Hair Stylist Duties for 2023

Hair Stylists work with salon clients on delivering their requested hairstyle. Their main duties include conducting hair consultations with clients, washing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair, educating clients about home hair routines, and recommending salon professional hair products.

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Hair Stylist Duties


  • Welcome clients to the salon
  • Conduct hair consultations with salon clients
  • Listen to the client's request and determine their preferences
  • Recommend hairstyles according to clients face shapes, current trends, and clients request
  • Analyze the condition of the hair and prepare for styling
  • Provide quality customer services and maintain a high standard of professionalism
  • Wash, rinse, and dry clients’ hair with appropriate shampoos and hair conditioners (e.g. for dry hair)
  • Give relaxing scalp, neck, and face massage
  • Cut, trim, and shave hair using professional equipment
  • Use curlers, rollers, hot irons, and curling irons
  • Apply a wide range of hair coloring techniques e.g. highlights, ombre, balayage
  • Style hair, including blowouts, curls, braids, ponytails, and updos
  • Create hairstyles for formal events and everyday looks, including braids, ponytails, and buns
  • Style hairpieces, extensions, and wigs
  • Wax eyebrows and facial hair
  • Apply chemical setting, straightening, or curling solutions
  • Apply additional hair treatment products, as needed (e.g. protection creams when coloring hair)
  • Educate clients on additional salon services and upsell them without being pushy
  • Emphasize professional hair product benefits and make recommendations to clients according to their hair care needs
  • Consult clients and advise them on home hair care routines
  • Form bonds with loyal customers and remember their hairstyle preferences
  • Schedules clients, cancel by the request of clients, and assures customers that they will receive adequate service on time
  • Ensure clients rebook during checkout
  • Manage bookings and serve walk-ins
  • Proactively develop new clients
  • Watch out for the safety and health of clients by applying standards of the hair salon and legal regulations
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the salon (e.g. sterilize tools)
  • Assist with salon inventory management
  • Adhere to salon policies and procedures to ensure operational efficiency
  • Stay abreast with the latest hairstyling trends, techniques, and treatments
  • Stay aware of new hair products
  • Assist junior stylists in their job duties when needed
  • Maintain and update client records in the salon software system
  • Attend formal in-house training as required

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Hair stylist duties template
Hair Stylist Duties Template

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