How To Run SMS Marketing For Hair Salons In 2023

In our increasingly connected world, SMS marketing for hair salons is indispensable. You can improve customer service and help clients receive marketing messages and special offers.

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In this article, we’ll go over the basics of SMS marketing for salons, explaining the benefits and how you can use it to reach more salon customers, plus some free templates you can use.

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  1. What Is SMS Marketing And Why Does It Work For Salons?
  2. Why Does SMS Marketing Work For Salons?
  3. Salon SMS Marketing Best Practices
  4. Hair Salon SMS Marketing Templates
  5. How To Measure Results Of Your Salon SMS Campaign?
  6. Conclusion

What Is SMS Marketing And Why Does It Work For Salons?


Simply put, SMS marketing is sending text messages to clients, offering them exclusive discounts, news and updates about your hair business.

Salons use text marketing to reward loyal customers with special offers, and as a way to stay connected with them.

Depending on your target audience, you can also use SMS text messaging to boost sales and promote new products or send them personalized information like product and service recommendations or even a happy birthday message with a discount coupon.

Keep in mind that new customers and existing clients will need to consent to receiving text marketing from your salon or spa, so they’ll have to opt in and give permission before you can start sending these SMS messages.

Welcome new clients
Welcome New Clients

Why Does SMS Marketing Work For Salons?


Okay, so why is salon text message marketing so effective at increasing bookings and getting customers in the door for their next appointment?

There are a couple reasons why sending existing (and potential) customers text messages works and, more importantly, why modern salons should be using this strategy as part of their marketing toolkit.

  • Convenience - Unlike with a phone call, beauty salon clients can receive and read a text message anywhere without having to fit it into their busy schedule.

  • To-The-Point - A text message isn’t a long read and doesn’t have to be opened like an email. It’s short, impactful and arrives right to a client’s phone.

  • It’s Free - Most phone plans offer unlimited texting, so it’s easy to send mass texts to your clients for special occasions and promotions.

  • It’s Popular - Most younger customers and busy people actually prefer to communicate with a business via a quick text message.

  • It’s Quick - Along with being cost-effective, text message marketing is also simple. Anyone in your salon can send customers appointment reminders and promotional offers without needing a lot of time or special training.

  • It’s Fast - There’s no need to wait for someone to answer the phone or read your email. You can just send a message that’s friendly and easy to understand, and know that clients are notified instantly when they receive it.

  • It’s Familiar - Since we all send and receive multiple text messages on a daily basis, there’s no need for your staff or clients to learn anything new to start taking advantage of this advertising medium.

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New services promotion
New Services Promotion

Salon SMS Marketing Best Practices


In order to get the most out of text message marketing (and maximize the amount of clients that you can reach), there are a few SMS text messaging best practices that every salon and spa owner should follow.

Let’s take a look:

  • Provide an Opt-out

    You want to make sure that clients have agreed to receive each beauty salon promotion message, and that they know they can opt out of this whenever they want to. Not only is it courteous, but it’s a legal requirement in many countries.

    Pro tip: when you send your first message, include an option to text back “Yes” or “No” to confirm whether they want to receive offers in the future.

  • Keep Your Salon Client Records Up To Date

    It doesn’t help anyone if you’re sending text marketing to the wrong people, so make sure that you have the right phone numbers and contact information for each of your customers.

  • Consider the Best Timing

    Try to time your messages so that they’re sent when people are likely to be free to read them (or at least when they’re awake and not too busy).

  • Include Your Salon Name

    Because most text message marketing is sent out using something called a shortcode, it won’t automatically show up in a client’s phone with your business name. You’ll need to include the name of your beauty salon in the message itself.

  • Keep It Short

    Including relevant information and keeping the body of the message short (160 characters is the absolute maximum) is essential when using text marketing. Try to craft something that customers can read and understand at a glance.

  • Don’t Spam

    Make sure to only send clients offers and important info about your beauty salon. Sending too many messages guarantees that people will lose interest and become annoyed.

  • Work Within Your Marketing Strategy

    If you’re managing a hair or beauty salon, offer SMS promotions and send out more detailed marketing materials via email or social media posts. Don’t rely on just one of these things.

