Hair Color Inventory App | Improve Your Salons Profits

Are you aware of the several benefits a hair color inventory app can bring in to your business?

Many salon owners tend to focus too much on automating appointment bookings and ignoring other business hacks.

Well, by doing so they make salons operate with ease and give customers convenience.

However, automating other processes such as hair color inventory helps create more balance, leading to the smooth operation of a salon business and an increase in sales.

You might be familiar with instances where you had several clients coming into a salon for hair coloring services, only to find out you’ve run out of hair color when it's already too late.

This especially happens when you’re juggling between attending to clients and taking care of other business aspects.

The good thing is that a hair color inventory app will offer a solution to your adversities.

What You Will Learn in This Article?

The article discusses the benefits of a hair color inventory management. It also highlights some hair color management apps, and their features.

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Why Is Color Inventory Management Important?


Having a management system for color products means that you’ll never run out of hair colors.

No client will be forced to compromise on how they want to look, with the excuse that their preferred hair color isn’t available.

Remember, you can only retain clients and get new ones from social media if you provide top-notch services, and even the most loyal ones can get pissed off by a single mistake.

Benefits of Salon Color Inventory Management


Precisely Mix Formulas And Recreate Them

Every time your hairstylist mixes colors, hair color formulation apps will record the formula and the kind of shades used.

This helps in knowing which color to order and what to do and avoid when you want to come up with a certain color mixture.

This creates consistency, which clients appreciate and will keep on coming back for more, and in the process your sales increases.

Ensure Consistent Pricing

Salon color inventory management ensures you charge consistent prices for hair color services.

Hair color can be expensive, and when proper measures are not taken, you can run a business at a loss.

Improve Your Stocktaking

Stocktaking and ordering will get easier.

You no longer have to count one by one what is in stock or what isn't.

You only need to update the app whenever new products get into the shelves and when they get out.

Integrated With Pos

Color inventory management system can also be integrated with the POS meaning that other aspects of the business such as marketing and employee control will be automated.

Top Color Inventory Management Apps


Here are some of the best color inventory management apps you can use to streamline this essential salon service.

Getvish (iOS)

getvish app
Getvish App

Vish is a hair color management software that greatly reduces wastage, ensures that prices are consistent while tracking inventory.

Its system has salon weighing scales that helps in capturing color formulas and lets you know how much a bowl of color should cost.

SalonScale (iOS)

salonscale app
SalonScale App

The SalonScale software lets the salon owner know how much a bowl of color costs.

That helps in planning expenses and ensures you don't run a business at a loss.

You only need to turn on the salon scale and connect it to a Bluetooth enabled phone.

LaRu (iOS and Android)

laru app
LaRu App

LARu app is a color tracking system that lets you enter clients' data and create various color formulas.

It also keeps a record of every detail fed into the software, making it easy to track hair color inventory.

Additionally, it also creates consistency in hair coloring.

How Does A Hair Color Inventory App Increase Profits In A Salon?

Hair color management systems help in profit increment by notifying a hairdresser every time a particular color is out of stock and make new orders. This ensures that salon owners don’t turn away clients due to lack of a particular product. It also builds clients’ confidence about the color business, which makes them become loyal customers.



Having a reliable paid or free salon inventory app eliminates hair color wastage and ensures you charge consistent prices for the services by eliminating guesswork.

Additionally, the app keeps track of product usage so that your color business never runs out of stock.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Belliata community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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