Best Salon Business Apps in 2023 | Manage Your Business On The Go

Wish you knew the right salon business apps that can relieve you of the stress of running a salon?

The right mobile app can make the job of managing and organizing your salon easier and even more profitable.

Mobile apps can best take care of specific on-the-job tasks like salon appointment booking apps for appointments, free scheduling app, and payments app for payments.

Other apps also exist for off-the-job tasks like promotion, marketing, and inventory management.

We will take you through well-suited apps to meet your individual needs as a hairstylist, salon manager, or owner.

What You Will Learn in This Article

This article focuses on the best salon business apps to help your individual needs as a hairstylist, salon manager, or owner.

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  1. Our Top 5 Salon Business Apps for 2022
  2. Best Salon Appointment Apps
  3. Accounting Apps
  4. Staff Scheduling Apps
  5. Planning Apps
  6. Payment Apps
  7. Inventory Apps
  8. Intake Form Apps
  9. Online Presence Apps
  10. Marketing Apps
  11. Conclusion

Our Top 5 Salon Business Apps for 2022


Here is our list of hand-picked top 5 of the best salon business apps that every salon should consider.

  • Zolmi Salon Business App – Cost-effective yet simple salon-booking app
  • Google My Business – Lets people discover your Salon
  • Trello – Easy and efficient promotion-managing app
  • Canva – Inspiring, editable salon-marketing design templates
  • Instagram for Business – Attract, engage, and convert followers.

Best Salon Appointment Apps


Managing numerous client appointments can be tedious and, if not handled properly, can lead to missing appointments and ultimately losing clients.

That is why you need an app for hair salon appointments for your hair salon.

Zolmi (iOS and Android)

One of the best and free salon app for appointment-booking used by big and small salon owners for online booking.

Accounting Apps


A vital aspect of any business, including a salon, is handling money. Some platforms can hold their own when it comes to the accounting challenges that you encounter.

Find the best of these accounting tools listed out below.

FreshBooks (Android)

freshbooks app
Freshbooks App

Perfect for small salons with its user-friendly interface and features like client billing, online payment, invoicing, and payment reminders.

Xero (iOS and Android)

xero app
Xero App

This is a cost-effective accounting platform that supports invoicing, billing, and inventory tracking with 24/7 client support.

QuickBooks (iOS and Android)

quickbooks app
Quickbooks App

It's one of the best accounting apps with customizable features and can reconcile both receivable and payable activities.

Sage (iOS and Android)

sage app
Sage App

Sage manages your financial activities like transaction records, quotes, receipts, and invoicing with website-based back-up and integration with other applications.

Staff Scheduling Apps


Ensure your staff is always updated with their schedules, reminded of their upcoming appointments, and any changes like new bookings, cancellations, or rebookings.

Here are some of the top staff scheduling apps that can take this burden off your neck.

Homebase (iOS and Android)

homebase app
Homebase App

Ideal for managing a small team of staff members with features that help with time management, communication, hiring, and onboarding.

Google Calendar (iOS and Android)

google calendar app
Google Calendar App

Confirm employee availability and schedule employees for client appointments. It features a group calendar, reminders and synchronizes with website-based applications.

When I work (iOS and Android)

when i work app
When I work App

Automatically schedule your staff for work and track their time on the job. Other functions include overtime calculation, calendar management, schedule distribution.

Shiftboard (iOS and Android)

shiftboard app
Shiftboard App

An affordable and intuitive employee scheduling app for small salons helping with employee time management, calendar management, and team management.

Planning Apps


As our salon grows, we tend to plan different activities and promotional offers to ensure that this progress endures.

Find below a list of the best planning apps you can engage in preparing your activities.

Trello (iOS and Android)

trello app
Trello App

With its easy-to-use board functions, you can assign tasks with deadlines, categorize tasks with colors, and communicate progress with the team.


clickup app
Clickup App

It makes collaboration on both big and small campaigns easy. It has features for itemizing and assigning tasks, reminders, and commenting.

Airtable (iOS and Android)

airtable app
Airtable App

It has a user-friendly interface and organizes tasks’ information with a visual presentation for easy assessment. It also integrates well with other applications.

Toggl (iOS and Android)

toggl app
Toggl App

An activity planning app with time tracking for activities, progress reporting, team collaboration, visual presentation, and cost to benefit functions.

Payment Apps


With the launch of so many mobile payment platforms, this is the best time to set up one for you.

Take advantage of some of the best payment platforms that we’ve listed here for you.

