Best Salon Marketing Apps In 2023

There are several salon marketing apps that will make your life easier and leave you with ample time to run your salon business.

Marketing a salon and getting results can seem to be a daunting task, especially when you have to attend to several clients in a day.

The applications will help you in editing photos for social media posts such as Instagram stories.

Layout and design apps will help in adding a salon graphic design and collage to make your brand look more attractive.

Want to elevate the quality of your videos? Several video editing tools will make your photos attractive and engaging.

Audience analytics and data tools will ensure that you track your social media channels' performance. 

The crucial hair salon apps every salon should make use of also include website builders, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

What You Will Learn

The article focuses on the best salon marketing apps and their features. The apps have different functions, which all contribute to effective salon marketing strategies.

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  1. Our Top Salon Marketing Apps In 2022
  2. Email Marketing Apps
  3. Social Media Apps
  4. Photo Editing Apps
  5. Influencer Marketing Apps
  6. Quiz apps
  7. Website Builder Apps
  8. Conclusion

Our Top Salon Marketing Apps In 2022


Zolmi Salon Booking App - Zolmi is a salon POS, booking, and scheduling application.

Canva - Canva is used for designing and publishing documents.

Trello - Trello organizes projects into boards.

Mailchimp - Mailchimp facilitates communication between a business and its customers.

Outgrow - Outgrow facilitates the increase of leads and extraction of their analytics.

Freachly - Freachly helps a business reach their target audience during marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Apps


Are you aware of the power of email marketing to your business?

It helps you interact with existing customers and boost sales.

Automation of the service through the use of apps even makes things easier and faster.

Here are some of the best apps for salon owners that will help fine-tune your salon marketing plan.

Zolmi - free sign-up

Zolmi salon booking app and free salon software enable you to store important information about your clients, which you can use for marketing.

It also sends appointment reminders, avoiding no-shows.

Mailchimp (iOS and Android)

Mail-chimp is web-based and enables you to communicate to clients, vendors, or any other necessary persons.

It requires you to set up your account, add your audience (email contacts), create a campaign, and check its reports and analytics.

mailchimp app
Mailchimp App

Getresponse (iOS and Android)

Want to keep in touch with your existing and other potential clients?

GetResponse is your to-go app.

It helps in content sharing to multiple people with the click of a button.

getresponse app
Getresponse App

Active Campaign (iOS and Android)

Do you always crave to get reports of your efforts? 

ActiveCampaign facilitates email reports Reviews, CRM Data Management, And Tracking Clients' Activities.

active campaign app
Active Campaign App

Send In Blue (Website)

Send In Blue Enables the design of sleek messages to send to your email list, making it a powerful newsletter marketing tool.

send in blue app
Send In Blue App

Salon Apps for Social Media


Social media presence can attract new clients and engage the existing ones, increasing client retention.

It helps you create awareness about your business and brand loyalty.

When used in the right way, they can help you keep on top of trends on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest e.t.c.  

Apart from the Instagram marketing app, here are other tools that salons make use of.

Hootsuite (iOS and Android)

Hootsuite facilitates the management of several social accounts by promoting and publishing content in a single place.

hootsuite app
Hootsuite App

Loomly (iOS and Android)

Loomly helps you connect your social connections in one place, publish, share, and measure the overall social activities.

loomly app
Loomly App

Sendible (iOS and Android)

Sendible is one of the best apps for stylists that allows the creation and sharing of tailor-made content such as tweets and messages.

It also allows getting and adding hashtags to the content.

sendible app
Sendible App

Agorapulse (iOS and Android)

Do you always find it hard to manage different social media channels and sometimes miss important conversations?

Agorapulse harmonizes different channels in a single place and notifies you of any message sent to you.

agorapulse app
Agorapulse App

Photo Editing Apps


Sometimes, all a business needs are professional photos to send messages to their target audience in the beauty business.

Properly edited photos promote a brand.

You cannot have mediocre pictures or a salon graphic design and expect clients to seek your services.

They will assume that everything else about your business is mediocre.

Here are some salon applications every business should adopt to improve your salon marketing strategies.

Adobe Spark (iOS and Android)

Adobe spark enables one to create stories with a combination of photos, videos, and texts.

It helps in photo optimization by creating suitable shapes and sizes of images to post on various channels.

adobe spark app
Adobe Spark App

Inshot (iOS and Android)

Inshot enables its users to import and edit photos and videos with its incredible editing options.

It also allows them to add various sound effects and voice-overs.

inshot app
Inshot App

FilmoraGo(iOS and Android)

Filmora allows you to import photos from their storage, get rid of unwanted parts, clean up footages, and arrange clips, empowering your business's story.

filmorago app
Filmora App

Life Lapse (iOS and Android)

Lifelapse is an iPhone salon application that enables you to capture and share beautiful memories with ease.

