas to drive comments and sharing.

  1. Post of pic of your Moms worst hairstyle
  2. What is your Moms favourite saying....
  3. Your Mom is the best because ......
  4. Who is your Mom's hearthrob...
  5. When I was naughty my Mom used to tell me....
  6. Which Local Restaurant Should You Take Mom To?
  7. What was the worst fashion look your Mum ever did
  8. Create a funny Meme of your Mom and post it
  9. What type of mum is she?
  10. Whats your Moms favorite song?
  11. Create a Mothers Day Themed Wordsearch Puzzle
  12. Post Photos of your staff with their mothers
  13. What Is Your Most Cherished Memory of Your Mom
  14. Run a selfie content
  15. Post old pictures
  16. Why is your Mum the best contest
  17. Win a makeover for Mothers

Now You are Ready to Make Mother's Day Amazing At Your Salon


These eleven Mother's Day salon marketing tips should be easy to implement.

Using these top tips can enable you to provide your clients with an unforgettable Mother's Day experience.

Sit down and let your imagination flow. Think about how to make your Mother's Day marketing strategy the best yet by embracing everything from great Facebook campaigns to carefully created window displays.

As We Always Recommend Measure Your Mother's Day Marketing Efforts

Have you got any salon marketing ideas for Mother's Day? Share them below.

Will be great to hear from you.

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