Best Salon Trolley Cart Ideas For 2023

Hair stylists all know how important a good salon trolley cart is- it stores your hair salon equipment, products, and tools in an easy to reach spot, letting you stay focused on your client’s hair.

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We’ll explain what a hair salon trolley cart is and how to choose the right ones for your salon’s hair stylists, and we’ll also give you some hair salon cart ideas to help inspire you.

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  1. What Is A Salon Cart
  2. Salon Trolley Cart Ideas For Your Business
  3. Where To Find Best Salon Carts and Trolleys
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What Is A Salon Cart


A salon storage cart, also called a salon trolly cart, is a rolling cart with wheels on the bottom, multiple drawers for storage, and hooks or baskets on the side for things like hair dryers and commonly-used items).

Some salon trolley carts are more streamlined than others, and size/ height can vary. They tend to share the following common features:

  • Mobile: Every salon rolling cart will have wheels or castors and be easy to move between stations.
  • Storage: Along with being a salon cart on wheels, these trolleys typically have multiple drawers and compartments. These can either be fully opaque, or open-ended with clear plastic fronts for easy viewing.
  • Durable: The best trolley cart for salon professionals will be able to take some punishment. It should be made of durable metal or high-grade plastic, and will usually be black colored to hide scuffs/ stains.
  • Bonus Features: Some will come with a salon cart accessory shelf, built-in color mixing pot area, or lockable drawers. A cheap salon trolley cart will usually be more basic, but the higher price ones are often customizable.

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Salon trolley cart ideas
Salon Trolley Cart Ideas

Salon Trolley Cart Ideas For Your Business


A salon’s utility carts need to be functional and easy for hair stylists to move, but they don’t need to be unattractive, take up too much space or take away from your salon’s vibe. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of each salon roller cart.

  • Consider Color: A black salon trolley cart is the most common option, but there are others available. When choosing a salon cart, white might work better with your decor, or even a bright color. Some salons even decorate theirs with colored decals or stickers on the sides.
  • Choose Your Material Wisely: Many people prefer a metal salon trolley for durability, but plastic has the advantage of being cheaper and lighter. If your hair stylists will be moving the rolling salon cart around a lot, this might be easier on them.
  • Ask Your Team: Your stylists will be using the roller carts, so ask them about their needs. Do they want a salon cart with power strip included, a salon cart topper for mixing colors, or lockable drawers? Extra features will impact your salon trolley price, so only invest in what your team will use.
  • Check Salon Space: Before buying a hair salon trolley, rolling cart, or anything like that, see how much space you have to move the salon roller cart and store it. Also, check the height and width of each salon cart trolley and ensure that it won’t stick out too much or look odd next to your styling stations.
  • Upcycle: For a unique look, you might repurpose old furniture like cocktail trolleys or small racks by adding new castors, bind and a salon cart tray on top. This will make your utility carts into statement pieces.

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Salon Rolling Cart

Salon rolling cart
Salon Rolling Cart

Salon Cart

Salon cart
Salon Cart

Salon Trolley Cart

Salon trolley cart
Salon Trolley Cart

Salon Storage Cart

Salon storage cart
Salon Storage Cart

Best Salon Trolley

Best salon trolley
Best Salon Trolley

Where To Find Best Salon Carts and Trolleys


There are a ton of options available if you’re looking for a salon trolley cart for sale. Here are some of the best places to get started. Salon cart prices will vary between each option, so make sure to shop with a budget in mind.

  • Online Wholesalers: Check online for hair salon supplies wholesalers in your area. Many of these businesses also provide salons with tools and equipment, and you’ll be able to comparison-shop for the best price.
  • Amazon: You can find everything from salon cart replacement drawers to utility carts in various sizes here for a good price, but make sure to read the reviews before buying- you want to make sure that the carts are good quality.
  • Social Media: If you’re looking for used salon rolling carts, Facebook’s marketplace is a great place to start. Many salons will post their older furniture here when they upgrade. This can be a great way to get something for a good price.
  • Sales Apps: Spreeberry and Shprock are also good places to search for a used trolley cart. Salon owners will often put items up here for sale, and you can search by category. This is a fantastic option for anyone looking to upcycle, too.

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Whether you’re looking for a basic salon rolling cart with drawers or a top-of-the-line salon trolley cart with lock, power strip and multiple attachments included, it pays to shop around.

Why not enlist your stylists to help you narrow down your search and make a list of your salon’s needs? This way, you’ll end up with a salon trolley cart that’s both the right price and a great fit for your space.


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