How to Improve Your Sales Through Salon Reputation Management?

Any hair salon owner will tell you that effective salon reputation management is key to their business success. Online reviews, star ratings, and word-of-mouth are what bring new customers to your doors. Your reviews are an essential part of your salon brand and will make or break your business.

What You Will Learn

In this article, you will learn how to effectively manage your online and offline reputation by monitoring online reviews, improving Google ranking, and creating brand ambassadors.

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  1. What Is Salon Reputation Management?
  2. Why Is Salon Reputation Important?
  3. How to Manage Your Salon Reputation?
  4. How to Build Your Salon Reputation?
  5. How Salon Software Can Improve Reputation Management?
  6. Conclusion

What Is Salon Reputation Management?


Salon reputation management is simply ensuring that what people hear about your services is positive and accurate information. Encourage your clients to leave comments online about your services, respond to all good and bad reviews, and social media mentions and see your new appointments rising.


You want people to pass on positive impressions of your hair salon. The kindness of the stylists, high-quality hair products, and services offered to make a big difference as soon as a new client walks into your waiting room.

The excellent customer experience will encourage your clients to send positive messages out into the community.


Your interaction with your clients doesn’t end when they leave your salon with a satisfied smile. Your online reputation is also essential to the success of your business.

High ratings on review sites, numerous online reviews will help you stand out from your competitors in search results.

We recommend spending some time on developing your salon reputation management strategy even before you open your business.

Why Is Salon Reputation Important?


why is salon reputation important
Why Is Salon Reputation Important?

An essential tip: almost every new client will look at your reviews online before they set foot in your salon, and only the positive ones will encourage them to book that appointment.

Review sites, such as Google My Business and Yelp, Facebook, and other social media sites can help bring new customers with positive reviews or warn them away with negative ones.

  • Builds Trust

    Your clients are trusting your stylists with their skin, hair, or nails. Review sites with positive feedback about your services will definitely boost that trust.

  • Drives New Business

    Do a Google search for your salon and add “+reviews” or “+opinions” to see what people are saying. You can improve sales through salon rating management by knowing what’s being said about you and therefore working more effectively on building up positive reviews.

  • Improves Your Google My Business Ranking

    To help people find you more easily, you always want to make it into the Google maps listing that shows local business results. This is the area right below the map on search results that will promote three local businesses.

    If you make it to the top three of the listings, you’re one of the first in the local industry people see and might encourage them to try your services because of it.

    Reviews help improve your Google My Business ranking no matter what they say - though, of course, you want 5-star reviews. But even a 4 or 2-star review will help improve your ranking as long as they’re left regularly.

  • Establishes Strong Social Media Presence

    In addition to reviews, social media presence is key. Managing your reviews and marketing can help you strengthen it. You want followers on Facebook, Twitter, people reviewing you on Yelp, and a potential salon client clicking on these posts out of curiosity.

  • Helps to Build Your Salon Brand

    You want to build your brand on positive reviews that will put you on the local community map as a place where people receive the absolute best services. Work on becoming known for your best work, whether that’s wedding updos, color correction, or organic conditioning treatment.

How to Manage Your Salon Reputation?


  • Claim Your Business Listings

    To manage your online reputation, always claim your business listings on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places, Angie’s List, and Nextdoor. Make sure information like phone, address, opening hours are always up-to-date and accurate.

    Top tip: Remember to include all the same contact information on each social media platform. If it all matches and is correct, it can help improve the trust Google has in your business and improve your ranking.

  • Track Your Salons Mentions Online

    Services like or Google alerts will help you monitor your reviews online and respond promptly to anything that isn’t positive. Many of these tools are free to use, if you’re looking for a way to trim the budget (and maybe spend a little more on social media marketing).

How to Build Your Salon Reputation?


how to build your salon reputation
How to Build Your Salon Reputation?

Did you know that 97 percent of people read reviews of local businesses? 78 percent of people trust them as much as a recommendation from someone they care about. Online reputation matters a lot.

Reviews are a free way to build your salon’s online reputation. You should always respond to reviews as well, even if they’re not good ones. But remember to keep it professional. When you respond, you’re part of the online reviews for your business from there on out.

Request that anyone who leaves negative reviews - less than a 3 star score - reaches out to you so that you can help remedy it. Leave your phone number behind to show how accessible you are, too.

  • Publish Your Top Review on Social Media

    Highlighting your top reviews on social media is a fantastic way to promote your salon. A shared review of a niche service you provide might expose you to clients who aren’t actively searching for a new salon.

  • Ask Your Clients for Feedback

    Salons that conduct surveys can determine whether clients feel their needs are being met or if there’s a trend that makes people unhappy.

    Adjusting how salons are run based on surveys can help your online reviews improve when new clients react to the changes by leaving 5 star reviews. A salon online survey can enhance your business feedback very quickly.

  • Post Before and After Photos

    Hair and nails are a visual business, and you want a Google search or visit to a review website to show pictures of hair, nails, and other beauty services available. Encourage customers to leave before and after photos on your website and others.

    The dashboard for any review site should include lots of client-submitted photos.

  • Add Reviews to Your Website

    Photos aren’t the only important thing on your website, though! Post reviews for your services on your site so new clients who find you in a search can see seasoned clients think.

  • Make Your Staff Your Salon Brand Ambassadors

    A happy hair salon staff can become great ambassadors for your business. Ask them to try out a service or two, so they can speak about their experiences.

    Encourage them to talk to others in the community and recommend your business. It might help drive additional traffic.

  • Sponsor or Participate in Local Events

    Being involved on the local level is a great way to get your salon’s name out there, share your phone number, and solicit new clients.

How Salon Software Can Improve Reputation Management?


How Does Salon Reputation Management Software Work?

There are various salon management tools to help you with your ratings - and they’re often affordable or even free. Look for one that offers you support by sending appointment reminders, follow-up emails or texts, and customer satisfaction surveys.

A request for a review done automatically both saves you time and helps you populate more sites with your salon’s reviews.


  • Encourages Online Salon Reviews

    An excellent online reputation starts with asking clients to populate a review website with their experiences. Online reputation management software can help ask clients to leave reviews on Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and other sites.

    Customers can get an automatic invitation to leave online reviews and instructions on how to leave reviews on the sites you’re targeting.

  • Improves Effective Negative Feedback Management

    A bad impression on review sites can be managed if your software sends reviews directly to you. This gives you time to address any negative experiences with your clients and possibly helps you turn negative reviews into positive ones.

  • Monitors Your Reviews

    Your online reputation management software will also give you a place to manage new reviews, track business mentions online, and alert you with notifications so you can review any feedback immediately.

  • Reminds to Leave a Review

    One of the best ways to build the number of reviews for your business online is to choose a salon management software that includes a reminder to leave a review.

You can share the review on your website and ask that they post it to other sites as well.

Look for software that creates a feed of reviews from your website that is automatically updated. Doing so will help you manage your salon’s online footprint and improve your marketing by creating a page on Google that exposes clients to your positive client reviews.



Salon reputation management is one of the most important things you can do to drive new business into your venue. By cultivating reviews, responding to customer feedback, improving your search ranking, and optimizing your social media strategy, you’ll reach more people who are looking for the type of services your salon provides. While your business and what you offer are the heart of your renown, these are all ways to make sure your excellence shines through to potential clients.


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