Salon Email Marketing | A Step by Step Guide

Appeal to new clients and keep your existing clients interested, with a salon email marketing strategy.

If you’re solely focussing on your social media accounts, you’re missing a trick. Email marketing is one of the oldest, yet most effective ways you can stay in touch with your clients. While likes and follows on Instagram and social media give you immediate engagement, an email newsletter can turn one-time visitors into life-long fans of your brand.

An endlessly effective way to manage salon clients, emails establish direct contact. They're cost-effective and can fulfill the preferences of potential and existing clients. If you’re looking to expand your beauty business, without an email salon marketing strategy, you’re stunting your growth. Alongside social media and Instagram posts, emails give prospective visitors a behind-the-scenes look at your salon.

These ideas for salons will help boost your business and give you a head start.

What You Will Learn In This Article?

With salon newsletter ideas that will pique your creativity and get clients interested, this article will help you increase your salon marketing efforts.

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  1. What is Salon Email Marketing?
  2. Email Marketing Tips to Get You Started
  3. Opportunities to Use Email Marketing
  4. Things to Think About When Starting Email Marketing
  5. How to Build Your Salon Email Marketing List?
  6. What to Look For in an Email Marketing Tool For Your Salon?
  7. How to Make Your Salon Email Marketing Grab Your Clients Interests?
  8. 5 Top Email Marketing Ideas
  9. Conclusion

What Is Salon Email Marketing?


Email marketing will help you easily share information, free offers and appointment details with your clients.

Simple to arrange, email marketing for hair salons begins with you input client contacts into salon software. From there you can continue to collate email addresses and start sending out a regular salon email. Many people check their email over 15 times a day. So, it makes sense that a salon newsletter delivers tangible results.

If you’re running a beauty business or salon, you’re running a relationship focussed business. To build on that relationship, you need to make sure a visitor stays interested in what your business is doing — even when they’re not sitting in the salon chair.

Social media and Instagram allow you to create quick content, but often, messages get missed and only a fraction of your content is seen by your followers. When a newsletter lands in someone’s inbox, they’re almost guaranteed to see it. Sending an email has a personal touch, plus it has a great conversion rate.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, an email newsletter campaign in the United States yields a return on investment (ROI) of over 4300 percent?

It makes sense that you design a regular salon email and build an email list full of clients — both loyal and new.

Email Marketing Tips to Get You Started


Sending a salon email is a great way to welcome clients to your business. It’s an easy way to make a good impression and it makes people feel like they’re a priority.

You could offer a new client a discount in their first email, which will encourage them to book their next appointment almost immediately. A hair salon email newsletter will help your clients stay informed about your business.

Opportunities to Use Email Marketing


Perhaps you’ve employed a specialist stylist or technician and need to introduce them to encourage bookings. An email is actually a great way to do this.

If you have an imminent planned closure on the cards or you’re introducing a fresh product line to sell, send people an email so they stay up-to -date with your business ideas.

Emails are a great way to incentivize sales and keep clients interested with special offers. Making a quick discount graphic on a site like Canva and sending it to your people via will quickly garner more appointment bookings.

A personal email with an inviting email subject line is actually a great way to inspire action when a client hasn’t made an appointment for a while. You could also include a free discount code for them to use.

From personalized tips on how to manage the hectic holidays to messages celebrating their birthday, the more data you’re able to collect from your client, the more likely they are to connect with your emails.

If they're happy to, invite clients to share their phone number (so you can send them SMS), their Instagram and social media handles, their preferred appointment times and, of course, their email address.

And don’t forget to send them a salon follow up email after their visit that includes a feedback survey. With this immediate feedback, you can improve your service and make sure you can offer them exactly what they want next time they book in.

Things to Think About When Starting Email Marketing


If you’re collecting client data and email addresses, it’s imperative that you make sure their details stay safe. It’s also important you don’t send them something that they haven’t agreed to receive. Check your country’s legal compliance details and stay aware of data protection laws.

If you’re based in the EU, make sure your emails align with the GDPR regulations. If you’re based in Australia align with The Privacy Act and check the Canadian Privacy Act if you’re based there. Wherever you’re based, whether it’s face to face or with an opt-in button on your website, it’s a good idea to get a client's consent before you add them to your email list.

Don’t send too many emails to your clients — they’ll get frustrated and feel imposed upon. If people don’t respond to the email you send them, don’t chase them up. It’s a waste of time and you might become known as a spammer.

To ensure people read your emails, make it relevant to them. Don’t include irrelevant topics — this might actually make them unsubscribe. Niche emails make more impact than large, grand broadcasts. If you put complicated content ideas in an email, the details could get lost and a client might send it to junk.

Every email address you receive is a gift. Subscribers help your business grow. So use the address with care and you’ll see more clients book in.

How to Build Your Salon Email Marketing List?