Charge Stripe (iOS and Android)

charge stripe app
Charge Stripe App

Allows for processing online payments, credit card processing, mobile payment, Point of Sale, and recurring billing. It also offers online support.

iZettle (iOS and Android)

izettle app
iZettle App

This is a simple way to get paid with features like a barcode scanner, item description input, Point of Sale, billing, and receipt.

SumUp (iOS and Android)

sumup app
SumUp App

It's perfect for salons with features that include cash recording, tax rate input, sales history, and refund functions.

Square (iOS and Android)

square app
Square App

This intuitive payment app comes with a designated contactless card reader, Point of Sale, easy bank integration, reporting, and inventory management.

Inventory Apps


Stocktaking is one of the vital elements of managing your salon.

Having the right inventory tool to help you update your stock is good to make sure you never run out of essential products to satisfy your clients.

You will find these salon tools most useful for your inventory needs.

Sortly (iOS and Android)

sortly app
Sortly App

A salon tool available as a mobile app, flexible, and easy to use for inventory management.

Delivrd (Website)

delivrd app
Delivrd App

This mobile app allows you to track your inventory, scan product barcodes, manage orders, and integrate with other apps.

Inventory Now (iOS)

inventory now app
Inventory Now App

Barcode scanning for adding products, import, export product data, and tracking orders are some functions in this app.

Boxstorm (iOS and Android)

box storm app
Boxstorm App

This robust inventory tracker can take up to 15,000 products, track purchase orders, and import product data from other applications.

Intake Form Apps


Do you wish to conduct a survey or collect clients’ data? Different intake forms have their specific uses and will serve you depending on the information you intend to collect.

Google Forms (iOS and Android)

google forms app
Google Forms App

Free and easy to use, Google Forms features field creation options, fields’ editing, and import fields from previously created documents.

Jotform (iOS and Android)

jotform app
Jotform App

This app has a user-friendly interface. Easily drag-and-drop field options, simple, customizable themes, data collection field creation, and widget libraries. (iOS and Android) app App

Allows easy form customization and features include image upload, picture selection, customized URL, unique QR code, and multiple submission settings.

Survey Monkey (iOS and Android)

survey monkey app
Survey Monkey App

With features like result tracking, email distribution, image, audio, and video support, the survey monkey lets you create forms easily.

Online Presence Apps


Salons are finding out that having an online presence increases online booking and more awareness about their services.

Here are some top-notch salon tools to help you unleash your online potential and give you tremendous results.

Google My Business (iOS and Android)

google my business app
Google My Business App

This app lets you verify and claim your business online and input your salon details like your website for easy engagement.

Yelp Business (iOS and Android)

yelp business app
Yelp Business App

You can claim your business and get feedback from client reviews online. It allows you to update your salon information.

Instagram for Business (iOS and Android)

instagram app
Instagram for Business App

Engage with millions of people on this social cum business platform by uploading pictures of your services and salon details.

Facebook Business (iOS and Android)

facebook business app
Facebook Business App

Facebook helps you connect with prospective clients with features that allow you to post videos and images of your services.

Bing Place for Business (iOS and Android)

bing places app
Bing Place for Business App

It Lets people quickly locate salons around them for online booking, and its features include updating your service details, like opening hours.

Marketing Apps


Flyers, posters, and ads are everywhere. Promoting your salon will involve one of these marketing forms, and some platforms can help with this.

Find below some of the best marketing salon applications you can use to grow your salons easily.

Canva (iOS and Android)

canva app
Canva App

It gives you a massive collection of customizable templates to market your services with team collaboration, size optimization, and formatting tools.


Mailchimp (iOS and Android)

mailchimp app
Mailchimp App

This app is a one-stop-shop for designing marketing campaigns, mail list management, automated mailing and integrates with other mobile apps.


Fiverr (iOS and Android)

fiverr app
Fiverr App

This platform gives you access to many freelancers to help you with marketing activities like poster design and landing pages.


Sendible (iOS and Android)

sendible app
Sendible App

Helps you get new clients on multiple social media account with options like schedule posts, content recommendation, CRM, and Twitter auto-retweet.


Loomly (iOS and Android)

loomly app
Loomly App

A marketing app with social media management functions like content management, automated publishing, keyword filtering, post scheduling, and client targeting.



Make sure you run your business on the go while using some of our salon business apps suggestions.

Even if you already use some hair salon business app for iPad or Android, or a cloud-based free salon software, you can still try out another tool to compare.

This approach can help you better choose which platform best fits your needs.

Why not share your preferred salon management system with other salon owners of the Belliata community in the comment section below.

Also, let us know why you choose your online salon booking system, for instance, and leave any questions you might have to help others decide the best apps for salon owners.


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