Top Christmas Tips on How to Market Your Salon or Spa

As December quickly approaches, you can't think of anything but the holiday season and top Christmas tips on how to market your salon or spa.

Being the busiest time of year, aim to make incredible profits from your business.

How is that possible?

The first thing is to have a Christmas marketing strategy.

What You Will Learn In This Article

This article highlights some of the marketing tips a salon owner should use to reap big during Christmas.

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  1. When to Start Promoting Christmas In Your Salon or Spa?
  2. How Can I Make My Salon or Spa Offer Stand Out for Christmas?
  3. Tips on How to Market Your Salon or Spa for Christmas
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When to Start Promoting Christmas In Your Salon or Spa?


With all the holiday preparations you have, there is no better time to start promoting your salon or spa than before December.

When Christmas approaches, the only thing to focus on is providing services to clients and not promoting your business.

How Can I Make My Salon or Spa Offer Stand Out for Christmas?


With more salons being established each day, be creative enough to survive the stiff competition.

Having your salon or spa offer stand out will attract more customers.

The biggest challenge is usually how to accomplish that.

Work with what others are ignoring and be ahead of them.

Tips on How to Market Your Salon or Spa for Christmas


Even though a salon or spa offers the best services to its customers, it won't be successful if people are not aware of its existence.

That's why it's important to have a detailed and solid market plan.

Here are tips on how to market your salon or spa for Christmas:

  • 1. Give A Buy One Get One Offer

    People will always love getting something for free.

    When you tell them something extra after they buy a product or service, they will absolutely come over again.

  • 2. Offer Some Holiday Treats

    Consider your budget before jumping into this.

    It wouldn't cost you much to give Christmas themed beverages or cupcakes.

  • 3. Utilize Social Media

    Social media is a powerful Christmas salon marketing tool when used effectively.

    Many people often go online to seek beauty related services before visiting their physical locations.

  • 4. Network With Other Beauty Businesses

    Networking with other salon owners and attending social events together will expose you to new ideas and trends.

  • 5. Collect Toys and Donate Them to A Children Charity Home

    Donating toys to a children's home in your locality shows that you care about them. It will also sell your name out there.

    That alone can bring you, several clients, during Christmas.

  • 6. Create A Christmas Themed Window Display

    Design your window with Christmas decorations and include the offers you are giving out.

    This is a way of attracting passersby to your salon.

  • 7. Give Out Gift Cards and Gift Packs

    Giving clients gift cards will encourage them to come to your salon and be frequent visitors.

    Apart from increasing clients' loyalty, they also increase sales.

  • 8. Run A Social Media Contest

    Running a social media contest online is another powerful marketing strategy.

    In the contest, treat the winner with a salon or spa service for free or at a discount.

  • 9. Get A Salon Software

    As Christmas approaches, the number of clients visiting your salon can get overwhelming.

    Reduce the stress by adopting a salon software where customers can book appointments and make payments.

    You can also manage staff and inventory, and use it for email or SMS marketing.

  • 10. Create Videos

    Create how-to hair videos and post them on your website or social media platforms.

    It will educate prospective clients and give you credibility.

  • 11. Send Out Greeting Cards

    Sending eye-catching greeting cards to your loyal clients shows them that you care about them and that they are always in your mind.

How Many Clients Will a Salon Hair Stylist Get In A Day?

Most stylists will get up to 12 clients in a day. However, this will depend on several factors like how they promote their business. A stylist who promotes their business properly will have more clients than one who doesn't.



Rest assure our Christmas marketing tips will not only help you win new but also improve the retention of your existing clients.

To achieve success this Christmas, adopt the above top Christmas tips on how to market your salon or spa.

Offering great services to your clients cannot be enough to sustain your business and increase your clientele.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would be also delighted to answer your questions as well.


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