Never sent out an email before? It’s a surprisingly simple marketing technique.

You just need a list of your clients to begin.

To start your campaign, you need to get some client details. You can do this via an opt in button on your website or you can ask them in-person when they visit your salon.

If you write a blog post on your website, your email content is already halfway there. Including some information and a call to action at the end of your blog post is an easy way to get people to sign up to your email.

If they’re reading your blog and on your website, they’re already interested — you just need to convert them into regular clients!

A salon software system that allows clients to book online is one of the best ways to see them sign up to your emails.

To continue to capture your client’s email addresses in your salon, you could incentivise your staff. Offer them a free hair treatment or something simple that won’t cost you too much, but will make them actively ask and build up your email list.

You could also include a popup feature on your website every now and again. This could promote a discount, a free special event, tips and hints related to your treatments or simply sign-up access to your salon emails.

What to Look For in an Email Marketing Tool For Your Salon?


Salon Email Marketing Tool Features
Salon Email Marketing Tool Features

Using salon software and an email marketing tool is an easy way to segment your email list. You can then target specific clients with free offers, deals, and discount codes — this is something they’re sure to like.

To make sure your email is opened, you need to use a salon email template that segments your audience. It’s also important you send out your emails consistently. People are creatures of habit, so you want your marketing tool to have scheduling capabilities.

Of course, if you’re busy with the day-to-day details of running a salon, you might not have too much time to create best-in-class salon newsletter examples. So use a template instead.

Arrange your campaigns so new clients automatically receive a ‘first visit’ email after their appointment ends. This immediately nurtures the relationship.

If someone unsubscribes from your email campaign, arrange it so they receive one ‘sorry to see you go’ email. You could also include a free offer or a discount code to encourage them to stay subscribed.

It’s also imperative that your website and emails are mobile-friendly. If someone struggles to read your content on their phone, they will want to unsubscribe.

Every week, check your email campaign statistics. Observe your open rates and compare your click-through rates. Stay on top of how well your emails work, this will ensure you are able to pique people’s interest — so they stay subscribed and interested.

Download report statistics, and it’s also a good idea to use software that displays simple (but important) details.

Don't forget to also check out our recommendations for salon email marketing apps.

How to Make Your Salon Email Marketing Grab Your Clients Interests?


To make sure people open and read your emails, make sure you’re not using too many content ideas. The best emails keep the messaging simple, to the point and relevant.

Get your salon email Marketing read
How to Get Your Salon Email Marketing Read

Always include a call-to-action and monitor click-through rates to see what button clients are using the most.

Use different subject lines that are short, inviting, and tempt the client in. Also, ensure your emails are easy to read on mobile.

Salon marketing works when it is personalized and plays to the relationship that you have with your client when they’re in your salon.

One of the best ideas is to use your client’s name in the email — this is something you can set up automatically with some email software providers.

Post helpful, different tips in your emails that are relevant to your clients and align the visuals with your website to create brand recognition. To increase your open rate, offer different and engaging content, and then share similar visuals on your Instagram page to tie everything in.

You could also promote your newsletter on Instagram by using LinkTree or Shorby.

Successful salons research and post their emails when people are most likely to want to read them. Posting on a Friday night at 11 pm will almost never work!

5 Top Email Marketing Ideas

top email Markting Ideas
Top Email Marketing Ideas
  • 1. Monthly Newsletters

    Using content from your website, design, and send out a relevant monthly newsletter full of information someone would like to read. Make sure your subject lines stay catchy, so people keep opening!

  • 2. Offer New Treatments

    Maybe you’re the first salon in your area to offer a treatment? Or maybe you’re the first to stock a revolutionary product. Ensure everyone stays up-to-date well with a mobile-friendly email. Complement this with a social media post and you’ll soon attract attention.

  • 3. Celebrate Anniversaries

    Maybe it’s your salon’s first birthday? Or maybe you’re promoting a festive campaign? One of the best ideas is to contact your email subscribers to let them know what’s on offer.

  • 4. Send Out New Client Emails

    If you want to increase loyalty, and get a new client to book in for another appointment, one of the best salon marketing tips is to send them out an email quickly. Make the subject line inviting and personalize it if you can.

  • 5. Introduce Your Star Employees

    Someone is much more likely to book an appointment at your salon if they know your staff personally. Of course, you can promote employees on Instagram and social media, but you could also send out dedicated emails.



It’s imperative you employ salon email marketing if you want to get new bookings.

Luckily, email ideas for salons don’t have to be complicated. /p>

The best email marketing ideas for salons are often the simple ones that'll keep clients interested in your salon.

Instead of fighting for a like on busy social media networks, you could concentrate on a catchy subject line or two.

If you’re desperate to increase your social media following, including a link to your pages in your emails could get you more followers.

To ensure people stay interested in your business, target them with a salon email marketing campaign.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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