How to Get Google Reviews For a Salon?

You must often wonder how to get Google reviews for a salon?

Businesses that actively request their clients to provide upbeat reviews enjoy higher ratings than those that simply wait for unprompted reviews according to recent research.

These businesses enjoy more positive reviews.

Asking your clients to post reviews on Google produces reviews that have a higher percentage of 5-star ratings and fewer bad reviews.

These ratings tend to remain steady over time.

Unprompted non-Google reviews claim a larger share of 1-star ratings and over time, the overall rating tends to drop.

What You Will Learn in This Article?

The article introduces you to the Google review process.

Offers complete and easy guidance on the best way to get more clients in salon to leave reviews which are positive and thus driving you more new business.

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  1. What Is Google My Business?
  2. How Do Google Reviews Work?
  3. How To Create A Google Review Link For Your Salon?
  4. How To Ask For A Google Review?
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What Is Google My Business?


Google My Business is the platform for which Google allows you to create a business page where you are able to manage your reviews from your clients.

Google My Business
Google My Business

It is now THE most important review sites for local businesses and their business owners like you.

You could say that Google My Business is the best form of word of mouth referrals.

How Do Google Reviews Work?


Due to Google's popularity amongst consumers, learning how to get Google salon reviews is vital to the success of your hair salon or nail salon etc. in this internet age.

Google is ahead of other review platforms like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Facebook as far as online review websites for your business go.

According to the latest consumer reviews, 63% of consumers say they will check for a negative review on Google prior to doing business with an outlet such as a salon and spa.

Google is definitely dominating the business review market with its "Google my business profile" service.

57.5% of all online reviews are accessed through Google and the search engine is regarded as the number one site amongst reviewers.

You can increase your salon's local SEO ranking with your clients serving as marketers for your brand with plenty of positive client reviews on Google.

This is a vital go-to marketing strategy for your salon because of its impact on salon brand’s online reputation on social media.

Salon Reviews
Salon Reviews

Not all your salon reviews generated by a search engine are positive,but you should not be discouraged.

Reviews that are negative in content can provide valuable feedback for improving your business while positive reviews can validate salon owners' marketing strategies to prospective new clients.


Your salon needs to understand how people search online nowadays.

Whether you like it or not the main driver is Google.

The first move for you as a hair salon owner, for instance, wanting to generate online reviews,

is to create a Google link for your clients to write and leave a review in.

How Is That Accomplished?

For your salon marketing, the simplest way is to create a Google review link.

You will need to sign on to your Google Account.

This account helps you do more by personalizing your Google experience and offering easy access to your most important information from anywhere.

Then, visit Google Place ID.

In the “Enter a Location” field, fill in your salon business name.

Click on your salon name that appears in the drop-down list.

Your Place ID will appear in the popover and you just need to copy it.

Then, paste the ID number generated for your salon at the end of the following link,
after the = sign.

The purpose of Google's pursuit of delivering the most beneficial and relevant results for local business searches is they want to know what your business does and how your business is viewed and perceived.

One of the most important ranking factors for local SEO is the quality and quantity of reviews on Google.

How To Ask For A Google Review?


First, make a list of your salon clients who have openly expressed their enthusiasm for your services.

Enlist a staff member who interacts with the clients on a regular basis contact your client list, asking them to leave a review.

Try and make it as easy as possible for your salon clients to provide a review.

Keep in mind, public relations are everything.

You might want to offer clients an incentive of some kind to provide a review keeping in mind.

It should not be presented as a bribe of any kind.

It should only be mentioned after a client has agreed.

More of a reward than an incentive.

If you have been scrupulous in keeping your salon client list up to date, an easy contact method is to create an email marketing mailer with the review request.

You might find the following email template script useful.

Hello [Client Name],

I want to thank you for your business and present you with a request.

I’m writing to ask if you’d be willing to provide my salon with an online review for the salon services you have received.

We are working on improving our marketing and social network standing.

I guarantee it will only take a few minutes and to make it easy for you, I have provided a link as follows [INSERT YOUR LINK].

If you could mention some of the high points of your recent salon experience with us when writing your review, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

Please respond to this email with any questions,


Assuming you value your salon’s reputation, refrain from paying for or buying your reviews.

Both practices are against Google rules.

Various government agencies are imposing fines on companies for using these practices by imposing large fines.

Research has indicated a large number of online customers read less than twelve testimonials prior to coming to a decision on whether to frequent a business or not.

It is not surprising given that plenty of people do not have the time or the interest to read through dozens and dozens of reviews.

Also, 75% of people checking out reviews think testimonials older than three months aren’t very relevant in a potential client making a decision about whether they intend to frequent a salon or not.

Don’t stop asking your clients for salon reviews.

Many potential new clients will respond to reviews positively.

Once you have stars appearing in your salon search listings, you want to grow your “Google my business listing” on an ongoing basis.

You want to be in the four to five-star range on an ongoing basis.

When potential clients are deciding whether to choose your services, the decision will be made easy for them when they spot many reviews singing your salon's praises.



The best clients are repeat clients and repeat clients are satisfied clients.

Clients searching on Google can expect to see business and customer reviews with each review coming with a rating.

Reacting to poor reviews helps to grow your business and also develop repeat customers

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