It allows the creation of videos from photos and short videos.

life lapse app
Lifelapse App

Unfold (iOS and Android)

Unfold has several effects and filters that enable a salon owner to edit photos and change them to their liking.

Its templates are easy to use, and one can share the edited photos on other channels.

unfold app
Unfold App

Typorama (iOS and Android)

Typorama transforms photos and written texts into typographies.

It enables you to choose the background of your preference within a few minutes.

typorama app
Typorama App

Influencer Marketing Apps


Influencer marketing is a more salon marketing strategy, and as a brand, you can rely on it to market your products to their followers.

Mostly, an influencer audience will trust anything posted on their platforms, making it a powerful salon advertising tool.

Here are some of the best influencer apps that’ll help you find largely followed influencers in your locality while adhering to your country's promotional laws.

Freachly (Android)

Freachly is an easy to use salon owner app that helps you get in touch with influencers from your locality and reach the right audience for your services or products.

Freachly is also a social media management tool.

freachly app
Freachly App

Kofluence (iOS and Android)

Kofluence brings businesses and influencers together. It allows influencers to apply for your gigs, and you can also make payments to them easily.

With Kofluence, it’s an easy job to track your campaign's progress.

kofluence app
Kofluence App

Postforrent (iOS and Android)

Postforrent gives influencers a platform to communicate with brands, where they can apply for campaigns.

As a salon owner, you'll be able to make payments, too, through the platform.

You can also approach the best influencers directly, without waiting for them to apply for your gigs.

postforrent app
Postforrent App

Popularpays (iOS)

In popularpays, a business advertises its campaign, and the influencers find them on their feed.

If they interest them and are comfortable with the requirements, they send applications, and businesses get the chance to choose the influencer of their choice.

popularpays app
Popularpays App

Heepsy (Website)

Heepsy has a database of influencers, which you can choose depending on your location and the kind of business you deal in.

After you get potential influencers, Heepsy gives you a report of their metrics.

From there, you'll decide who to choose.

heepsy app
Heepsy App

Socialbook (Website)

Want to find the most suitable influencers for your campaign?

Socialbook will help you do so. It has more than 5 million influencers, which is advantageous since it allows you to choose the best.

socialbook app
Socialbook App

Quiz Apps


Wondering why several businesses have embraced online quizzes for their clients?

It's because they are aware of the many benefits it brings in.

Quizzes help you engage with your clients in a more personalized way.

They also give you crucial insights about your products or services, which can help you get more sales and, in turn, profits.

Outgrow (Website)

Outgrow facilitates the creation of customized quizzes.

It has several templates that are compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.

outgrow app
Outgrow App

Leadquizzes (Website)

Leadquizzes allows one to create a quiz and receive answers from the participants.

The answers will help you understand more about your salon clients.

leadquizzes app
Leadquizzes App

Involveme (Website)

Involve me enables you to create questions and add different effects on them.

Some of these effects include videos, photos, and gifs.

involveme app
Involveme App

Website Builder Apps


Without a properly built website, a business would be missing out on a very crucial asset.

Online presence is a great way to grow in the salon business, thanks to people's reliability on the internet.

A site builder helps you create, edit, and add content easily.

Godaddy Website Builder (iOS and Android)

GoDaddy website builder has several designs to choose from and is suitable for new users.

It has a content creation section, SEO wizard, email marketing, and blogging features.

godaddy website biulder app
Godaddy Website Builder App

Wix (iOS and Android)

Wix hosts several templates to build sites and provides domain names and web hosting.

Worried about editing your site?

You shouldn't be when using Wix.

Adding photos and other features is an easy job.

wix app
Wix App

Weebly (iOS and Android)

Weebly is a site builder that enables the user to drag and drop different elements such as photos, forms, and pictures on their site.

It has several templates that will fit your business.

weebly app
Weebly App

Squarespace (iOS and Android)

Squarespace has an easy to use CMS that enables a user to create a site without the need to possess coding skills.

Squarespace has been solely developed for small businesses.

square space app
Squarespace App

Which is the best salon marketing app?

Different salon marketing apps have different features. Using several salon business apps ensures that several aspects of your services are smooth lined. For example, you'll need an application to build a website and a different one to edit photos.



If you don't market your salon, you can't expect any form of growth.

Actually, there’ll be none.

If you market it the wrong way, there'll be no difference.

You'll only be wasting time and resources, wondering why your efforts fail to bear fruits. 

Salon marketing apps ensure that you market your business appropriately without spending much time and resources.

Embrace the best apps for hairstylists today and experience salon success, which is every business owner's dream.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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