Salon Goals & Objectives | How To Set Yours

Anytime you own and operate a business, you've got to have goals and objectives to help you keep your business pointed in the right direction, so you continue to be well established in your area. Running a hair salon is no different, and the right hair salon goals and objectives can turn your place into the most sought-after salon in town. First, it's a good idea to separate goals and objectives so that you know what each is.

Goals tell you where you want to go with your hair salon and how you're going to get there.

Objectives are the specific targets to reach and outcomes in achieving your goals. Goals are typically described in words, while objectives are more about the number and dates.

Hair salon goals and objectives examples can help you get on track. Use the following ideas for forming a well-rounded set of hair salon goals so you can build the business you've always dreamed of.

Goal: Increase Profits

Any hair salon is going to include making a profit in its goals.

This goal will help you limit salon expenses and increase your bottom line so that you're making money. To go along with this goal, you need a few precise objectives. That could be increasing your profit by 10% each year or getting ten new clients each month. Other objectives might be lowering your monthly utility bills or seeking out a new place to operate that will offer a lower rent.

Goal: Client Retention

Any hair salon wants to offer such great service that clients come back time and time again. Your objectives here might be offering a discount to repeat clients, referral rewards for bringing in a new client or a savings plan that offers a free service after a certain number are purchased.

Goal: Employee Retention

Just as important as keeping your clients, keeping your employees can make or break your hair salon. If you goal is to hang on to yours, objectives for doing so could be special training programs for new employees, regular meetings to discuss problems or complaints your employees may have, and offer incentives, such as a day off or a longer lunch break, to those who perform well.

Goal: High Quality

It goes without saying that you want to provide the highest quality hair services in your area and that's a common goal among hair salon owners. Objectives for reaching this goal could be buying top quality products and tools, offering a large range of services and hiring only well-trained employees to take care of your clients.

Goal: Efficiency

One of your business aims should definitely center on efficiency because that means you can take care of more clients over the course of a day. Objectives for reaching this goal could be having more staff on hand during the day, staying open a bit later or training staff to be quicker without sacrificing quality.

Goal: Growth

Clearly you want your hair salon to continue to grow and reach more clients.

That's a goal of any business owner.

There are a variety of objectives that can help you reach that goal. If you are part of a franchise, you may aim to open a few new locations in the next year or scouting new cities to open a new location. You might also work toward reducing your franchise fees. These objectives also work if you own your own hair salon and can be modified based on your needs.

Goal: Top Notch Customer Service

Customer service is very important for your business and is a goal that should always be at the top of your list. Objectives here include reducing customer complaints by half in the next year, promising a quick resolution time to clients and increasing the number of customer service staff you have on hand at any given time.

Running a hair salon can be a very rewarding career path and is a great way to funnel your passion into a paycheck. Business aims in the form of targets, objectives and bigger goals are an integral part of running a successful hair salon and offering what your clients want at any given time.

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