How And Where To Find Best Salon Chairs in 2023

When it comes to salon equipment and furniture, having the right salon chairs is probably the most important piece of salon equipment can do to make sure your clients have a great experience.

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In this article, we’ll explore the different things to look for in hair salon chairs, where to buy salon chairs, and how much different chairs for salon businesses can cost.

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  1. How To Choose The Best Salon Chairs For You?
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  3. How To Find Used Salon Chairs?
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How To Choose The Best Salon Chairs For You?


Whether you’re looking for new luxury salon chairs or trying to replace your older ones with some new, versatile and unique salon stylist chairs, there are some things that you should always keep in mind.

Type of Salon Styling Chairs

Salon styling chairs vary widely in both aesthetics and functionality. Some are designed to be a comfortable chair that can be used for multiple purposes, while others are task-specific. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Salon Shampoo Chairs: These are reclining salon chairs designed to support a client’s neck while they’re leaning over a wash basin or sink. If your shop has mobile wash basins or styling chairs with wheels, you may not need these.

    Salon shampoo chairs
    Salon Shampoo Chairs
  • Salon Dryer Chairs: A larger style of chair with room for a dryer behind it, these are meant to ensure customers are comfortable while they sit for long periods. Be warned- these are not cheap salon chairs.

    Salon dryer chairs
    Salon Dryer Chairs
  • Barber Chairs: These are a lot like regular salon styling chairs, but they’re designed for more than a haircut- they’re comfortable and recline a lot so that you can give clients a shave or a beard trim.

    Barber chairs
    Barber Chairs
  • Hydraulic Salon Styling Chairs: These sleek, modern salon chairs have a hydraulic pump to adjust the height. Hydraulic salon chairs are the most common type of styling salon chairs you’ll see in a business.

    Hydraulic salon styling chairs
    Hydraulic Salon Styling Chairs
  • All Purpose Salon Chairs (Reclining and Hydraulic): The ultimate versatile salon styling chair, these salon hair chairs recline for barber services and also adjust vertically. Most salon all purpose chairs feature a head and footrest and can save space in a busy establishment.

    All purpose salon chairs
    All Purpose Salon Chairs

Check the Functionality of Salon Chairs

Since customers spend so much time in a salon chair, you’ll want the best one you can get (for a good price, of course), but you’ll also want to make sure that your stylists find it useful. Keep an eye out for a salon chair that features:

  • Good lumbar support with a design that doesn’t stress the mid-chest
  • Foot support
  • A maximum weight capacity between 350-500 lbs
  • Adjustable/ removable footrest and headrest
  • Good cushioning and comfort (especially on the armrests and butt area)
  • Smooth hydraulics and a large adjustable height range
  • Easy rotation
  • Reclines to suitable angles
  • Wheels (for easy mobility)

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Consider Your Salon Design

What are your salon’s aesthetics?

There are a lot of unique salon chairs out there, whether you’re looking for basic black salon chairs, vintage salon chairs or even something in a bright color or pattern.

You can even search sites for specific keywords like “brown salon chairs” or “black and gold salon chairs with removable headrests.”

Choose Your Material

Decide what material is best. They all come in a range of colors but can have a big impact on price. Some common salon chair materials include:

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

Pro tip: some chair fabrics are more durable, while others are made to wipe clean or not stain (you don’t want to be stuck figuring out how to get hair color off of salon chairs, after all).

Learn About Maintenance

  • Do your homework and learn about the basics, such as:
  • How to clean salon chairs
  • How to disinfect salon chairs
  • How to remove hairspray from salon chairs
  • How to spot a maintenance problem with your styling or dryer chairs for salon clients

Research Chair Durability, Warranty and Repair Terms

You’ll want to know what to expect from your styling and shampoo chairs for salon clients, long before anything needs repairs. Ensure that you’re familiar with each product and the warranty.

Understand Your Salon Budget

Consider your options. Salon styling chairs don’t have to be new. Many people shop for used chairs or even rent fancy salon chairs and replace them after a few years.

Think about the budget for your salon business and how much you plan to spend on tools and furniture as a whole.

Type of salon styling chairs
Type of Salon Styling Chairs

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What Are The Prices Of Salon Chairs?


So, how much do salon chairs cost?

In the USA, the average salon styling chair can cost anywhere from $100 to $700 or more. Shampoo salon chairs may be a bit cheaper since they don’t feature a hydraulic pump and are often fixed in place.

A used salon styling chair is a good option if you’re looking for a lower price, but even a good quality used chair won’t be cheap.

How to choose the best salon chairs?
How To Choose The Best Salon Chairs?

How To Find Used Salon Chairs?


Finding the right fit for your salon doesn’t have to be hard.

The internet is your friend. Start by checking social media like Facebook marketplace. You can also shop for used chairs for hair salon businesses on auction sites like Ebay, Spreeberry or the Shpock app. In addition, try online classified ads like Craigslist and Gumtree.

Finally, try contacting suppliers themselves. Ask them about buying trade-ins from former rentals. You’ll often find salon shampoo bowls and chairs or even a salon styling chair that’s like new or only has a few minor flaws for a great price this way.

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A good salon styling chair is just as important for making the right impression on customers as the quality of your salon’s services. After all, they’re about to spend a lot of time sitting in that chair, so comfort and style matter.

When shopping for salon chairs, take your time and make sure to do your research. They’re a big investment for your business and it’s important to get it right.


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