Remarkable Hair Salon Business Cards Ideas

Salon business cards are a simple salon marketing tool that you can use to grow your business. They can help with referrals, customer loyalty, and other advantages.

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This guide will cover key information about creative business cards for hairdressers and salon owners, such as what should be on your cards and how to make the best business cards.

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  1. What Should Be on a Salon Business Card?
  2. How to Make a Hair Salon Business Card?
  3. Hair Salon Business Cards Ideas
  4. Salon Slogans and Hair Quotes for Business Cards
  5. Salon Business Card Maker
  6. Salon Business Cards Templates Free
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What Should Be on a Salon Business Card?


What should be on a salon business card?
What should be on a salon business card?

Let’s begin by looking at some salon business card design basics. The role of a salon business card is to convey useful information and introduce your brand to the people you give it to. Therefore, every business card, including a salon business card, needs to have certain information and elements on it, including the following:

  • Your Logo - Your hair salon logo is a key design element to include on your hair stylist business cards. It allows people to easily identify the brand or company associated with the business card with a single glance.

  • Salon Name - Your business name is another key element of hair stylist business card design. It usually appears right at the top of the card. You may also include your own name, too.

  • Your Specialty - The card’s content should also include some simple information about your role or your hair stylist business specialty.

  • Contact Details - Include things like your phone number, website name and URL, salon address, and maybe some social media profiles on your hair stylist business cards, too.

  • Optional - You might also like to include a QR code on your salon business card. This is optional, but lots of businesses are doing it in modern times. The code could provide a simple link directly to your site, a service menu, a booking page, or a social media profile.

  • Appointment Details - Make your hair stylist business cards more functional by adding space on the reverse side where clients can write a list of appointment details to help them remember their next visit.

How to Make a Hair Salon Business Card?


How to make a hair salon business card?
How to make a hair salon business card?

So, now that we know some of the most important elements to use on your salon business card, let’s look more closely at how to make it.

Consider Different Shapes

If you want people to see your salon business card differently, you may want to consider a different shape. A typical business card will be a small and simple rectangle.

You can use something different in your business card design, like an oval, a square, or a shape with rounded or elegant patterned corners. Just make sure that the shape of your business card isn’t inconvenient so that it can still fit in your clients’ purse or pocket.

Choose the Color Scheme

Try to pick colors that stand out and match your hair salon branding. If you’re looking to save money, using fewer colors could be a good choice. Think about the color of your logo too and find a suitable background.

Colors like black and gold can work well for sophisticated, high-end salons, while brighter colors like blues and reds give a more fun vibe.

Utilize Logo and Graphics

Your salon logo can be placed right in the middle of the card to catch the eye of the reader, or on one side. Just make sure it’s big enough to be seen, and feel free to play around with the logo in unique ways, adding visual flair like shadows, sparks, outlines, and so on.

You can add other visual graphics too, like hair and beauty symbols associated with your business, or other fun images that are relevant to your brand.

Communicate Your Speciality

In many cases, a salon business card is a client’s first impression of your business. Not only do you need to put key contact info and other details, but you need to get across to clients the X factor or specialty that makes you unique. Show clients what makes your hair salon so special and make them want to visit you.

Add a Tagline

If you want a fun way to make your salon business card stand out, consider adding a tagline or slogan. like “Happy hair, happy life!” or “Love is in the hair!” These lines can be printed in easy-to-read fonts along the top, middle, or bottom of your cards.

People could find it easier to remember your business or be more likely to choose you for services in the future if you pick the right slogan to charm them and make them smile.

How to make a hair salon business card?
How to make a hair salon business card?

Experiment with Textures and Finishes

Your salon business cards should be small and convenient to hand out and store. But you can experiment with how they feel in a lot of fun ways. There are various grades and types of cards you can use to provide different textures, thicknesses, and feels.

You can even consider scented inks, gold font, transparent designs, and other modern ideas and finishes to really wow your (potential) clients.

