Complete Guide to Salon Mobile Payment Processing in 2023

Salon mobile payment processing is an increasingly popular alternative to card payments. With contactless payments becoming more and more common, many salon owners are using a mobile payment app as another convenient payment method for salons.

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We’ll take a look at the basics of offering mobile payment options in your salon, how you can start accepting mobile payments, some benefits and helpful tips to get you started.

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  1. What Are Salon Mobile Payments?
  2. What Are the Benefits of Mobile Payments in Your Salon?
  3. Conclusion

What Are Salon Mobile Payments?


Salon mobile payment transactions that use your mobile device and a digital “wallet” that stores your credit or debit card details. Clients download an app that stores this data securely in the cloud and uses it to process payments.

The salon then uses a virtual terminal or mobile salon POS device to accept contactless payment.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Payments in Your Salon?


Benefits of mobile payments in salon
Benefits of Mobile Payments in Salon

Salons that accept payments using a mobile device or app can automate their back-end checkout process. Since touchless payments are fast becoming the standard, payments using a mobile device are the next step.

Clients can skip the cash register, paying quickly and securely using the credit or debit card information stored in their mobile wallets.


Contactless mobile payments happen within seconds, with no need to count out change or process payments with debit cards or credit using a machine.

All of this means no waiting in line, no technical difficulties with mobile credit card readers, and no need to keep your receptionist busy processing payment information.


A mobile payments app means that clients can skip heavy wallets.

When making payments, mobile devices or phones can even be set to Auto-pay, saving customer data for easy payment. Your clients can order products and pay for services using just their mobile phone.

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Save Cost

Mobile salon POS systems eliminate the credit card terminal, reducing hardware, rental costs and transaction fees. Using a mobile card reader or a barcode scanner is cheaper too, with flat rates for all transaction types.


Since payment apps like Google Pay store clients’ data in the cloud, it’s secure even if your phone gets stolen or lost.

Using your fingerprint to open your phone and pay adds more security to the transaction. In fact, each transaction has an individual security code that’s generated by the mobile service.

All of these features can help to build your clients’ trust.

Your Salon Staff Wants It

A salon is a busy place to work, and offering mobile payment options is a big way to eliminate some of the extra work that they have to do, leaving them free to focus on their clients.

Give You Competitive Advantage

Customers (and hair stylists) are busy people, and a hassle-free, in-and-out salon experience is a great way to make your salon business even more appealing.

A mobile POS system is one more way to show your salon’s commitment to customer service. This added convenience factor will make your business stand out from the competition.

Benefits of mobile payments in salon
Benefits of Mobile Payments in Salon

The Future is in Mobile Payment Apps

Online payments and mobile apps are only going to grow in popularity as more people become aware of their security and convenience, so why not adopt this technology now?

Sales Increase

Having more payment options makes upselling easier. Clients are more likely to buy recommended products or add services when they’re not handling cards or counting cash.

Reduce Waiting Time

Without the hassle of waiting during checkout, you’re free to focus on your customers. Imagine what you can get done with 99.9% uptime…

Easily to Track Your Performance

You can integrate your payment system with your salon software, giving you instant access to your sales metrics and client spending habits. This makes it easier to plan future advertising, upselling, and forecast salon performance over time.

Boost Customer Engagement

Customers can conveniently get everything done in one place, including online booking, checking in at the salon, receiving notifications, paying (and tipping), upgrading their service and adding products whenever they want. And then completing the visit with an easy self-check-out.

Afterwards, you’ll both receive notifications, and customers get a review request and the chance to rebook right away, boosting rebooking rates. All of this upgrades their experience and increases loyalty.


As more and more places accept credit card payments or debit using a mobile app, customers will begin to expect it. It’s quick, simple and hassle-free.



With the added safety, speed and convenience of mobile payment options, it’s no wonder that they’re catching on quickly.

They’re a big step up from counting tills, bulky wallets and credit cards, which can cause a lot of stress and worry when they’re stolen.

Plus, by offering salon mobile payment options to your clients, you’ll reduce your team’s workload and make everyone happy. This is one more way to stand out from the competition.


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