New Year Salon Marketing Ideas

The end of the year is almost here and you might be wondering on the best strategies to improve your salon business and what New Year salon marketing ideas can drive is typical for the months of January and also February to have your clients reduce their spending after festive spree and as a result, your business might be hit hard. Re-evaluation of your business is very crucial.

Since your clients and of course all the other customers are in the spending mood, why don’t you let them know that they still need to look amazing after the festive season spree? Here are the salon promotions that work and which will help you maintain your regular clientele and also attract new business.

What You Will Learn In This Article

In this article you will learn salon marketing ideas a strategies that will help your salon business attract customers and revenue growth.

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  1. Start Strategizing Early
  2. Start With a Positive Note
  3. Market Your Salon Through Social Platforms
  4. New Year Marketing
  5. Run a Promotion

Start Strategizing Early


It is no secret that for you to be successful in a business you need to plan way ahead of time. This will help you improve the business performance, re-evaluate your salon marketing strategies and have a clearer idea on what should be done next. You will also make the necessary changes where possible and help you beat the other local competitors who will most likely not see it coming.

It might seem hard because as the other people are planning for the festive frenzy, you are also doing the same. With the Christmas season business increasing and all the festive planning, it might be hard to think about all the January and February promotions that need to be done at this time. But this is the right moment to get your skates on and start marketing hard.

The best way to approach this is by having your New Year promotions ready and begin marketing them right at this month. The hair salon promotions used: will entail desirable New Year deals and offers or even discounts for the services rendered or the goods sold. These are aimed at attracting a large number of clients who will be walking by your salon during the busy festival frenzy.

The strategy gives your clients an idea that they should not miss out on the amazing deals that you have planned for them. You should keep on going and don’t stop there because you need to keep that spirit of holiday spending rolling even during the months that are termed dry in business.

The use of a card that is branded with your business name, a note for the customer from either their stylist or the therapist is one of the best salon marketing strategy. These cards should be handed out to every client before Christmas to market your salon in January.

You can ask your team to write the message of the card to their clients each day with a “Thank You” at the end. Also, days before Christmas you should check which clients have not attended the salon and mail it to them.

Before the Christmas day, you can be a bit creative and run a promotion with the angle of buy one get two free. You cause a salon gift card for this. Use all the platforms you can get to promote this. The creative part should be on the terms and conditions where you will state that the gift card can only be used in January and February. And you can also add the services in which the card can only be used such as hair or manicure.

Start With a Positive Note


Another important thing that you should do during this month is getting rid of things that didn't work for you. Well, how can you suggest to your customers that they will receive better services while they can clearly see that you are making no effort towards the same?

Think of it as a time of making a positive change. Let the clientele and the staff know that you have their demands and needs in mind. Any systems that need a full or partial makeover or a strategic plan that didn't materialize or perform as expected, it is time to let it go as it will only waste your time and hard earned money.

In addition, it is important that you have a moment and reflect on the current year with your team.

As you discuss they can give you feedback and you might find them helpful especially when making crucial decisions on changes that you are about to make and also on the marketing strategy. Remember these are the same team that you will need to help you promote the business. Furthermore, most of them can reach out to other customers.

Ask your team about how they think the year was and which unique salon service ideas they might be having. Discuss the ways that you can fix the problems that might have occurred. Talk about how you can set goals and objectives for the New Year and let them know what your plans are. A positive environment and motivation are created by a team that works together.

Does some of the things in the business need restricting or just sprucing up? If they need restructuring or sprucing up then make sure you do so. Does your desk require a bit of decoration or do you do you need to update the look of your marketing collateral? Then do so. Ensure that while ushering in the New Year everything in your salon is looks amazing and refreshing, and your team is in shape.

Market Your Salon Through Social Platforms


Effective salon marketing ideas you are supposed to use all the New Years Salon Promotions Ideas tools or even channels that you can get. Many salon businesses don't use email marketing. The best-proven way to market your business is through the email. Email has been shown to be the most productive marketing platform in terms of returns on investments. these New Years Salon Promotions Ideas if well implemented will help your business grow exponentially.