Take a look at some examples of hair salon business cards from other salons to see what kind of color, texture, and finish your competitors are using.

Make a Series

There’s no need to limit yourself to only one card. You can create an entire series of them! You might like to make a whole set of different designs with the same basic theme that you can hand out to different clients and contacts, for example.

Or you could make a series with a variety of cards highlighting the various roles of your personnel and team members. Each team member can have their own card to hand out to people, giving you an even bigger potential audience.

Make it Useful

One thing to know about hair stylist business cards is that people don’t always keep them. They might keep them for a while in their wallet or purse but might end up throwing them away if they’re not useful or relevant. So, one way you can avoid this issue is to always give people a reason to keep your cards.

Turn them into loyalty cards or make them functional in other ways, such as having a list of useful hair care information on the back, a space for noting down appointment dates, or even a design that makes them work as a book clip.

Utilize the Back of Your Card

Sometimes, people are so focused on picking the most elegant and beautiful design for the front of their makeup and salon business card that they forget all about the back. The back can be useful too.

There are lots of things you can put on the back, such as extra contact information or space for other uses, like writing down appointment dates or sharing a list of salon services, for example.

Hire a Professional Designer

It’s possible that you already have a design expert on your team. However, if neither you nor anyone on your staff is proficient in design, don’t settle for second best; hire a professional design expert.

They’ll be able to craft the perfect salon business card design for you, complete with your logo, graphics, slogan, and any other features you want. It’s much better to pay a little money and get a professional salon business card, rather than trying to save and ending up with something that looks unprofessional.

Hair Salon Business Cards Ideas


Salon Business Cards

Salon business cards
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Professional Hair Stylist Business Cards

Professional hair stylist business cards
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Cute Hair Stylist Business Cards

Cute hair stylist business cards
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Vintage Hair Stylist Business Cards

Vintage hair stylist business cards
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Cool Hair Stylist Business Cards

Cool hair stylist business cards
Image from:

Unique Hair Stylist Business Cards

Unique hair stylist business cards
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Creative Salon Business Card

Creative salon business cards
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Color Studio Hair Salon Business Card

Color studio hair stylist business cards
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Salon Slogans and Hair Quotes for Business Cards


Another interesting way in which you can make your custom business cards feel unique and special is to add a funny, interesting, or thought-provoking quote. There are plenty of perfect quotes associated with the hair and beauty business.

Here are a few possible options for you to consider as hair salon quotes for business cards:

  • Everything feels better after a haircut!
  • Your heart shows itself through your hair.
  • Life's too short to have boring hair.
  • Happy hair, happy life.
  • Happiness is a good hair day.
  • Life is short. You might as well live it with great hair.
  • Love is in the hair.

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Salon Business Card Maker


There are many resources and tools out there that can help you make your own hair colorist business cards and salon cards. There are even some online business card makers, such as Zazzle and VistaPrint.

Zazzle is an online marketplace with millions of users, where independent designers work with clients to create custom products. You can use this site to make your own salon business cards in various shapes and sizes, with lots of ready-made styles or the ability to create your own from scratch.

VistaPrint is another online tool you can use. It's a printing service that offers custom sign printing, banners, postcards, and business cards, too. You can make your own cards with VistaPrint's creation services and then print off as many as you need. There are various categories and theme options to choose from to design cards that match your brand’s style and values.

Salon Business Cards Templates Free


If you’re not sure where to start with your hair stylist business card design, we’ve put together some templates to inspire and encourage you. You can pick a template and use it as the groundwork for your own new business card design. You’ll be able to choose the colors, add your own style elements, and alter the text accordingly to match your business. Take a look at some of our templates and start crafting your perfect hair stylist business cards today.



Salon business cards may seem small and simple, but they can truly have a big effect on your business. They’re one of the cheapest forms of advertising you can always use, and they’re excellent to attract new customers. Make sure they fit your salon brand.

We hope that this guide has given you some great hair stylist business card ideas and inspiration.


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