How To Make a Salon Selfie Wall Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to spread the word about your business on social media, creating a salon selfie wall is the perfect way to encourage clients to show off your amazing work.

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We’ll go over why your salon needs a selfie wall, as well as the basics of getting one set up and some tips and ideas to help you create the perfect one to suit your salon space.

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How To Create a Selfie Wall For Your Salon?


In our increasingly digital world, beauty professionals are always looking for ways to up their hair salon marketing game, and clients are likewise eager to create shareworthy instagram photos. That’s what makes a selfie wall such a fantastic win-win opportunity.

Here are some essential tips to help you create (and capture) the best photo-ops in your salon selfie station.

1. Make a Beautiful Backdrop

When it comes to backdrops, you have multiple options. Some salons keep it clean and simple with a plain white wall, but feel free to jazz it up and hang up a banner, use a step-and-repeat, or paint/ wallpaper an accent wall that matches your brand’s color palette.

That said, it’s usually best to keep the background from looking too “busy” or crowded- you still want the focus to be on the client and their awesome hair.

How to create a selfie wall for your salon?
How To Create a Selfie Wall For Your Salon?

2. Pick The Best Spot

Good lighting is key when selecting your wall space. Try to pick a spot with natural lighting (take advantage of any windows), and make sure that it’s somewhere that’s out of the flow of foot traffic.

You don’t want selfie walls in a location where they’re either hard to get to, or where eager photo-takers will disturb other customers while they’re waiting or getting their own hair done. A lot of salons will set aside a corner of their waiting area just for this.

3. Supercharge the Selfie

Make each photograph look its best by providing a few carefully-chosen props that match your brand image, provide optimal lighting (adding an adjustable ring light can make all the difference), and provide somewhere to sit as well as stand.

4. Make Your Brand Pop

Don’t forget to make your brand visible in the background- you want to drive interest in the business, and this is how you do it. You can create a sign that has your Salon’s Instagram and Facebook names, and include it in the backdrop.

5. Remind Clients to Tag Your Salon

Don’t forget to invite clients to snap those pics and tag your salon’s account on social media- this sort of user-generated content helps businesses reach networks of potential clients that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Add your salon’s name and local info to the background so that clients can check in when they post the pics, and don’t be afraid to include some suggested hashtags they can use.

As an added bonus, you can then share and re-post their fun, creative selfies to boost your own business page and show potential clients the great work you’re doing.

9 Top Salon Selfie Wall Ideas


Creating the perfect backdrop for clients to show off their new styles shouldn’t be stressful- in fact, it’ll probably be a lot of fun. Ask your talented team for suggestions and don’t be afraid to get creative with how you decorate.

Here are our top 9 selfie wall ideas for inspiration:

Flower Wall

This works in almost any salon interior and is always instagram-worthy. Pink is classic, but you can pick the flowers that match your brand aesthetic. The bigger the wall, the better.

Flower wall
Flower Wall

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Creative Seating

This can mean a throne, beach-style chairs or even a hanging swing. Connect it with your backdrop’s theme.

A Custom Collage

This might be a photo wall, various art pieces or even postcards from around the world. The sky’s the limit. Check out sites like Etsy for some great, affordable art options.


Why not splurge on a bit of actual art to pose with? This might be angel wings, a salon-themed mural, or some local street artists’ work.


Street Chic

A brick wall with a neon sign or painted artwork gives selfie walls that modern, urban vibe. Take advantage of your location’s existing architecture.

Street Chic
Street Chic


If flowers aren’t your thing, potted or artificial plants and natural wood walls make for a great salon backdrop for pictures, especially at an eco-friendly haircare spot.


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Old School

A chalkboard wall can bring a bit of whimsy and fun to your business- plus, it’s budget-friendly to set up.

Props that Pop

Adding props like balloons, bouquets or even larger items will tempt clients to stop by the wall and create a special moment.

Mirror, Mirror

A stylist in a suite or those in a smaller location can still encourage selfies- post your social media tags on the mirror and make sure that flattering lighting is available.

Mirror, Mirror
Mirror, Mirror

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Selfie walls are as individual as the salons that have them, and that’s part of their appeal. Spend as much (or as little) time on this project as you want- there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just don’t underestimate their advertising power.

A salon selfie wall is the best backdrop for hair photos, and will do a lot to boost your salon’s marketing game. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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