Many businesses during the festive season or the Hanukkah season send out an email to their clients wishing them a happy festive season. So why don't you follow suit? However, instead of sending the email during the Christmas period as most businesses do, set yourself apart and send it before the New Year. At this time it will most likely get noticed. By sending an email you are reaching out to almost everyone.

Think of it, the first people do when they wake up in the morning, go to bed, while taking breakfast, enter an office and during the office hours is check their inboxes. Why would you miss out on such a ideal salon marketing tool?

Capitalize on the benefits associated with the email and send out some emails that promote the offers you have aligned for your customers in January and February. Further, it is an extremely cost-effective tool.

Another means that can get your New Years hair Salon Promotional Ideas noticed is the use of the social media platforms. Posting an amazing festive avatar or a photo will have your followers attracted to it and have your salon idea in mind. You can post the pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, among many others where you will most likely reach out to more potential customers.

You use Pinterest as part of your strategy in finding your New Years hair Salon Promotional Ideas but also be a little bit creative. You can create a board of the New Year outfits, drinks, décor and food ideas then post them in this platform.

New Year Marketing


During the beginning of the New Year, most people try to get a new makeover. It can either be a mind or a body makeover. It is the period when the gyms are full of people trying to get back in shape whereas other people are much reserved would like to have a new haircut. This period is also the best time to encourage the clientele to try something new. This means that it is a time for you to market your hair and beauty salon.

Market it as the place where the best place for the clients can rejuvenate their image, therefore, boosting their confidence as they step into the New Year. Let them know that your team is capable of coming up with the new image that they truly desire within the timeline that they give.

As you market take the perspective of "A New Year, New Image and a New You" that is fresh starts and new makeovers angle. Don't stop at this but go ahead and offer them a discount for a new haircut or a colour.

If you had been campaigning using your salon windows only then this is the time to take it much further. Make sure that utilize the social media platforms or any other promotional marketing that can help reach out to potential customers are.

It is time to consider offering more services. For instance, a package of manicure may also include a pedicure as well. Another package could involve a colour restyling of the hair with a free blow and also a cut or any other package that you can come up with. Remember that you are the only person who can come with such an informed decision.

However these promotions should not lead to depletion of resources or marginal losses, they will solely depend on the resources that you have available and the size of your salon. Send these new packages using the social platform also including texts and explain to your customers what these new bundle of amazing services is all about.

Moreover, during these time you should try new things.

Furthermore, it is a new year and you never know what might just work out for you. Most professionals and business do this and so should you. You can try out a new hair colour that you think is rockin’, implementation of a loyalty program for your customers and you can also attend one of those industry events. In order to achieve this, you have to step out of that comfort zone.

Run a Promotion


In most cases in any business, the sales will start to dwindle just after Christmas, but this should not the case for you. You should come up with promotions that are focused on the new year that keep the spirit of spending rolling. Offer a discount of say a standard a 10 percentage into the New Year in order to ensure that you have an easy time during the promotion period.

This is a good way to boost your profits a through the retail stock that you have been having. In addition, the passersby will be attracted by these offers and most of them will pop in to check what you have to offer. This makes it a good strategy to attract new customers to your salon. Make people aware people aware of the promotion through your social media platforms and texts.

The promotions can be overwhelming and you can find yourself digging deeper into your pockets that it was initially planned. So, it is important that you are aware of these possibilities and take the necessary precaution by ensuring that you can handle the precautions that aren't making any profits.

In order to avoid such a scenario, it is important that your January promotions are only organized for quieter days and maybe during the midweek's days such as Tuesday and Wednesday. By offering such a promotion during the weekends and end of the week that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you will most likely make your business incur unnecessary losses. During these days the clients have finished work and are free to storm in the salon.

The bottom line is that most people in the New Year times consider it a time of refreshing and getting motivation. People make resolutions at this time as they plan to kick off the year in a positive note.

You can capitalize on this.

Also, why don't you use a salon marketing agency or suggest to your clientele that you are holding a contest? The contest would involve sharing of favourite quotes that inspire them the most.

Motivate the customers to share their favourite quotes on social media platforms and get the fans involved as well. Ask these fans to vote for the quote that they like most and five customers who get the most quotes become the overall winner of the contest. By doing this contest you will be engaging your customer in a fun way.

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