How to Build a Salon Team to Improve Your Business Performance?

Knowing how to build a salon team is vital for any salon owner who wants to be successful. You can't do it all alone; you need good stylists and salon staff members, all pulling in the same direction, to help grow your brand and bring in loyal customers. Teamwork really is essential in this business, and it can make all the difference in the long term.

However, creating a strong, stable team in such a creative environment can be a challenge. So how do you build the best possible team and how can you get the most from everyone? This guide will cover all you need to know about team-building for salon owners.

What You Will Learn

This guide will look at key ways to encourage teamwork and strengthen bonds between salon employees to make a great team. We’ll cover some common team-building exercises you can implement in your business.

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What Are the Benefits of Teamwork in a Salon?


First, it’s important to be aware of some of the actual advantages of having a good team, all working together for your business. Here are some of the key benefits that come along with a teamwork-oriented working culture.

  • An increase in productivity and sales as team members work for one another and build a cohesive identity.

  • Better levels of retention in both staff and clients, so you’ll be able to keep the same stylists around and build a loyal following of clients, too.

  • Less management work and admin for salon owners and managers to deal with, as employees will be working together and helping one another organically.

  • Makes it easier for improvements and alterations to be made to the way your business runs over time, as everyone is on the same page.

  • A higher level of overall knowledge among employees as each employee will share info and advice with one another.

  • Better communication skills all around as the whole team will be talking, communicating, and coordinating on a regular basis.

  • The salon’s morale will also be improved, as teamwork has been shown to generate a happier and more positive culture in salons.

  • Enabling more flexibility among employees to help everyone do their job to the best of their ability, according to their circumstances.

  • Improved levels of client service throughout the business.

  • A better and more welcoming, engaging atmosphere for each employee to enjoy every day.

How to Promote Teamwork in Your Salon?


How to promote teamwork in your salon
How to promote teamwork in your salon

So how can you start making teamwork a bigger part of your business? Well, there are plenty of methods to encourage and inspire your employees to work together as part of a team, rather than thinking or acting individually. Here are some top methods for owners to support teamwork.

  • 1. Establish Values and Purpose

    In order to bring employees together, it helps to create a culture and vibe that they can all unite around. So make sure to outline a clear purpose, plan, and principles for your salon or spa, like offering the best service and always making sure clients leave with a smile.

  • 2. Set Clear Expectations

    Set goals for everyone, both individually and on a joint basis. The structure and roles of staff in a hair salon should be clear to everyone. People find it much easier to focus and work together as a team when they have a clear goal to aim for.

  • 3. Be an Exemplary Leader

    Leadership is vital when it comes to building a good team. You need to demonstrate strong leadership qualities to succeed, such as leading by example, knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and communicating clearly. You can also use salon software to be a better leader and helping with time management and scheduling.

  • 4. Hire the Right Personalities

    The hiring process is also crucial for building the best team in this industry. Be careful and attentive when looking at applications and holding each interview to make sure each new member will fit the team well. Include existing employees in the process, when relevant, too.

  • 5. Create Healthy Work Environment

    A healthy and welcoming work environment can work wonders for salon staff motivation. Research ways how to create a positive salon culture and implement methods like promoting communication, consistency, and professionalism from every employee.

  • 6. Help Them Grow and Develop

    Another good way for how to motivate salon employees is to help them grow over time. Whether it’s a stylist or a manager, most people don’t want to feel like they’re in a rut or stagnating in their position. They aspire to develop their career over time, and you can help with that development through education and assistance.

  • 7. Conduct Regular Staff Meetings

    To help everyone stay up to date and on top of their responsibilities, think of smart salon staff meeting ideas and hold meetings regularly. These meetings are good moments to outline your own vision and views on the business, as well as giving staff a moment to share their thoughts and air any concerns.

  • 8. Celebrate Their Achievements

    Every professional in any kind of company setting wants to feel like their efforts are valued and appreciated. So make sure to highlight the success of your stylists and the hard work of your various team members, and encourage the whole team to compliment and congratulate one another.

  • 9. Offer Benefits and Incentives

    Obviously, your salon’s employees won’t want to put in extra effort for free. Real-world benefits can be great salon staff motivation, like a competitive salary, flexible job hours, special awards for great customer service, team outings, etc. Invest in your staff with incentives, and they’ll pay you back with their skills and hard work.

  • 10. Organize Team Building Activities

    Team-building activities are a great way to bring people together, giving them a chance to get to know one another and build bonds. They can also be a useful form of training and development, too. So be sure to think about some different activity possibilities and salon team building games, from board games and scavenger hunts to simple staff lunches and barbecues.

To learn more please check out our post on Tips How to Improve Salon Staff Management.

Hair Salon Team Building Activities


When it comes to what should a salon team do to work well together, team building activities can be really beneficial. Here are some examples of activities you can include in your salon’s system and schedule moving forward:

  • Lunches - Something as simple as a meal out with your stylists and other staff members can be great for building bonds. It gives everyone a chance to put down the work tools and relax with one another.

  • Family events - Family events like barbecues, birthday parties, and other celebrations are another great opportunity. You could all get together for a party to form employee friendships and make your team feel more like a family than a group of workers doing their job.

  • Team Brainstorms - Brainstorms are a good way to get everyone involved and make them feel valued. If you’re planning a new hiring or marketing strategy, for example, you could hold a brainstorm, asking the group for marketing ideas. Not only will this actually help your marketing efforts, but it can also strengthen the relationships between the group.

  • Volunteering - People who invest time and effort to get behind good voluntary causes tend to experience a lot of positive emotions and rewarding feelings. So it’s worth considering for your staff. You can volunteer opportunity posts online and get each staff member involved.

  • Karaoke night - Karaoke is always a fun way for people to spend time together away from the office, not worrying about turnover figures or website tools. It gives people a chance to let their hair down and make memories together.

  • Cart racing - Cart racing is another fun activity for everyone, from the manager to the stylist staff to the owner, to take part in. It’s fun, thrilling, and action-packed. And, like karaoke, it lets people forget about things like software training and online reviews for a little while.

  • Meditating - Meditating is a great activity for relaxation purposes, and that’s really important in this industry. There’s a lot of pressure on hairdressers and styling professionals. Meditation gives them a chance to free their minds, free themselves of negative thoughts, and stop worrying about things like an unhappy client in the chair.

  • Teambuilding Games - You can also consider games or a salon employee contest to get people working together. Things like scavenger hunts, board games, and so on can be used to get people working together, while also allowing managers to lead the way and individual employees to demonstrate their skills.

  • Classes - Taking classes is a good way to raise knowledge among your staff while also letting them learn things and engage with one another. Classes could be hair-related or could be about something totally different, like arts and crafts. Look for online posts and reviews to find the best options.

  • Joint trips - Trips like camping or small vacations can help people have fun together and make magical memories, becoming friends, rather than co-workers.

  • Escape rooms - Escape rooms are increasingly popular with businesses these days, as they give teams a way to work, bond, and solve challenges side by side.



So, why is teamwork important in a salon? Well, as we can see, it could offer a myriad of benefits, from revenue growth to improving service levels and making your location a happier and better place to be. And that’s why it’s so important to make team building a big part of your process, always looking for ways to make your team stronger.

With the tips and tricks in this guide, you can start building the best possible team today. So, whether you’re hiring someone new and conducting an interview, planning a training class for your stylist team, or simply going about your day to day business of offering services to the local community, you should always think about how to build a salon team and how to lead them to success.


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