How To Increase Profits With Hair Color Salon Scale

A hair color salon scale can bring many benefits to your business. From delivering top customer service to allowing for better control over your salon expenses.

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We will go over the benefits of using a hair color salon scale to better manage your salon business. It also highlights some hair color management apps and their features.

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  1. Why Is Hair Color Stock Management Important?
  2. Benefits Of Using Hair Color Salon Scale
  3. Top Color Salon Scale Apps
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Why Is Hair Color Stock Management Important?


You are probably familiar with the situation where a number of clients come to your salon for hair dye, only to find out that you are out of hair dye, and by the time they realize it, it is too late.

This is especially true when you have to manage clients and other businesses at the same time. It is good to know that the scale of your hair dye salon can help you solve your problems.

With our color product management system, you will never run out of hair color again.

Customers will never use the lack of the hair color they want as an excuse to compromise.

Remember, only by providing top-notch service will you be able to retain customers and attract new customers through social media.

Benefits Of Using Hair Color Salon Scale


Accurate Color Formulas

Each time the hairdresser mixes a color, the "Hair Color Recipe" app records the recipe and the type of shades used. You can use different ways of measure units like grams and ounces.

This allows them to know which colors to order, what to do when creating a particular color blend, and what to avoid.

This will create consistency, which customers will appreciate, and will lead to repeat business and increased sales.

Consistent Salon Pricing

Managing the color stock in your salon will help you keep prices for hair color services consistent.

Hair coloring costs money, and you can lose money if you don't follow the right procedures.

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Improved Salon Stock Management

Salon inventory management and ordering become easier.

You no longer have to count each item to see what is in stock and what is out of stock.

You only need to update the program when new products hit the store shelves and when items are out of stock.

Integration with Salon POS

Color salon scale management app can also integrate with salon POS to automate other aspects of your business, such as marketing and staff management.

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Top Color Salon Scale Apps


Here are some of the best color inventory management apps you can use to streamline this essential salon service.

Getvish app
Getvish App

Getvish (iOS)

Vish is a hair color management software that greatly reduces wastage, ensures that prices are consistent while tracking inventory.

Its system has salon weighing scales that helps in capturing color formulas and lets you know how much a bowl of color should cost.

SalonScale app
SalonScale App

SalonScale (iOS)

The SalonScale software lets the salon owner know how much a bowl of color costs.

That helps in planning expenses and ensures you don't run a business at a loss.

You only need to turn on the salon scale and connect it to a Bluetooth enabled phone.

LaRu app
LaRu App

LaRu (iOS and Android)

LARu app is a color tracking system that lets you enter clients' data and create various color formulas.

It also keeps a record of every detail fed into the software, making it easy to track hair color inventory.

Additionally, it also creates consistency in hair coloring.

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How Can A Hair Color Salon Scale Increase Profits?

Hair color management software can notify a hairdresser every time a particular color is out of stock and place new orders. This ensures that salons don’t turn away clients due to lack of a particular product. It also builds clients’ confidence about the color business, which makes them become loyal customers.

For all your hair salon inventory needs, Zolmi Salon Inventory Software is here to help. Using salon software send you alerts when stocks on products are low, enables you to track your backbar usage, automatically makes purchase orders and send emails to your suppliers based on the minimum stock levels. Sign up for a free trial today!



Having a reliable paid or free salon salon scale eliminates hair color wastage and ensures you charge consistent prices for the services by eliminating guesswork.

Additionally, the app keeps track of product usage so that your color business never runs out of stock.


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