Best Ideas For Salon Mirrors in 2023

If you’re opening a new salon or renovating one, then having the right salon mirrors for your hairdressers and clients can make a huge difference.

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  1. Why Are Mirrors So Important In Your Salon?
  2. Best Salon Mirrors Ideas
  3. Where To Get Salon Mirrors?
  4. Conclusion

Why Are Mirrors So Important In Your Salon?


Your hair salon mirror is the first place a client looks before and after a service. This makes a hair salon mirror one of the most important items you can add to a room.

No matter what kind of hair salon you’re running, you’ll want to add some good mirrors that reflect (literally) your business.

Each hair salon mirror serves multiple purposes. It’ll help clients to see their results, make your stylists’ jobs easier, add to the salon’s decor and “open up” the space.

Best Salon Mirrors Ideas


Salon mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ve got plenty of options. Most mirrors work as both salon equipment and part of the decor.

Double-Sided Salon Mirror

Double-sided salon mirror
Double-Sided Salon Mirror

These salon mirrors help save space by allowing for back-to-back workstations. They’re a great choice in smaller areas with narrow salon layouts, but they’re not ideal if you’re dealing with a large space you’ll need to fill.

Full Length Salon Mirror

Full length salon mirror
Full Length Salon Mirror

A full-length mirror helps add more natural light to a space. These big salon mirrors work best if the station has a narrow footprint so that clients can see everything. Remember that they’re a lot of work to keep clean.

Vintage Salon Mirror

Vintage salon mirror
Vintage Salon Mirror

This type of mirror is a statement piece and adds to a salon’s decor. Many salon owners find unique ones they love at thrift stores or resale shops.If you’re going for a minimalist or modern vibe, these may not be the best choice to add to your salon.

Round Salon Mirror

Round salon mirror
Round Salon Mirror

Round mirror shapes are simple, elegant, and save space. They also add a more private experience. Remember that clients vary in height, so you’ll want to place a round mirror carefully.

Salon Station With A Mirror Attached

Salon station with a mirror attached
Salon Station With A Mirror Attached

This is one of the most popular mirror designs for hair salons, since it includes some storage space and a counter- some of them are a simple salon mirror with shelf attached, while others include drawers.. These can help reduce salon expenses and increase storage, but they have a comparatively large footprint.

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Salon Wall Mirrors

Salon wall mirrors
Salon Wall Mirrors

A full length wall mirror gives clients a full view of themselves, opens up the space and distributes light. That said, salon mirrors for walls take time and effort to keep spotless and don’t provide much privacy.

Salon Mirror With Lights

Salon mirror with lights
Salon Mirror With Lights

LED salon mirror lights are energy efficient and work well as task lighting. You can also get backlit salon mirrors and product displays. Make sure that the salon mirror salon lighting you add isn’t too harsh or unflattering.

Adjustable Salon Mirrors

Adjustable salon mirrors
Adjustable Salon Mirrors

These are salon mirrors for hairdressers to see their work and assist a client. Add at least one adjustable mirror (even if it’s a handheld one) to each station. You can get adjustable hair salon mirrors with LED lights for a reasonable price, too.

How High Should a Salon Mirror Be?

The highest point should be between 65-75 inches from the floor, but you can add or subtract from this depending on the height of your chairs- sit in one and see what works best.

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Where To Get Salon Mirrors?


You can buy everything from full length LED salon mirrors to gorgeous vintage ones online. Many beauty supply shops sell them and offer delivery. Also, check Facebook, Craigslist and even eBay- many salons sell used furniture for a good price. This is a great way to get cheap salon mirrors at a lower price than you’ll pay in retail shops. Finally you can get some great vintage salon mirror design ideas at thrift stores.



A good mirror will give your clients a positive impression of your salon and help them feel at home. It will also give the salon’s space more character and make it look its best.

Salon mirrors add a great deal to your business. Make sure to look at your options and choose wisely.

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