How to Set Long-term Goals for a Salon?

Considering how to set long-term goals for your salon?

Remember, today's big salon chains are yesterday's small business startups.

In order to become a successful salon brand you need to think at least 10 years ahead. Setting long-term goals and aligning short- and medium-term goals for your salon will take you there.

What You Will Learn In This Article

In this article, you will learn how to choose and set long-term goals for your salon.

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  1. What Are Long-term Goals for Your salon?
  2. Why Long-term Goals Are Important
  3. How to Set-up Long-Term Goals?
  4. How to Measure your Long-term Goals
  5. Conclusion

What Are Long-term Goals for Your salon?


Long-term help you consider and define the vision you have for your salon. They help you identify what you can do now (short-term goals for salon) and in another 3 to 5 years (medium-term) to achieve your salon business vision.

Why Long-term Goals Are Important


They help you evaluate and measure your current actions in terms of getting you closer to sustainable success and growth in the future.

Plan Big But Start Small

Having big dreams is good, but it takes concerted daily efforts to achieve them.

Without developing a sustainable business routine based on excellent customer experience, future dreams will not become reality.

Align Your Goal

The average day in a salon could sometimes become hectic. Poor preparation or planning can lead to less productivity.

With well-laid goals, you can reduce the time-wasters.


If you want a more predictable future for your salon, set milestones for the next 10 years. It will help you measure and evaluate your actions.

Realistic Dreams

Everyone has wishes and dreams but what differentiates one dreamer from the other are the actions they take is what they do finally. Without setting and focusing on an achievable action plan your dreams will not become a reality

How to Set-up Long-Term Goals?


Whatever the aspirations we set for ourselves, setting smart goals in the longer run is a priority.

Have a Plan

No one succeeds by wishing.

Having a plan also covers developing the right skills as a stylist, a manager, and a team player.

Write It Down

Putting your goals down allows you to see the picture clearer.

It also makes it easier to track and evaluate your progress and therefore increase your chances to succeed.

Set a Scale of Preference

Once you have your goals written, then you can re-organize them in the order of importance.

Your goals will fall into short, medium, and long-term; hence you need to know where each task belongs.

Fix Timelines

We all know that every milestone, goal, or target requires a deadline.

The more specific you are with timelines, the more focused your activities.

Plan Backwards

Determine where you want the business to be in ten years and then start tracing what you would do backward up till the present day.

How to Measure your Long-term Goals


Create Charts/ Checklists

I would strongly recommend you having a chart to illustrate your KPIs achievement over time (key performer indicators).

For example, the number of clients that come into your salon for hair treatment month by month will show you whether your actions put you on the right trend

Regular Evaluation

If your target is to reach a particular client base, you should evaluate your performance on a weekly or monthly basis.

Examples of Long-Term Salon Goals

Here are some long-term goal ideas for your salon:

  • Expanding your one-person salon into a bigger one or even a chain.
  • Achieving a 30% net profit annually.
  • Expanding the range of services offered.
  • Hire 10 new stylists.
  • Launch your one hair product brand.



In understanding how to set long-term goals for a salon, you must realize it takes a concerted effort to plan and implement.

The key to success is to remain consistent and always keep goals for your salon in front of you.

However, do not take it so much to heart when things go wrong. They often will. The key would be knowing and learning from your mistakes.

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