Best Apps for Hairstylists in 2023

Technological advancements have enabled the development of the best apps for hairstylists.

The apps have brought massive development in the hair industry by smooth lining processes and making them more efficient.

Below are some of the best hairstylist apps in 2022 every hairdresser should have to succeed in their business.

What You Will Learn

The article highlights some of the apps that hairstylists should use to make their work more efficient. It also discusses some of their features briefly.

Table of Content

  1. Our 5 Best Apps For Hair Stylists in 2023
  2. Hair Stylist Booking Apps
  3. Change Hair Color Apps
  4. Instagram Stories Video Editing Apps
  5. Hair Stylist Photo Editing Apps
  6. Hair Stylist Bookkeeping Apps
  7. Hair Stylist Marketing Apps
  8. Hair Stylist Education Apps
  9. Payment Apps
  10. Everyday Hairstylist Apps
  11. Banking Apps
  12. Conclusion

Our 5 Best Apps For Hair Stylists in 2023

Zolmi Salon Booking App - Simple, effective salon booking solution

Canva - Easily editable marketing design templates

Instagram for Business - Engage and convert loyal followers.

Google My Business - make your salon business discoverable.

Trello - Manage promotions effortlessly and simultaneously

Hair Stylist Booking Apps

Managing schedules and appointments is one of the biggest concerns for many hairstylists.

Are you having problems with handling appointments as a result of doing it manually?

We have compiled a list of the best apps for hairstylists to make your work easier, increase productivity, and customer retention.

Zolmi  (iOS and Android)

Zolmi is an incredible salon booking app that allows appointment booking, rescheduling, and reminders.

The free salon software is suitable for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises.

Ring My Stylist

ring my stylist app
Ring my stylist App

Ring my stylist is a hairstylist client organization app that allows clients to book their appointments with their favorite stylists.

They can also reschedule their appointments. A salon owner can also send booking reminders to avoid no-shows.


mycuts app
MyCuts App

Want to save time on handling bookings?

MyCuts is a mobile salon app allows automated bookings for clients and reminders and leaves you with ample time to focus on providing excellent services to clients.


glossgenius app
Glossgenius App

Glossgenius is an all-in-one hairdressing app that allows clients to book appointments automatically and lets you focus on other services.

Change Hair Color Apps

Contrary to the belief of many, blonde is not the only hair color available.

Many clients are excited about changing their hair colors but finding the right stylists gets intimidating.

Below are the best change hair color apps to help you achieve your desired hair color skills.

Hair Color Booth (iOS)

hair color booth app
Hair Color Booth App

Hair color booth allows hair color change to any color, even the most unique ones.

Want to market your hair coloring services?

Hair color booth app allows you to share some of the fascinating hair colors to your social media channels.

Matrix Color Lounge (iOS and Android)

matrix color lounge app
Matrix Color Lounge App

Matrix Color Lounge is a 3D enabled app that can change your hair color to a wide variety of shades.

The app has over 70 shades that enable you to explore to find your favorite color.

Instagram Stories Video Editing Apps

Want to have stunning, perfectly designed videos for your Instagram stories.

Below are some of the apps to help you edit your stories and make them more engaging and creative.

Adobe Spark (iOS and Android)

adobe spark app
Adobe Spark App

Adobe spark enables you to edit videos using their perfectly designed templates within minutes.

It's easy to use; you don't have to possess special design skills to use it.

Inshot (iOS and Android)

inshot app
Inshot App

Inshot is a HD video editor with impeccable features like speed control, video converter, ratio and background, trim and cut, and video merger.

The app also allows you to share the edited videos on social media channels.

FilmoraGo (iOS and Android)

filmorago app
FilmoraGo App

Filmora is a powerful video editing tool with a wide range of features like color tuning, video stabilization, and an audio equalizer.

Using it is pretty simple. You don't have to be a professional editor.

Life Lapse (iOS and Android)

life lapse app
Life Lapse App

Lifelapse is a stop motion creation app that will spice up your Instagram videos.

Don't have an idea of how stop motion works?

The app has an academy that will take you through the process until you become a pro!

Typorama (iOS and Android)

typorama app
Typorama App

Typorama enables you to turn texts and graphics into amazing typographic designs.

You don't have to be a professional designer to use it.

Just choose your preferred background and write your text.

You'll have beautiful typography within a few minutes.

Hair Stylist Photo Editor Apps

To attract clients, you have to edit your photos and make them catchier and more appealing.

Here is an app that will help you do so.

Before and After Collage (iOS and Android)

before and after collage app
Before and After Collage App

Before and After Collage is one of the best apps for hairstylist photos that enables you to take before and after photos, after a change in hairstyle.

It can attract clients if they get impressed with the final results.

Hair Stylist Bookkeeping Apps

Spending too much time on bookkeeping instead of serving your clients?

There is a solution for you.

Hairstylist bookkeeping apps takes care of your financial matters in a salon more efficiently and faster.

Here are some of the best apps that will help you run your business successfully.

QuickBooks (iOS and Android)

quickbooks app
QuickBooks App

QuickBooks is a perfectly designed, flexible, and easy to use bookkeeping app suitable for small enterprises.

It allows its users to organize daily expenses, track reports, and invoices, among other features.

Xero (iOS and Android)

xero app
Xero App

Xero allows you to automate bookkeeping processes on different devices like tablets, phone, Mac, or PC.

Xero gives first-time users 30 days free trial to try out their features.

