Mother's Day Salon Ideas

When you're looking for Mother's Day salon ideas there is a great selection of inspirational packages to promote that are sure to be appreciated. Outlined here are a few of the exciting Mother's Day retail promotion ideas that your hair and beauty salon could be highlighted in the weeks' preceding Mother's Day.

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In this article we introduce you to a list of ideas for successful salon marketing for Mother's Day.

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  1. Gift Cards
  2. Exclusive Products
  3. Gift Pack
  4. Mix And Match
  5. A New Hairstyle
  6. Long-Term Hair Care
  7. Special Night Out
  8. Hairstyling Package
  9. Mother and Daughter Packages
  10. Extended Families
  11. Mums-To-Be
  12. Dads and Kids
  13. Photo Call
  14. Afternoon Tea and Cocktails
  15. Win a Weekend Treat
  16. Dining Out
  17. Free Gifts
  • 1. Gift Cards

    One of the most convenient presents to sell is a beautiful gift card containing a voucher that guarantees your customers' mums an hour or two of special Mother's Day pampering. Beauty routines at your salon can range from a new hairstyle to a relaxing massage and other soothing spa treatments. Make sure vouchers last beyond Mother's day to ensure the busiest of mums can still benefit from them.

  • 2. Exclusive Products

    Your salon will have access to gorgeous beauty products that your customers won't find on the supermarket shelves. In preparation for Mother's Day, stock up on gift sets containing exclusive skin creams, hair shampoos, and conditioners that your customers' mothers will love. Providing a service to wrap the gifts using beautiful paper, ribbons and bows will make your Mother's Day selection of presents even more special.

  • 3. Gift Pack

    Mother's Day gift sets usually contain a selection of coordinated, luxurious products for the hair or skin. Some gift packs are designed specifically for Mother's Day by the manufacturers of various skin and hair care products. However, your salon might prefer to create original collections based on your own extensive knowledge of the popularity and performance of your favorite high-quality products.

  • 4. Mix And Match

    One of the most popular Mother's Day gift packs your beauty salon can offer is a basket or bag filled with a selection of beauty products that your clients can choose. This ensures gifts are tailored to their budgets in addition to their mothers' particular preferences. You can use this opportunity to introduce new skin, hair care or nail products that you think they will love to try.

  • 5. A New Hairstyle

    Hair salon Mothers Day ideas often have generous discounts and offers designed specifically for Mother's Day. Your salon can offer Mother's Day vouchers or gift cards in advance that promise an attractive new hairstyle. Your offer could include a full range of services such as shampooing, blow-drying, perming, tinting and intensive conditioning that are usually charged separately.

  • 6. Long-Term Hair Care

    Why not tempt customers to make their mums feel special all year-round instead of just one day? Your salon could offer a special annual gift voucher scheme that treats Mother's Day clients to a pre-paid appointment each month so they can enjoy a whole year of hair care. Include styling, regular trims, anti-frizz conditioners, and coloring.

  • 7. Special Night Out

    Your customers might treat their mums to a night out at the theatre or dinner at a posh restaurant, so offer an exclusive hair styling session to ensure they will look their best. Special packages for Mother's Day often include make-up application and a manicure to make Mother's Day customers feel truly glamorous on their great night out.

  • 8. Hairstyling Package

    Some special offers for Mother's Day hair care could start with personalised styling advice from a visiting, celebrity hairstylist followed by a new cut, colouring treatment and conditioning hair care to rejuvenate tired locks. To finish, provide your Mother's Day customers with a tutorial or two on how to maintain their styles to perfection between regular visits to your salon by using various styling wands and brushes.

  • 9. Mother and Daughter Packages

    Mother's Day packages that include services for daughters are especially popular and are usually presented in a money-saving buy one get one free format. A range of treatments such as facials, hair conditioning, or manicures can be included allowing mums and daughters the opportunity to share in some beautifying fun together.

  • 10. Extended Families

    If you're brave enough your salon might consider devoting Mother's Day to a whole party of mums from just one family. Daughters, daughters-in-law, mum, mum-in-law, grandmothers, aunties and close family friends can all enjoy their own brand of friendly rivalry as they sample your luxurious variety of relaxing beauty treatments including skincare, hair conditioning and styling.

  • 11. Mums-To-Be

    Mother's Day packages for mums-to-be often concentrate on relaxing beauty treatments such as aromatherapy and reflexology. Offer soothing facials and head massages using essential oils of lavender and almond to help your customers relax. Remember to promote nourishing treatments for skin and hair to offset problems caused by hormonal changes. To complete the Mother's Day package there could be a range of easy to manage hairstyles for the busier days ahead.

  • 12. Dads and Kids

    Mother's Day special offers can sometimes include services for other members of the family. While your Mother's Day customer's having her hair perfectly styled, other members of her family can be treated to a trim. Your salon could offer a discount voucher for dads to have their own special hair treatments, shaves or beard trims on Father's Day.

  • 13. Photo Call

    One way of generating advertising opportunities while ensuring your Mother's Day clients have a memento of their glamorous new makeovers is to enlist a photographer, especially for Mother's Day. After a relaxing massage and facial with luxurious skincare creams, beautiful hair styling, and expert make-up application, they can feature in their very own versions of film star style photographic portraits.

  • 14. Afternoon Tea and Cocktails

    Hair and beauty salons often include extra treats in their Mother's Day packages. Your salon could offer a complimentary afternoon tea complete with delicious cakes for your customers to enjoy while they're having their hair styled. Other treats include non-alcoholic cocktails mixed to order during a manicure.

  • 15. Win a Weekend Treat

    Your salon could offer an extra special Mother's Day treat through a prize draw on the day after selling raffle tickets in the preceding weeks. Luxurious prizes might include a weekend trip to an exclusive spa or the full range of services provided by your salon.

  • 16. Dining Out

    Adventurous Mother's Day packages could incorporate offers from your neighboring businesses. Treat your customers' mums to a special package that includes a Mother's Day menu at a nearby restaurant following their new hairstyles and beauty treatments. Other special treats could include gift vouchers from a local boutique to select new outfits to wear.

  • 17. Free Gifts

    Your hair and beauty salon could provide a free gift of flowers, pot plant or box of chocolates with every Mother's Day package. Your salon could also create special gift bags that contain a variety of free samples of beauty products such as moisturising creams, conditioners and practical accessories like combs and brushes. Treating your customers' mums to one of the Mother's Day salon ideas listed here is sure to add a touch of luxurious glamour to their special day.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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