Salon Holiday Marketing Ideas to Maximize Your Profits

Without a doubt, the holiday season is the time when most salons are busiest.

It's high time to have salon holiday marketing ideas that bring more customers and increase profits.

Keep in mind that well-laid out plans for the holidays increases the chances of reaping big.

What happens if you don’t have a clear strategy?

There will be no difference between your previous and the holiday season’s earnings.

What You Will Learn In This Article

The article highlights some of the salon marketing goals and holiday season ideas a salon owner should have for their business to thrive.

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  1. What Are Your Salon Holiday Season Marketing Goals?
  2. What Should Be Your Salon Holiday Season Marketing Budget?
  3. When Should You Advertise for Holiday Season?
  4. How To Promote Your Salon for Holiday Season?
  5. 13 Holiday Season Marketing Ideas for Your Salon
  6. Conclusion

What Are Your Salon Holiday Season Marketing Goals?


A strategic marketing plan for your salon puts you in a better position than your competitors.

Develop various goals by thinking about what you've done or failed to do in previous years.

You don't have to possess special skills to come up with solid marketing goals. Just think of the number of clients you'd like to attend to, and how to reach them.

Simply, marketing goals should consist of:

  • Giving rewards to consistent customers
  • Improving customer retention
  • Increasing customer spending during the season
  • Building your brand name
  • Attracting new customers

What Should Be Your Salon Holiday Season Marketing Budget?


For your salon to be successful during this season, you've to possess financial intelligence on top of offering excellent services.

Don’t rely solely on word of mouth to market your business. Marketing it using other better channels is crucial to attract new customers and retain old ones.

One of the most crucial salon Christmas ideas should be having some money set aside to run a proper marketing strategy. Here is where the need for creating a budget comes in.

Why is having a budget essential?

It prevents overspending and getting into financial problems, especially after Christmas.

Your expenses will depend on various factors such as the target market and the advertising channel.

When Should You Advertise for Holiday Season?


Come December, you'll be on your feet most of the time attending to your clients.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start advertising. Instead, start advertising as early as November.

With proper planning and scheduling, there will be ample time to advertise in November. That allows focusing on offering services in December.

How To Promote Your Salon for Holiday Season?


You've been doing everything within your ability to promote your business throughout the year.

As Christmas approaches, there is a wide variety of promotional options available for your business.

Get serious, put all the strategies on paper, and implement them.

If you've done such promotions before, you know what works. Focus more on that.

You're also aware of what methods don't work. Avoid them; they'll waste your time.

Do the promotions individually or seek the help of a marketing service.

13 Holiday Season Marketing Ideas for Your Salon


Below are some of the salon Christmas ideas that have proven to be effective.

  • 1. Give Referral Discounts

    Provide excellent services to your customers and they won't hesitate to recommend you to their friends.

    Give them discounts for bringing in new clients and selling your name out there. Offer them a $10 discount during their next visit, or any other amount you're comfortable with.

    It's a way of rewarding and encouraging them to bring in more clients.

  • 2. Collect Email Addresses

    Emails work magically as marketing tools.

    Collect addresses to send some reminders, referral bonuses, and other updates to prospective clients.

    The emails should be consistent and provide valuable information to your clients. Remember to wish them a happy festive season and thank them for being your customers.

    They'll see that you care and won't hesitate to come back even after the Christmas season.

  • 3. Post Christmas-Themed Ideas on Social Media Channels

    Take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Update your profile to a Christmas salon theme.

    Post valuable and fun content consistently to keep your clients updated and attract others. When writing posts on different social media platforms, research what your clients love.

    Don't do guesswork here; otherwise, you won't hit your goals. To know this, identify and focus on the content proven to be successful in the past years.

    It might seem too obvious, but identify the person who'll be in charge of your social media channels as early as possible. They'll be responsible for creating posts and engaging with the clients.

  • 4. Promote Your Products as Gifts

    As clients increase in December, take the opportunity to sell your hair and beauty products. Wrap them up well in Christmas-themed packages and give them to your clients as gifts.

    Who doesn't like free things? Advertise them on social media channels too.

    Get a professional photographer so that the photos will appear professional.

  • 5. Extend Your Opening Hours

    Extended working hours offers the opportunity of serving more clients.

    Your staff will make extra money and tips. They'll be more than willing to work extra hours. It'll help you maximize profits.

    Remember, Christmas comes only once in a year. Utilize the season as much as you can by making such sacrifices.

  • 6. Have A Christmas Selfie Competitions

    Invite your clients to participate in a Christmas selfie competition. They only need to post their photos and include a hashtag with your name.

    The person who gets the highest number of votes in the competition receives a gift. Maybe a free haircut or blow out.

  • 7. Make Use of Salon SMS Marketing

    SMS marketing is usually effective when you do it the right way. Have some templates in your salon software and send them to clients.

    The perfect time is just before and during the festive season. Create the templates in advance to avoid having too much work as Christmas nears.

  • 8. Take Advantage of Free Advertising

    You don't always have to pay for advertising.

    There are a lot of free advertising options available. One of them is having a photo booth if your shop is large enough to accommodate one.

    Here, display some salon-related quotes, photos, and Christmas decorations. If your salon has a front window, display some Christmas themes to attract passers-by.

    Decorate the exterior and interior space of your salon to create a festive mood evident on holidays. If your salon stands out from the rest, you’re likely to attract more customers.

  • 9. Give Out Gift Cards

    Giving out gift cards is one of the most effective salon Christmas ideas. Offer some of your client's presents in the form of Christmas gift cards.

    Advertise them on your social media platforms. Strategic places in your salon, such as windows are a good choice too.

  • 10. Get Your Salon Listed in Online Directories

    Many people will search for a salon online before visiting it physically. If yours isn't listed in any directory, you'll miss out on many prospective clients.

    Generally, being listed in online directories such as Google My Business or Yelp helps your business become visible.

  • 11. Create A Festive Mood on Your Website

    Just like your social media platforms, ensure your website displays a holiday mood.

    Place your promotions and other announcements such as extended opening hours on the website home page. A beautiful website will always attract people.

  • 12. Give Free Wine to Your Clients

    Give free wine or other non-alcoholic drinks to clients when they visit your salon. They'll feel cared for, valued, and want to come back.

    Giving free things goes a long way in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

  • 13. Do A Photoshoot

    Get a professional photographer to take photos of your salon. Ensure it's well decorated with Christmas themes.

    Post the photos on your social media channels or website.

    You and your staff should also pose for the photos, looking decent and warm. Include your gift packs and cards also.

    Make sure your contacts are well-displayed on them.

  • Which Are The Most Effective Salon Christmas Ideas to Promote Your Salon?

    Using a combination of promotion methods will bring in more clients in your salon this Christmas. Target the right clients and devise unique methods to attract them. You will have an advantage over your competitors and earn more profits.



December is almost here.

Operating a successful salon requires having excellent customer service skills.

Making more money comes from adopting great marketing strategies. This can only be achieved by having excellent salon Holiday marketing ideas and implementing them.

It can be challenging if you're always busy with your clients. Set some time and resources to balance the two.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would be also delighted to answer your questions as well.


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