Expensify (iOS and Android)

expensify app
Expensify App

Expensify allows you to conduct different activities such as scanning receipts and tracking business reports.

It is ideal for all business types.

FreshBooks (iOS and Android)

freshbooks app
FreshBooks App

FreshBooks is an all-rounded app that makes the bookkeeping experience easy and faster.

It allows inventory tracking, time tracking, and storage of client records, among other incredible features.

FreeAgent (iOS and Android)

freeagent app
FreeAgent App

FreeAgent is a bookkeeping software designed for small businesses.

Its features include tax returns, invoice management, payroll, among others. It is one of the hairstylist apps for iPad and android too.

Hair Stylist Marketing App

Are you looking forward to unique ways to market your hair salon, draw in more clients, and hit your financial goals?

A hairstylist marketing app will help you build connections with new and existing clients and increase your revenue.

Below are the best marketing apps every stylist aspiring to be successful should have.


Сanva App

Wondering how to design your social media videos easily?

Canva enables you to edit photos, add text on them, and send them to your channels.

What's the most incredible thing about it?

It's compatible with all devices.

Fiverr (Android)

fiverr app
Fiverr App

There are thousands of freelancers in Fiverr who will professionally design posters and other advertisements for your salon.

There are also designers who can help in creating awesome apps using incredible templates.

Instagram (iOS and Android)

instagram app
Instagram App

Instagram is perhaps the favorite app salon owners use to interact with clients.

You only have to create a perfectly optimized profile and post engaging, high-quality photos, and videos.

Styleseat (iOS and Android)

styleseat app
Styleseat App

Want your business to get organized, get more bookings, and more money?

Styleseat is an on-demand hair stylist app that allows clients to write their reviews and share them on social media channels.

Hair Stylist Education Apps

You don't have to keep on providing the old mundane services to your clients.

It's crucial to learn about spectacular hair trends to gain a competitive advantage.

That's why it's important to get education resources from reliable apps and be a master in your field.

With so many hairstylist education apps available out there, it can be overwhelming to get the best.

Below are some of the most advanced education apps for hair stylists with incredible features.

Wella (iOS and Android)

wella app
Wella App

Wella is a mobile hairstylist app that allows stylists to learn different skills from anywhere.

Want to learn new tricks and be a favorite stylist to your clients?

Wella is your to-go app, thanks to its incredible features.

Beautyforce (Android)

beautyforce app
Beautyforce App

Beautyforce is a product of L'Oréal and will keep you updated on their latest news and products.

It also has impeccable educational tools that will keep you in the know.

Pinterest (iOS and Android)

pinterest app
Pinterest App

Looking for new ideas and inspiration for your skills?

Pinterest is the to-go app. It's easy to use and has millions of ideas you can embrace to better your skills.

Hairtech (iOS and Android)

hairtech app
Hairtech App

Want to draw and share various haircutting diagrams?

Hairtech is your ideal app. It also helps you to master different techniques and try out new styles.

StyleMyHair (iOS and Android)

stylemyhair app
StyleMyHair App

If you always wonder how clients would look in different hair colors, style my hair is the app to utilize.

It allows you to try out different colors on a client's hair to choose the best.

Udemy (iOS and Android)

udemy app
Udemy App

Udemy has several hairstyling courses at affordable rates.

Apart from training stylists on hairstyling skills, it also offers training on marketing strategies.

YouTube (iOS and Android)

youtube app
YouTube App

Is there a better way to learn something than watching video tutorials?

YouTube offers exactly that. Learning something is more practical in a video than when it's written.

Payment Apps

You don't have to handle cash manually.

Automating the services using an app will be faster and more efficient.

Below are some of the best payment apps for hairstylists.

Charge Stripe (iOS and Android)

charge stripe app
Charge Stripe App

Charge stripe enables clients to make payments via credit card.

Concerned about hefty fees?

Not with charge stripe.

It is very affordable.

SumUp (iOS and Android)

sumup app
SumUp App

Sumup accepts all major credit and debit cards. It's easy to use and will let you transact more using a single charge.

iZettle (iOS and Android)

izettle app
iZettle App

iZettle offers several solutions for making payments.

If you have fraud concerns in your business, iZettle has sales tracking features.

Square (iOS and Android)

square app
Square App

Square app is compatible with android devices and lets clients make payments from anywhere.

You'll also pay your service providers conveniently with the easy-to-use app.

Everyday Hairstylist Apps

There are some apps a hairdresser has to use every single day.

Without them, it wouldn't be business as usual. These include:

Google Docs (iOS and Android)

google docs app
Google Docs App

Google docs allow you to create documents and edit them without the need for software.

It also allows other teammates to make edits, which are automatically saved.

Banking Apps

Gone are the days when you had to go physically to the bank.

With a banking app, you can easily make, accept, and transfer payments at ease.

Google Calendar (iOS and Android)

google calendar app
Google Calendar App

Tired of having to send schedule reminders every day to your employees?

Google Calendar enables you to schedule meetings and send reminders to avoid delays or skipped meetings.


What is the best salon appointment app?

With several salon appointment apps available, it can be daunting to choose the best.

Zolmi salon appointment app makes it to the top of the list, thanks to its incredible features.

allows clients to book appointments from anywhere, and they can also reschedule them with much ease.


Running a salon should not be overwhelming.

Automating services through apps through a good app for hairstylists ensures that customers receive ultimate satisfaction, and stylists are left with ample time to attend to their clients.

Automate your processes to grow your clientele and increase your earnings.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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