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  • Provide Clients With Value

    When it comes to SMS, hair salon owners can send out more than just occasional coupons- you can also reduce no-shows and cut down on missed appointments by sending reminders to help clients. You can also use text messages to complement your loyalty rewards program.

  • Don’t Forget About Staff

    Add your team to a separate phone list and send them important information like schedule changes, upcoming event reminders and even the occasional reward or coupon as a thank-you.

  • Use Salon Software

    Using salon software with SMS marketing can make it much easier to craft and send out automatic messages to customers, including appointment reminders and information about services. Plus, it makes online booking a breeze!

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Personal Greetings
Personal Greetings

Hair Salon SMS Marketing Templates


We’ve put together some promotional text messages, examples of special offers and some other helpful SMS templates for salon owners. Feel free to copy text from these salon promotion ideas or adjust them to fit your own beauty business.

  • Welcome New Clients

    “Hi Client’s Name. Thanks for visiting Beauty Salon or Spa Name today. We hope to see you again soon!”

  • Book Last-Minute Appointments

    “Hi there Client’s Name, it’s Beauty Salon Name. If you book an appointment today or tomorrow before Time, we’ll include a free deep conditioning treatment.”

  • New Services Promotion

    “Great news, Client’s Name. We’ve just added Service to our salon and spa menu. If you’d like to try it at your next appointment, you’ll receive a 15% discount.”

  • Send Client Forms

    “Good Morning Name. We’re excited for your first appointment at Salon and Spa Name. Here’s a link to the consultation form that you can fill out online before you arrive: Link.”

  • Refer a Friend

    “Send this message to a friend and when they book with us, you’ll receive a 20% discount at your next appointment.”

  • Rebook Messages

    “Hi Client’s Name. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience but Stylist is off sick today. If you like, we can book you in with Other Stylist today at Time, or we can reschedule you later this week at Date/ Time or Date/ Time. Please give Salon Name a call at Number and let us know.”

  • Special Offers and Deals

    “Hi there Client. Beauty Salon Name is having a special 20% off event on coloring services this month. Call us at Number to book now.”

Customer satisfaction surveys
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Special Events

    “Hello there Client’s Name. This week at Beauty Salon Name, we’re having a buy 1 get 1 free event on Product Name items.”

  • Personal Greetings

    “Happy Birthday Client! All of the staff here at Salon’s Name hope that you have a fantastic day. Present this coupon for 25% off your next visit.”

  • Loyalty Program

    “Thanks again for being a loyal client at Salon’s Name, Client’s Name! We’d be thrilled if you joined our loyalty program for exclusive offers, discounts and more. Text back “Yes” to opt in.”

  • Reconnect Messages

    “Hi there Client’s Name. We here at Beauty Salon Name have missed you and would like to offer you 20% off your next appointment if you book today.”

  • Review Request

    “Thanks for visiting us Name. We’d love it if you could take a minute and leave Salon’s Name a review on Google My Business: Link.”

  • Hair & Beauty Tips

    “This week’s tip: Did you know that water quality can affect your hair color? Check out Salon Name’s website for more details: Link

  • Promote Social Follows

    “Hi Name. We’re so happy that you’re our client at Salon and Spa Name. Why not check out our Facebook Page for more great deals and beauty tips: Link.”

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    “Were you happy with your Service today at Salon’s Name? Please rate us by texting 5 (Awesome) to 1 (Not so Great) and receive 15% off your next booking. ”

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Rebook messages
Rebook Messages

How To Measure Results Of Your Salon SMS Campaign?


To track the progress of each promotion specifically, look at your click-though rate (the number of people who click a link), conversion rate (the percentage of clients who booked services after receiving your messages), and the rate of replies and people who unsubscribed to your texts. Your salon software will provide you with these insights.

You can also use salon software to track customer engagement by viewing your business data, including (but not limited to) busy times and popular services.



Text marketing can make a big difference in increasing the number of appointments booked and new hair, beauty or just plain fun services clients try when they visit.

In fact, SMS marketing for hair salons is a must if you want to stay in touch with clients on-the-go. Why not give it a try? We’re excited to hear about your results.

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